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Mere Angne Mein 10th March 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sujeev meeting Amit and saying I have some work, I can’t play today. Amit holds him and Sujeev gets angry as dirt gets on his shirt. He says I will meet tomorrow, I don’t like dirt. He gives that gift for Preeti, asking Amit to deliver at Shanti Sadan. Amit gets glad and cries saying I got emotional, you are great. He hugs Sujeev. Sujeev says your hands are dirty, call me later. He leaves. Amit smiles seeing the gold chain.

Sarla and Kaushalya are on the way and wish marriage happens well. Sarla says talk to Sharmili and keep marriage soon, if anything happens at final moment, baraat will go back, I m tensed, do something. Kaushalya does not understand. Mohit applies ice at his wounds and a little boy helps him. Riya is at the shop and talks to the lady. Mohit sees her and greets her. He asks her to make him meet Preeti once, I love her a lot, I m not a wrong person, even Preeti loves her, we both want to marry, why are you all coming in between, you also loved Shivam. She says our love was different. Mohit says you had two grooms in baraat. She asks him to mind his language and scolds him for defaming Preeti. He says Preeti is just mine, she can’t become someone else’s, I will marry her, none will come between us. Sarla stops rickshaw and shows Riya and Mohit to Kaushalya. Riya asks Mohit to threaten someone else. He holds her hand and requests her. Kaushalya gets shocked and says it means Riya is supporting Mohit. Riya asks Mohit to forget Preeti and move away now. She leaves from there.

Nimmi talks to Sonal and Rani. She says when I went to Preeti’s inlaws, Pari threatened me that she will see Preeti there. She asks Preeti to teach a lesson to Pari there. Rani says Nimmi is right, Pari calls me maid, teach Pari a good lesson. Sonal gets sad. Nimmi asks Sonal if Pari does wrong with Preeti, will you feel it wrong. Sona says I will fight with Pari if such thing happens and goes. Rani asks Preeti to take care and goes. Shivam comes and sees Preeti upset.

Sarla says if I had gun, I would have shot everyone. Kaushalya says Riya is against Preeti. Sarla says don’t worry, I will get water. She goes to shop and buys water bottle. She gets a call from Sharmili. Sharmili tells Sarla that Pari insulted me and created big drama, I did not like this, if Pari does this again, I will send her to Maayka, return the gold necklace I gave you. Sarla gets shocked.

Sarla says I can’t return it, I have kept it in locker. Sharmili says if Pari does anything, you will lose your dreams of Sarla Sadan, and I will get that necklace too. Sarla says everything will be fine, don’t worry.

Shivam asks Preeti is everything fine, why is she silent. She says I m happy, I m not scared. He says its your haldi tomorrow, then marriage will be there, see your upset face, I know one thing well. He asks Nimmi not to train Preeti. He tells Preeti to share things with him if anyone troubles her. He makes her smile. They all smile.

Sarla tells Kaushalya that you know Shanti, she drags the matter, don’t tell her what we have seen here. Kaushalya says but matter will get worse, we have seen Mohit. Sarla says I promise, I will manage, don’t tell anyone about Mohit. They leave.

Riya cuts vegetables and Shanti smiles seeing her. Sarla and Kaushalya come home. Sarla asks Kaushalya not to tell Shanti about Riya. Kaushalya stares at Riya. Shanti observes it and asks whats the matter. Sarla makes excuses. Riya asks Kaushalya why is she upset, Preeti is marrying in good house. Kaushalya gets away. Shanti asks Kaushalya to make ginger tea for Sarla. Shanti asks Riya why is she upset, did she do anything again, keep smile on face and do the work.

Shanti calls Nimmi there and makes Nandu do some work. Sarla asks Kaushalya not to do anything to spoil marriage, its your daughter and I m folding hands to request you. Kaushalya says my heart is burning, still.. Sarla says I request don’t tell anyone that we have seen Riya with Mohit, else Preeti’s marriage will break. She makes Kaushalya swear. Kaushalya says fine, I will not tell anyone. Sarla gets relieved. Sarla goes to talk to Shanti.

Riya goes to make tea. Kaushalya is angry. Riya asks what happened, I said sorry for mistake. Kaushalya asks what sorry, you always do this, you don’t want good for Preeti, I thought I will guide you and make you adjust in our house as you did not have mother, I have seen you with Mohit today. Riya gets shocked.

Riya tells Kaushalya that if needed I will come between his way, but get Preeti married. Shanti asks whose way do you want to come in between….

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