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Mere Angne Mein 13th November 2015 Written Update

Mere A ngne Mein watch online

Shanti getting shocked seeing Rani. She shows Preeti. Rani sees Shanti and hides her face. Shanti asks rickshaw driver to follow Rani. Rani says she is following Sarla. Preeti asks Shanti whi is Rani following is Sarla is in Haridwar. Shanti says whats what I m thinking. The rickshaw stops and driver says chain broke down. Mohit stares Preeti and smiles. Shanti scolds the driver. Preeti says I m feeling unwell, we will go Dadi.

Pari talks to Vyom. He taunts her for marrying his brother. She asks him for help. He asks her to ask Sujeev, whom she married. Pari gets angry. Amit and Sarla come to see the land and check the land in torchlight. He gets the map and says I think this is the land. She says once we get treasure, we will be rich. They dream to have big home and think where to dig. They see a witch wearing white clothes and horrible makeup. They get shocked. Rani in disguise of a mad old woman scares them. Sarla and Amit get scared and get away. Sarla and Amit run and fall into a deep pit. Rani smiles.

Preeti tells Nimmi that she was scared, Mohit held her hand and pulled her, he said I love you. Nimmi asks what, and what did you reply. Preeti says Dadi would have killed me, call Mohit and tell him I m not interested in him. Nimmi says fine. Preeti stops Nimmi, and says I will talk to him. Shivam comes and they end call. He asks what happened to them. Preeti does not let Nimmi say. Nimmi says Dadi followed Rani. Preeti says Dadi said she has seen Bua, but I did not see her. Nimmi says it means Bua will do something. He says Dadi and Bua overreact sometimes. He leaves. Nimmi teases Preeti and laughs.

Sarla and Amit are inside that pit in scared state. They shout for help. She cries and says she came to get treasure, and that mad aunty got after us. Rani scares them and asks them to remove all the bad greed and jealously. Sarla and Amit cry and say we will leave everything. Rani thinks Sarla got scared. Rani says sorry Amit, I want to rescue you, but I can’t, be here for some time with Sarla, I will leave. She goes.

Shanti and Riya have a talk, while Riya arranges her clothes. Riya cuts a saree and Shanti scolds her. Riya explains her move of using an old saree to wrap costly sarees. Shivam comes and Shanti asks him to help Riya. Shivam says I have come to talk to Riya, I got call from office. Shanti asks him to do office work in office, and let Riya work in house, she is bahu. He says I m going out to get medicines. Rani asks a man to help Amit and bring him out of pit. She pays him money. Amit cries and asks Sarla about money. She says I will arrange money, Pari’s inlaws are rich, she will help us. Shanti talks to Riya and finds her smartly managing the work.

Shanti gives her more work. Riya says she will dry clothes in morning, and keep it with her now. Shanti says good night. Riya leaves from her room. Shanti thinks Riya started talking a lot, see how I make you work more.

Rani comes residence and sees Ashok sleeping. She seems to be for Sonal and claims Sonal is sleeping as well, now I m Rani of this house. Ashok wakes up and talks to Rani. Rani says Sarla and Amit went Haridwar. Ashok asks why Haridwar, Sarla does not light-weight a diya at your house. Rani says she was pretty upset and went to pray. He laughs and states Sarla shouldn’t supporting her children 1st, then issues will get great.

Shivam asks Riya to slumber. She fixes 5am alarm and suggests she has Significantly work. They sleep. Rani is glad that Sarla just isn’t in your own home and check with Amit’s pic. Its morning, Shanti talks to Kaushalya about Dhanteras. She asks Kaushalya to generate lots of dishes. Shivam asks Riya to prepare. She claims she’s working because early morning.

The goons seek out Amit. The man says I’ve noticed Amit coming listed here along with his mom. They request the man about Amit and present his pic. The seller claims Of course, I’ve viewed him, he was with a lady and went to industry. A lady arrived and claimed They’re caught inside pit. They go to search out Amit. The men rescue Sarla and he or she calls them superior human beings. They toss the rope and get Amit outdoors. Amit gets shocked looking at them.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to obtain silver coins for herself and Sarla. She says don’t give Riya, its her initially diwali, contact Anupam and remind him to mail many things to us. Nimmi and Preeti hear Mohit. Mohit indirectly confesses love to Preeti and asks her to fulfill him.

Shivam argues with Riya. Riya gets angry and says he is overreacting, if she is busy, he can help Kaushalya.

Written Update By Amena


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