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Mere Angne Mein 12th July 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts off with Shanti chatting Sarla to her dwelling, to create a list. She can make her Be aware the listing, about ten tola gold chain, and plenty of extra gold gifts of ten tola necklaces. She writes for fifty tola for Riya to have on gold, and couple lakhs of cash. Sarla thinks she is going to choose 5 lakhs and explain to three lakhs to Shanti. Shanti asks her to tell Anupam to print the cards. Sarla laughs. Sarla hides about Amit and Shivam’s confusion. Shanti gets Raghav’s call and suggests I will go home. She leaves. Pari’s BF drops her and he or she asks him to phone her tomorrow. Rani sees her and receives shocked. She smiles and Pari turns to her. Pari will get stunned. Rani taunts her concerning the rich dude. Pari states he is just Mate.

Pari goes to her household. Rani smiles. Kaushalya asks Preeti to acquire leave from Business, as its Amit’s marriage and she will’t do all get the job done on your own. Shivam comes with numerous items and outfits for Kaushalya and sisters. Kaushalya cries and suggests its best saree for her, as its from his earnings. He presents his sister’s gifts and claims he obtained clothes for Raghav and Shanti also. He offers her the Fee cash and she cries. She asks him to provide it to Dadi, she will be a lot more content than me. He asks her to maintain it for once. She usually takes it and suggests Raghav is going to be quite joyful. He gets a simply call and suggests he will go and are available in a while. She smiles viewing the saree.

Anupam delivers his wife’s bridal costume for Riya and cries recalling his spouse. Riya consoles him and talks about her mum. She says love is extremely imp and I’ll choose you with me, I m guaranteed nobody could have challenge there, else I’ll struggle with Absolutely everyone. She will make him chuckle and hugs him. Shanti comes home and sees Kaushalya Together with the new saree. Preeti and Nimmi occur putting on new dresses. Shanti will get angry and throws the saree Shivam bought for her, asking for Sarla’s saree. Raghav comes house along with the saree falls in his feet. He appears to be like at them.

Shanti claims Shivam gave his Fee to Kaushalya advert she did every one of the shopping. Raghav asks Kaushalya. Kaushalya states he gave me Fee to give it to Shanti. Nimmi claims he has acquired designer sarees for Sarla as well. Shanti normally takes Kaushalya’s saree and states she’ll give it to Sarla. Kaushalya says Shivam got this saree foe The 1st time. Shanti presents her the saree and claims she’s going to get a person for Sarla. Raghav states no, acquire this one particular and asks Kaushalya to give it. Raghav provides the Fee to Shanti. Kaushalya retains the vacant envelope and hugs it, being joyful. Shanti will take all The cash and gives a person Take note to Kaushalya, inquiring Nimmi to choose pic.

Sarla phone calls Anupam and asks him to return and fulfill her, she is nervous and desires to discuss one thing. He states He’ll come. Riya gets roses at Place of work and tells Bunty that Shivam loves her quite a bit. Bunty receives perplexed. Riya reminds that she’s going to confirm Shivam’s like nowadays. She asks Bunty to dial her range. Riya acts like speaking to some Jai, and can make him jealous, declaring she received his roses and he or she likes it. Shivam asks Bunty about Jai, is he just Mate. She asks is he jealous, following their connection now. He states he isn’t jealous and goes to his seat. Bunty smiles.

Shanti asks Preeti to iron dresses perfectly. Kaushalya asks her can she get any matching set for her. Shanti permits her. Nimmi brings her checklist and Shanti laughs. She makes Nimmi use a saree and asks her to view the way it appears to be like, and can her slipper be viewed if she wears saree, and cuts the sandal request from the list. Bunty asks Riya to finish acting now, Shivam is jealous. Riya claims you should some what a lot more, and functions infront of Shivam. She asks Bunty to include her in night, she desires to buy flowers in addition to a blue shirt for Jai. They smile. Shivam appears to be like on.

Nimmi asks Shanti for some cash for making a saree for Kaushalya and Shanti refuses. She asks Kaushalya to acquire saree from her maayka. Riya states Bunty, Shivam has got upset, I m emotion poor. Bunty laughs on her enjoy Tale. Sarla welcomes Anupam and suggests she is nervous, the wedding mahurat is in 4 times. He states how will we manage so soon. She says It’ll be completed, and convinces him. She sees Ashok coming dwelling. Ashok sits with them. Sarla suggests Ashok is my partner and Anupam is Riya’s dad. Ashok greets Anupam. Sarla asks Ashok to sit down inside, he can get unwell. Ashok asks what took place to me. Sarla suggests his Bp get substantial. Ashok claims BP…. Sarla suggests Sure, come with me and takes him in home. He asks when did I get BP, let me talk to Anupam. She asks him not to speak and help you save respect. He suggests he is not going to come in marriage if she says.

Shivam recollects Riya’s text and receives jealous of Jai. He goes into the roses and attempts viewing the identify. Riya and Bunty seem on and smile. He throws the roses in bin and Riya laughs. They hide from Shivam’s sight. Bunty says Riya’s strategy was super strike. Riya suggests couple things can just be felt and smiles.

Shivam comes to Riya’s home during the night time, when it rains. She feels his presence and goes out to view.


Written Update By Sahir


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