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Mere Angne Mein 14th October 2015 Written Update

This Event begins along with Prabha revealing to with regards to Sarla selecting a number of foreigner. Your woman says my wife seen Sarla hugging him or her. Ashok questions Rani’s granddad Kailash just how do your spouse state this kind of. Kailash says jane is indicating exactly what Sarla performed. Raghav and also Shanti acquire surprised. Shanti will get a keep and also scolds Prabha. Your woman beats Prabha. Kailash keeps this keep and also prevents Shanti. He or she says we all performed an error in judgment, to present the woman inside characterless family members, we all came to take the woman. He or she questions Rani ahead. Rani says I really like Sarla a good deal, I will not really go. Kailash says you must occur. Prabha says you don’t need to take her. Ashok says get away from Rani, jane is the bahu and also my own child, she could not really go anyplace.

Kailash asks Ashok to stop whats happening in his canteen, he knows his illegal works. Shanti says I will break your head, go. Rani says I can’t bear Ashok’s insult, even if Sarla has run away and is characterless, I will not go. Pari says everyone knows Rani is acting, you informed about my mummy. Rani says I did not tell anyone. Prabha says yes, Rani called me. Rani says I called to ask did Sarla reach home, I will not go anywhere. Raghav asks whats happening.

Mama brings Sunehri Mata. Mata does all makeup and clothing like Sunehri Mata. Mama says Sujeet is again angry. She gets angry and calls Vyom. She says she has much problems, and tries conveying the message about Sujeet. Vyom understands her indirect message.

Shivam wishes all the best to Riya and she says she does not need it. Riya tries getting opinions in her survey and Shivam also tries to get survey forms filled. A guy teases Riya and asks her about survey. She tells about feedback forms and the survey. He says he can help her. She says thanks and leaves. Shivam and Riya get busy in their work. He sees Riya getting survey forms filled.

Rani calls Amit and asks him to come at Shanti Sadan, Sarla has run away. He asks what nonsense. Riya says yes, Taplu Baplu gang asked for 50000rs. Amit asks what, who will give 50000rs for mummy. She says even I m thinking the same. She ends call. Amit says my mum is kidnapped, I think my Nani did this to get money. His friend asks why will Nani do this. Amit says I know Nani well, she knows to get money. His friend says who will be such mum to kidnap her daughter. Amit says if I send police, Shanti will tell everything.

Bansi and Lallan have drinks. They guard Sarla. Shivam asks Riya to have cold drinks, as she has worked a lot. She says I don’t take drinks from strangers. The same guy asks Shivam why is he becoming hero and teasing her. Shivam says I don’t know her, do you know her, I want to tell you something, this girl is somewhat mad, now she will say I m after her. Riya says he is after me and troubling me. The guy says she is really mad. The men look on and think to timepass with Riya.

Riya thinks Shivam is calling her mad and starts crying. The men come and ask Shivam why is he teasing the girl. Shivam smiles and says listen to me, come here, I know this girl well, she is mad and gets hyper, she is my boss’ daughter, she runs from home and starts biting, she has bitten me too, if I make her drink cold drink, she will start shouting. The men leave. Riya says I don’t want the drink. Shivam says fine, do what you want. The men also get drinks and asks Riya to have it. She throws the drink and they think Shivam was saying true, this girl is really mad. The man says so what, she is beautiful, we will side that hero and take the girl. The men ask Riya to come, they will drop her home. Riya says no, I will go.

Shivam says I m here to drop her. The men ask him to leave. Shivam says look, the matter is I will not go, I swear I will beat you, she is my wife, now just leave, else I will not leave you, get lost. The men leave. Riya smiles seeing him. They have an eyelock. He says enough of this stranger acting, come with me. They leave.
Raghav stops Ashok. He talks to Kailash and Prabha, and say they could have talk to them inside home, why did they create scene here, he can call police. Kailash says the matter is ahead of house now. He gets a call and says I will come. He asks Prabha to be here and goes. Prabha says I will not go, as I m relative, I will sit here till Sarla comes. Shanti says you got sweet suddenly. She asks her to go home, why is she worried. Prabha argues. Raghav asks Kaushalya to call Shivam. Kaushalya says Shanti stopped me. Raghav says call him here, its such a big problem. Shivam and Riya hold hands and walk smiling. Riya asks him to teach him driving bike, he can sit behind her. He asks really, I was thinking if you drive and I sit behind you, will I look good. She says yes. He says fine and gives her keys.

