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Mere Angne Mein 13th October 2015 Written Update

Nimmi reading the letter that Paplu Taplu has kidnapped Sarla. Shanti panics. Nimmi reads that they should not inform police. Shanti falls down and Kaushalya rushes to hold her. Bansi and Lallan talk about Sarla, she will not leave them if she runs. Bansi says I have tied her well. Shanti worries for Sarla. Preeti says don’t know whether Sarla is given food by kidnappers or not. Pari scolds her and argues with Rani. Rani says you don’t worry for your mum and prays. Shanti asks Kaushalya not to inform Raghav and Shivam, they will come on time, if they come like this, their pay will cut.

Nimmi talks to Shanti. Shanti says she will not ask money from her and asks her not to worry. Nimmi says its big amount. Shanti gets angry and punishes her. Shivam and Riya talk to their boss. The boss tells about selling the products and taking feedback. He says its not 6 months of your job, this survey is imp to judge your performance and will get salary based on this, and wishes them all the best. Bunty says 100 survey forms to be filled in 3 days. Riya says I m so excited. Shivam asks her to take her form too. Riya says no help to strangers. Shivam and Riya sit in the conference room and argue. He says he will change stranger’s meaning for her very soon and smiles. Bansi and Lallan talk to Sarla. She screams and says once I get free, I will not leave you. They tie her mouth and asks her to shut up. Rani talks to Prabha and tells Sarla is missing. Prabha says Sarla’s acting will be seen from far, where did she go. Rani says don’t know, we were coming here and she went somewhere. Prabha says did she have any old lover. Rani says no, I think someone has run away with her money. Prabha says I think she has run away with her lover, jeweler or foreigner.

Shanti asks Rani why is she publicizing things. Rani says I was just telling Prabha. Bansi and Lallan ask Sarla to give message for Shanti. Sarla cries and asks Shanti to free her, she is kidnapped. They record the message. Sarla cries. Prabha tells ladies about Sarla and she did not think of Ashok too. She says Rani said Shanti is hiding this.

Prabha tells her husband that Sarla has run away. He gets angry and asks why did she get Rani married in such house, She says Ashok has gone to Shanti Sadan, I m not sure Sarla has run away or not. He goes to Shanti Sadan to know the matter.Bansi asks Sarla to have food. She asks him to open her hands. He refuses and makes her have food. He misses his mum and cries. Shanti says she will keep Nirjala fast along with Kaushalya. Kaushalya asks what, fine I will also keep. Shanti says you are not worried for Sarla. Kaushalya says I m worried. Nimmi says nothing will happen to Sarla, any mad man will kidnap her. Shanti scolds her.

The neighbor ladies come and ask about Sarla’s kidnapping. Shanti says yes, Sarla is so good and not have enemies. Rani calls Bindu and tells about Sarla. She cries and says Sarla… Bindu smiles and asks did she die, its good. Rani says no, someone kidnapped her. Bindu says no one can kidnap her, maybe she went somewhere, I have work, I will talk later. Ashok talks on phone and says he will try to pay money soon. Bindu comes to him and cries hugging him. He asks what happened. Bindu tells him about Sarla and talks about his second marriage. He says stop it, Sarla is still alive, I can’t think of anyone else than Sarla. He asks who told you this. Bindu says I read this in newspaper. He says Kaushalya also called me and told me about such thing, I told her Sarla did not run away. He asks to come along and they leave for Shanti Sadan.

Bansi and Lallan laugh having Shanti’s number. The constable comes and they get worried. They make excuse and talk to him. Bansi thinks how to take Sarla out, she is dangerous and Lallan asks her to plan. Raghav comes home and gets worried for Sarla knowing everything. Bansi says I will plan something and get some items from the market. Bindu and Ashok come to Shanti Sadan. Bansi and Lallan talk to someone and plan to take ransom. Bindu speaks against Sarla, which angers Shanti. Ashok gets scolded by Prabha’s husband. Shanti argues and says Sarla did not run, she is kidnapped.

Prabha’s spouse says people are laughing on me as a result of Sarla. Shanti scolds her. Vyom keeps seeking to connect with Pari and gets offended as she is not answering. Raghav tries to find Sarla and talks on cell phone to family that he didn’t get information until now. Pari and Nimmi argue and taunt one another. Raghav asks Shanti to tranquil down and will get call from law enforcement station. He tells about Sarla. Prabha tells Ashok that Lallan’s mum has found Sarla likely with some stranger. Shanti and Raghav receives stunned. Ashok defends Sarla and scolds Prabha. Prabha suggests I’ve myself seen her with a foreigner.

A man calls at Shanti Sadan to tell about kidnapping and inspector asks them who may have kidnapped Sarla. Unroll out open

Written Update By Sahir


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