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Mere Angne Mein 11th March 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Riya defending herself. She says I was scolding Mohit and asked him to be away from Preeti, she is like my sister. Kaushalya says but she is not. Riya says you think I m such bad, I can’t even imagine to trouble Preeti, I will come in between Mohit’s way, but get Preeti married. Shanti hears her and asks whose way would you like to come between. Kaushalya and Riya stop talking. Shanti asks did you do any new thing. Kaushalya says I was telling her to manage everything, Riya said she will see everything and get Preeti married, she asked me not to worry. Shanti says yes, Sarla explained you and now Riya. Shanti tells Riya that you taught me Gau type bahu to lie and goes.

Rani and Sonal come home and see Nirmala at home with Ashok. Nirmala says Ashok was having headache so I came to make tea. Rani says even I had headache, make tea for me too. Nirmala gets annoyed and gives tea to Rani. She says now I will leave. Ashok says no… Rani says let her go, I will manage here.

Shanti talks to her husband’s photo. She sees Riya and gets an idea. She goes and collides with Riya. She screams and thinks this plan failed, frame did not fall by Riya’s hands. Riya asks where are you taking the photo. Raghav asks what happened. Shanti says I wanted to keep photo here. They all smile. Shanti asks Nandu why is he smiling. He gives them Prasad.

Nimmi teases Shanti and sings song for her. Shanti runs to beat her and Nandu falls. Nandu goes. Shanti checks the cloth and says its very long, two lahengas can be made in this. Nimmi says Papa asked me to make it for mummy. Everyone smile. Shivam tells Riya this is called romance. Riya says yes, and you are Sadu. Shanti asks Kaushalya will she wear lahenga, we will call baraat again and covers Raghav with that cloth asking them to marry again. Kaushalya says Raghav wanted me to wear lahenga, I did not say anything. Raghav starts talking on phone to avoid. Shanti makes fun of him as he is acting clever. He says phone was in silent, I will just come. He goes. They all laugh.

Nimmi says I will make sherwani for Shivam too, so that Shivam and Raghav made rocking entry this time. Pandit comes and Shanti says I thought I have to keep calling you, see time. She asks Shivam to ask pandal man if they are doing Preeti’s haldi today. Shivam says no, I m calling now. Shanti asks Nimmi to get tea and snacks for pandit. Pandit gives mahurat for haldi and mehendi. He asks her to call 21 women atleast. Shanti asks how to get 21 women and then gifts for them, we have no time. Shanti gets an idea and smiles.

Sharmili asks Vyom to meet Preeti. Pari coughs. Sharmili says Riya called, tell me if you don’t want to meet. Vyom says I have to meet Preeti. Sharmili says warn her that we have naagin at home and ask her to beware of Pari. Pari says there are two ladies snakes in this house. Sharmili scolds her. They both warn each other of Sujeev. Sharmili says see how Vyom keeps his wife and fulfills all her dreams. Sujeev calls Pari. Sharmili asks Pari to go and take care of her innocent son. Pari says sorry, Sujeev can take care of himself. Sharmili says Sujeev, Pari is saying she can’t come. Pari says I m coming Sujeev ji and goes. Sharmili laughs.

Pandit asks Shanti to call him once arrangements are done. He leaves. Nimmi asks what to do, I will make lahenga for Dadi as well. Shanti throws all the clothes. She shouts on someone. Sharmili talks to Mama and then calls Shanti to ask about Preeti. Shanti says Preeti is very happy, she is fine. Sharmili says great, send her to meet Vyom. Shanti says I don’t like all this, its marriage after 4 days, then they can meet, Preeti is actually unwell. Sharmili says you just said she is fine. Shanti says I got old, I forgot, I will ask Preeti’s parents and then call you. She ends call. Nimmi asks Shanti to let Preeti go, whats the problem. Shanti scolds her.

Sharmili tells Mama that Amma ji gave excuse and ended call. Mama says you are losing control. She puts water on him and Mama goes. Sharmili says I should have called Riya directly. If she said yes, then Amma ji has to say yes too.

Shanti talks to Kaushalya about calling 11 married women. Shivam comes and tells Riya about advance given to pandal man. Riya says 11000rs. Shivam says that’s why he is acting, you should have given her 500rs. Shanti asks how to call women, if Sharmili knows about Preeti’s affair, the marriage will get cancelled. Riya says everyone will know when baraat comes why should we hide then. Preeti calls Riya and Riya goes. Riya leaves her phone there. Shanti sees this and thanks her husband, saying she got the idea.

Shanti calls the women by Riya’s phone and uses Riya’s name too. The woman says we will come.

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