He gets Kaushalya’s call and is shocked. He says what, don’t worry, I m coming home. Riya asks what happened. Shivam says I will teach bike later, mum said Sarla is kidnapped, sit fast. Bansi and Lallan take an auto to take Sarla. The inspector comes home and Raghav tells the matter. Shanti says we called Sarla many times. He asks does she doubt anyone. Amit changes voice and calls from PCO. Raghav says Sarla is like cow, she has no enemies. Amit calls inspector and tells about Sarla’s kidnapping case, Shanti Devi has kidnapped her and he can’t tell his identity. The inspector looks at Shanti.

Shanti questions performed this individual discover. He states that absolutely no. Your lover questions he is since easily kidnapped the woman’s. He states that absolutely no, an individual can’t do this. Amit states that inspector will be Raghav’s good friend, he is from Shanti Sadan. Shivam along with Riya get home to see the particular others who live nearby. Shanti questions the reason why performed they arrive, income can minimize. Riya states that their good in case most of us eliminate work, we now have targeted force along with our income could minimize along with work could head out, their good, us desires us all currently, work comes again. Shivam states that Riya is saying proper, most of us don’t wish this sort of work along with funds. Shanti feels Sarla performed this in order that Riya isn’t going to give me personally income, nevertheless Let me acquire Riya’s income. ‘

Shanti states that merely accomplish manners, their our work, an individual head out along with do the trick, in case Sarla knows ones be anxious, she is going to always be satisfied, nevertheless in case the lady knows an individual misplaced work, she is going to always be sad. Raghav questions Shivam for you to contact health practitioner. Shanti states that I’d like Sarla. Raghav creates the woman’s loosen up. Prabha states that nothing at all can occur for you to Sarla. Shivam questions performed Sarla acquire the woman’s cell phone, police force can trace the woman’s spot. Raghav states that Let me merely arrive along with telephone calls.

Bansi along with Lallan carry Sarla for you to Ramleela. Amit is there along with isn’t going to notice the woman’s. The man questions these the reason why performed they carry the woman’s for your purpose. He questions the crooks to send out the woman’s. Bansi states that most of us can’t send out the woman’s alone, she actually is drunk just like me personally. Shanti questions Raghav along with Ashok for you to send out the particular others who live nearby. Your lover states that make massive photo associated with Sarla, I would really feel she actually is next to me personally. Your lover gives a photo associated with Sarla. Raghav questions Shivam to produce massive photo. Vyom explains to Mata ji of which Pari is not giving an answer to. Mata ji states that let the woman’s arrive right here along with meet Sujeet. Sonal happens along with meows. Shanti hugs the woman’s. Kaushalya along with Raghav gaming console the woman’s.

Riya states that they might make essays with regards to Sarla’s kidnapping along with questions Nimmi on her behalf notebook. Nimmi states that their not working. Riya states that Let me make in writing. Pari talks to Vyom. He questions exactly what happened, the reason why ended up an individual not necessarily having contact. Pari states that My partner and i michael busy with parlor, whenever do you think you’re having me personally for you to resort. Your lover is placed for you to your ex along with this individual states that their extremely hard right now. Your lover states that you happen to be acting impolite by himself. He states that My partner and i has been wanting to contact an individual a great deal, my buddy possesses originate from foreign, their massive operate in your own home, their Mata ki chowki along with I have to give funds, My partner and i can’t arrive, I have to take care of almost everything, along with explains to the tackle.

She says if I… He says I have to go and ends call. She says today I will meet Sujeet, but how will I go out. Shivam makes a life size poster of Sarla and brings that home. Prabha says its pic, but I m scared seeing it. Pari sees it and Shivam asks where is she going. Pari says I was going to get energy drink. He says I will get it. She says no, I will get it, hold mummy well. She asks him to give mummy in Nani’s lap and prays to get Sarla back. She kisses Sarla’s pic and goes. Prabha says she is an actor.

Shivam delivers Sarla’s picture. Shanti asks how come the woman’s encounter searching reddish colored. Nimmi states that Pari is now away. Kaushalya sings bhajan to help hope to have Sarla returning. Rani puts garland in Sarla’s picture, which in turn jolts Shanti.

Bansi in addition to Lallan carry out engage in throughout Ramleela alongside Sarla having hide. Amit arrives presently there in addition to functions throughout engage in.

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