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Mere Angne Mein 12th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shanti thinking to take Chanda’s test. She asks her to take her keys. Chanda says no, I don’t have right to touch this, I will try Kaushalya. Shanti says Kaushalya would be busy, take keys, its hurting me. She thinks to test Chanda. Chanda says no, I can’t touch keys. Riya looks on. Shanti insists. Chanda says I can’t touch responsibility, I will call Riya. Shanti says no need to call her, she snatched our house’s happiness. Chanda says I will explain her if you permit. Shanti says don’t look at her, don’t argue, take keys, there are my jewelry and money in that cupboard, lock it. Chanda takes keys. Shanti says I m feeling very sleepy, give me some place, lock the cupboard, go.

Chanda sees the jewelry and money bundles. Shanti acts to sleep and looks at her. Chanda locks cupboard and ties keys back to Shanti’s pallu. Riya looks on. Chanda touches Shanti’s feet and greets Dada ji’s pic. She says I m Chanda, did you see Shanti trusts me, she is innocent and gave me keys so soon, I did not wish to touch keys, but I could not see Shanti hurt, I m glad to get elders, I want you to bless me too. Shanti hears her and thinks this girl is talking sweet, why did I not get her before, I would have got her married to Shivam, I will test her more.

Vyom comes home in wounded state. Pari acts innocent and asks how did you get wounded. She shouts to call Sharmili. Sharmili comes and asks why are you shouting. She worries seeing Vyom injured. Vyom says a rickshaw driver has hit me, I feel he has hit me intentionally. Sharmili says no, why will anyone hit you. Pari calls her ex BF and says you will get money, don’t call me again. He flirts with her. She ends call. She acts to talk to doctor. She asks doctor to come fast. She blames Nimmi for all this, and cries. She leaves. Sharmili says drama queen… Vyom says I don’t know why is this happening with me. Pari hears this and says now Sharmili has to believe Nimmi is bad luck for this house.

Riya tells Chanda that I m legal wife of Shivam, I m bahu of this house, Shanti has told you everything about me. Chanda says yes, she told me. Riya cries and falls in Chanda’s feet. She says I have hurt her a lot, I understood my mistakes, I will not do anything again. Chanda requests Riya to leave her feet. Kaushalya asks what are you doing Riya. Riya says I m taking Chanda’s blessings. Kaushalya asks Riya to not trouble Chanda. She scolds Riya. She asks Chanda to be away from Riya and takes her.

Nirmala acts to faint and Ashok holds her. He asks her to be careful. Rani talks to them. Kaushalya teaches mango pickles making to Chanda. Chanda goes to kitchen. Riya asks Kaushalya to teach her too. Kaushalya asks Chanda to come with Rai. Riya makes Chanda fall. Riya tells Chanda that you made all mustard seeds fall, it is costly. Kaushalya says I have seen you made Chanda fall, you don’t have right to touch anything, you are not our bahu, don’t you understand this, leave from here.

Chanda cries and apologizes to Kaushalya for the loss. Kaushalya says no, you are not a burden on anyone, I m happy that Shanti agreed to make you stay here, I was also like this when I came here in Shanti Sadan after marriage. Shanti used to teach me everything.

Sarla comes home. Rani hugs her and asks where were you. Sarla asks why are you hugging me, what happened. Rani says Choti mummy ji has come. Sarla laughs and asks did your dad do two marriages. Rani says no, Nirmala Mummy ji has come. Sarla gets angry and asks how did she come. Rani tells everything and says Nirmala is sleeping in your room. Sarla fumes and goes to her room. She sees Nirmala sleeping.

Riya sweeps the floor. Chanda says I did mistake, mustard seeds fell by my hands, I will clean it. She sweeps the floor and sends Riya. Riya calls Bunty and says Kaushalya scolded me, and this Chanda is not leaving. Bunty asks how is that girl. Riya says I feel she is genuinely good, and sometimes she acts oversmart, I have pushed Chanda and made mustard seeds fall, but Kaushalya has seen that I pushed Chanda, she scolded me, but Chanda apologized to Kaushalya and cried, when it was not her mistake, I m getting bad vibes, I have to find out about her.

Riya says Shanti will come back. Shivam and Kaushalya scold Riya. Riya argues.

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