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Mere Angne Mein 11th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sarla talking to Pari. Kaushalya recalls Sarla’s words about Nimmi’s future. She gets thinking and slips. She falls and gets foot sprain. Everyone worry for Kaushalya. The lady says now Shanti can’t participate. Shanti asks why, I have another bahu too, Riya. Sarla talks to the event managers to get help. The lady says Riya is not your bahu, she is Shivam’s wife. Dadi says I m her Dadi saas, remove Dadi and then we are also saas-bahu. She asks Riya to come with her. First round starts. Everyone start running with foots tied. Nimmi says Shanti is distracted by Sarla. Pari scolds Nimmi. Shivam asks Pari to play house politics later. Shanti and Riya fall down. Sarla and Rani laugh. Shanti and Riya start again. Sarla removes the rope and asks Rani to act to be tied. Shanti and Riya reach finishing line and win. Sarla and Rani argue over their failure.

Shanti and Riya win lemon in spoon round and also the sack running race. Shanti and Riya win all rounds. Shivam takes their pics. The lady announces Shanti and Riya are the winners. She declares the prizes. Sarla and Rani get upset seeing Shanti and Riya getting gift hamper. Shanti says Sarla did not get anything, you win or I win, its same thing. Sarla says everyone is not so lucky and cries. Shanti gives her the prize. She asks Riya does she have any problem. Riya says no. Shanti says its half prize of me and Riya, we will divide it. Riya says no, its all yours, you give it to anyone you want. Sarla gets everything.

Nimmi says nothing changed till now, Dadi gave everything to Bua. Shivam says Dadi can’t change. Shivam and Riya leave, as he has to go office. Shanti says we will also come, and asks Kaushalya and Nimmi to come. Sarla tells Pari to fill poison in Shanti Sadan now. Nirmala pretends to be ill and laughs. Sarla and Rani come home. Sarla asks Nirmala to give water. Rani asks did she die. Sarla and Rani knock the door and ask Nirmala is she fine. Nirmala says I can’t open the door, break it. Sarla asks why, come out. She asks Rani to break the door and pushes Rani on the door.

Riya helps Kaushalya and takes her home. Shanti asks Riya to make something special in food, we won. Kaushalya asks Shanti when to start cooking plain food for Nimmi. Shanti says it does not matter, and asks Pari to come with her. Pari says I recall everything when I see Nimmi. Shanti says Nimmi’s husband is dead, atleast your husband is alive. Pari says still he does not exist. She cries and says Nimmi is responsible for all this. Shanti asks what happened there, I have to know. Pari says leave it, it will begin fights.

Shanti says both my granddaughters are here and I have to manage it, tell me what happened. Sarla asks Amit to break the door, we will get it repaired later by taking money from Nirmala. Amit breaks the door. Nirmala lies down on the ground. They all get shocked and sprinkle water on her to wake her. Nirmala says I want to get married soon. Sarla says that can’t happen as of now. Nirmala says fine, I will find someone else to marry before I die. Sarla says no, we will think about it.

Kaushalya talks to Riya and tells her the happiness they get by giving things to others. Riya says we can’t trust Pari. Nimmi says Pari would be lying to Shanti. Riya says nothing wrong will happen.

Pari tells Shanti about the fight and Vyom’s death, if I loved Vyom, why would I marry Sujeev. Nimmi hears Pari lying.

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