Mere Angne Mein 11th September 2016 Written Update

Mere Angne Mein 11th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein serial

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Mere Angne Mein 11th September 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Riya saying we will go by rickshaw today, I m feeling proud to get engagement done successfully. Kaushalya thanks all of them for helping her friend. Nimmi says groom’s Bua was dangerous, I feel all Buas of the world are such. She asks Kaushalya to say she is proud of them. Kaushalya says I m proud of you all. Nandu passes by. They see Nandu. Preeti taunts Nandu to do clerk work. Nandu goes. Kaushalya scolds Preeti. A postman asks for Shanti Sadan to give court notice. Sarla goes to Kaushalya’s room. She checks makeup items and steals it. She finds cupboard lock and opens the lock by her hairpin.

She checks and steals more things. She locks cupboard back. Ashok sees her. She asks him to sit in room. He asks what are you doing here. She says nothing, why did you come out. He says you were stealing right, tell me if you want anything, I will get it. She taunts asking did she get any good saree, this is not theft, I gave these items to Kaushalya and taking back now.

Postman comes there and asks is this Shanti Sadan. Sarla laughs and asks him to read it. He says I m new on duty. She asks for sweets. He asks her to sign and take court notice. She says I will not sign, just thumb impression. He asks her name. She says Kaushalya. He gives the letter and goes. She checks and does not understand. She keeps the letter back. She thinks is this Shivam’s govt job letter. She gets worried and says if Kaushalya knows this, she will fly, I will not tell anyone.

Everyone come home and Sarla gets worried. Nimmi tells Sarla that she looks as if she is caught stealing. Sarla taunts Nimmi. Everyone go to their rooms. Sarla calls Nimmi mad and makes faces. Rani comes home. Nirmala raises hand on her asking how dare you lock the house. Rani holds her hand and says I did not give this right to you, you can’t take Sarla’s place, I regard her Maa, I see love in her scolding, you keep hand in control. Nirmala scolds her and asks for keys. Rani asks her to talk to Sarla. Rani opens the lock. They go upstairs to home. Rani apologizes to Nirmala as she is elder. She goes.

Riya calls Shivam and thinks where is he. She says when he comes, I will tell him what happened.
Preeti talks to Pari and asks for money. Pari thinks Preeti is greedy. Preeti says I m Mrs. Clerk and needs money. Pari asks her to give divorce to Nandu. Nandu comes and hears Preeti. Preeti says divorce, I m helpless to stay with Nandu, what if that guy does not marry me and Nandu is also gone. Pari asks her to fix marriage date with the guy first. Preeti says Nandu was even give his life if I ask. Nandu asks Preeti whom is she talking to.

Preeti says I m not talking to any guy, its Pari. Nandu asks her to give phone. Pari says I won’t talk to Nandu. Preeti says Pari dislikes you, just go and knock on door before entering room. Nandu goes and collides with Nimmi. Nimmi screams. Preeti goes out and sees them. Pari asks what happened. Preeti says Nimmi and Nandu fell, they collided. Pari asks what, you mean fell in arms. Preeti asks Nandu to leave Nimmi, she is not a kid. Pari thinks to taunt on Nimmi’s character.

Nandu asks Nimmi not to worry for Preeti’s words. Pari tells Preeti that Nimmi is characterless, she tried to trap Sujeev also. Preeti says let her do anything, I m going with Lucky. Pari asks her to do as she says, she can get chance to take revenge from Nimmi and give divorce to Nandu. Preeti says wow Pari, what an idea. Pari says I m your real sister, I will come there and meet you, when will you make me meet your BF’s brother. Preeti says soon. Pari says okay, I love you.

Sarla asks Ashok to go and sit in hall. She throws her purse angrily. Potatoes and onions fall out of her purse. Kaushalya asks how did this get into your purse. Sarla lies and picks the purse. More potatoes fall. Riya picks it and gets letter. Sarla takes letter back from Riya. Riya asks her not to scold her always. Kaushalya asks Nimmi can’t she see and walk. Riya asks Kaushalya to take rest, she will see Nimmi.

Nirmala calls Ashok and asks where are you. He says I m in Kaushalya’s Maayka and lies seeing Sarla. Sarla takes the phone and lies to Nirmala. Nirmala scolds Sarla and asks her to get Ashok back. Sarla asks Ashok to go home now. He says you told me to stay here. She says no, its not looking good. Sarla sends Pari with Ashok. She asks Pari to save Ashok from Nirmala.

Riya reads the house auction notice and everyone get shocked.

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