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Mere Angne Mein 10th July 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode commences with Amit coming property soon after obtaining beating up. Sarla receives concerned and asks who’s got performed this. He suggests he fell from bike. She states she can get haldi milk and goes. Amit usually takes the necklace set with the tiffin, and keeps it. Sarla asks him did he go and satisfy Riya. He suggests he could not fulfill. Rani involves satisfy Amit. Sarla can make her jealous by praising Riya and Amit’s relationship is fixed together with her. Rani cries. Sarla asks her to acquire sweets. Amit indicators Sarla. Sarla claims she is crying away from joy, you need to do all perform in his relationship. Amit goes.

Rani gets irritated and goes. Sarla laughs off and suggests she’s Rani by title, very little else. Riya talks to Bunty and praises Shivam. Bunty leaves. Rani talks to Amit and asks how can he marry any one, after getting together with her because childhood. He asks what nonsense. She asks is she undesirable. He states no. She asks is he marrying for income. He claims He’s marrying Riya as she’s Sarla’s option and leaves. She gets annoyed.

Anupam delivers tea for Riya. Riya tells him that she quit her career. He isn’t going to inquire her The main reason and leaves. Bunty phone calls Riya and Riya finishes the call. She receives Shivam’s call and gets happy. He claims he didn’t know she cares for him a lot of. She suggests she can’t hear him. He asks her to come back for espresso. She gets glad and agrees. Nimmi will come and talks to Preeti.

Shanti talks to them about ads in papers. Preeti tells Nimmi that Shivam called and mentioned he will return tomorrow. Nimmi says she won’t ever do the job, just marry. Preeti suggests she’s going to speak to mum. Kaushalya talks to Raghav about Shivam. He states I am aware Shivam received’t provide my bicycle. She asks him to say. He asks what. She says I m happy with you. He asks what, say again. She claims I m pleased with you. He smiles and he or she claims Shivam is going to be satisfied. She cries. He asks shall I cry together saying this. She laughs.

Riya smiles recalling Shivam’s text. Its morning, pandit comes to Shanti Sadan. Kaushalya asks why this puja. Shanti asks her to get the goods. Amit arrives and Sarla asks him to get rid of his vest. Amit says no, Everybody will begin to see the wound marks. The puja starts off advert Shanti asks Raghav to provide the gold chain, indicating its previous. She states she’ll give some money to Sarla. Raghav puts milk on Amit and also the chain falls. Nimmi claims when did Shashikala obtain this. Preeti suggests it appears to be like new. Raghav then places h2o. Sarla checks the gold chain.

All people sit for breakfast. Shanti tells Raghav to accomplish Amit’s relationship perfectly. Sarla smiles. Raghav asks did she get the day for relationship. Sarla suggests pandit and Shanti will determine, then she’ll resolve. Raghav asks them to see Lady’s family members’s usefulness also. Shivam arrives and greet them. Shivam states he didn’t provide bike. Raghav claims its good, I m happy with you. Kaushalya appears at him and smiles.

Shanti starts caring for Shivam, as he begun earning. Shivam, sisters and Kaushalya smile. Pari is at parlor and will get Sarla’s call. She makes justification as if having hurt to skip from get the job done. Riya calls Shivam and asks exactly where is he, she was waiting for his simply call. He asks the place to satisfy. She says espresso shop. He asks her to come office. She reminds she won’t operate in Workplace now. He asks her to come to coffee shop. She leaves. Shanti and Sarla come to the coffee shop. Pari gets calls from parlor. Sarla asks her to go, as her get the job done is finished, she has completed browsing. Pari asks for some cash. She goes irritated.

Riya fulfills Shivam within the coffee shop and he claims he provides a Excellent news. She says even I’ve a Great news, initially you say. He says his consumer and boss are happy with him. She asks did he experienced to mention this. He suggests Certainly. She asks does he have nothing else to mention and smiles. He understands what she’s inquiring, and claims I’ve to tell many issues. She retains his hand and asks him to state. Music plays……………

Sarla will come in the direction of the café. She sees Shivam’s bicycle there alongside Riya’s scooty. She goes to discover within. Saathiya…………..performs………… Sarla will get stunned observing Riya and Shivam Keeping fingers.

Sarla tells Amit that Riya and Shivam appreciate one another, Riya loves my son, that Shivam isn’t my son. Amit receives stunned figuring out this.

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