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Mere Angne Mein 11th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shivam looking for his diary. Riya goes to him and asks since when did you start smoking cigarette. He asks are you mad. She asks him again. He gets angry and says yes, I started smoking, I will start drinking too, who are you to ask me. She says I m your wife. He says no, ex wife, we both signed divorce papers, leave from my room. She says there is diary on table, check it, maybe you are finding it. He gets his diary on the table, and sees the rose.

Sarla likes the house and tells the property agent that she wants Nirmala’s name board to get changed. She asks him to do the work soon, I want to shift soon. The man says the furniture is old, we have to change everything. She says then change everything. He says fine, it will take 3 lakhs. Amit says we are not taking new house, we are asking to change few things. Sarla tries to bargain. The man asks her to say yes if she agrees. Sarla tells Amit that she wants new things in her new house, its chance to make Sarla Sadan. He asks what are you saying, how will be give 1.5 lakhs. She says so what, we won’t keep old broken furniture at home. The man asks for some advance to start the work. Sarla gives 500rs. He asks just 500rs. She says I m giving this with respect, you keep it, we will see accounts later. She laughs happily.

Shanti says I will talk to Shivam about cigarette. Chanda thinks Shanti has got mad, I have to do something to stop her from asking Shivam. She makes something fall over Shanti and acts dizzy. She says I want to ask something, I want Kaushalya to come back. Shanti says even I want the same, Kaushalya will just agree to Shivam. Chanda says I m ready to apologize to her, I have kept Nirjal fast for her, so that she comes back soon. Riya looks on. Shanti praises her and says Shivam is lucky to get a girl like you. Chanda says no, I m lucky to get a family like yours.

Nirmala calls the man and asks did you fool them. The man says Sarla and Amit got glad seeing the house, you have sold the house and lied to them that house is yours. She says yes, I have to lie to get something. He says I asked for 1.5 lakhs from them, you keep 1 lakh, I will keep 50000rs. She asks him to keep house owner away. He asks her not to worry.

Nimmi cooks the food. Pari thinks Nimmi is making food for Vyom’s friends, and plans to spoil the food. Kaushalya and Nandu come home. Kaushalya smiles seeing Shanti and Chanda. Shanti gets surprised seeing her. Chanda thinks how did Kaushalya come here, I m sure Riya did this. Shanti hugs Kaushalya. Riya greets Kaushalya. Kaushalya acts rude with her. Kaushalya says I m waiting for the day that Chanda becomes my bahu, its good Shivam agreed for the marriage. Shanti asks Chanda to get juice for Kaushalya. Chanda goes. Shanti says so Shivam called you. Kaushalya says no, he did not call me, he has sent this letter and wedding invitation card. Shanti gets shocked seeing the card. Riya signs to Nandu. Kaushalya says Shivam asked me to come back home, so I have happily come back. Shanti thinks I can’t believe Shivam sent this card, and sees Riya talking to Nandu. She says so they both did this, Riya will become great if everyone know this, I won’t let this happen. Shanti asks Kaushalya to come with her and talk. Riya gets worried.

Nimmi serves the food to Vyom’s friends. The friends like the food by appearance. Vyom gets glad. Pari smiles and is upto some mischief. Vyom’s friend dislike the dish and spit. He asks why did you insult us by calling us here. They ask Sharmili to eat and see, don’t know what is mixed. Sharmili says why, I m also eating the same, if you don’t like it, I will get anything else made. Sharmili takes the dish and spits. Nimmi gets shocked. Sharmili asks whats this. The man says don’t feel bad, Vyom does not know to do anything well. Sharmili says wait for 10 mins, I will make something else. The man says no, we will leave now. Vyom and Nimmi try to stop his friends. His friends leave. Vyom scolds Nimmi badly. Nimmi cries. Sharmili asks Nimmi did your parents not teach you anything. Nimmi asks whats my parents mistake in this. Sharmili asks is this our mistake then and goes annoyed.

Shanti tells Kaushalya that Shivam should not know you came back because of this card, else he will dance on your head. She asks her to manage Shivam, he started smoking. Kaushalya gets worried. Shivam comes and hugs Kaushalya. Kaushalya says I m glad you agreed to me. Shivam asks what. Shanti coughs and changes topic. She says Chanda and I made Kaushalya come back. Shivam tells Riya that you should have done this work, Dadi and Chanda did this. Riya recalls how she got Kaushalya back home. Shivam says its my mistake to expect anything from you.

Chanda joins some live electric wire to the clothes string. Riya goes to put washed clothes on the wire.

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