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Mere Angne Mein 10th January 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Mohit and Preeti seeing each other. Prabha and Bindu come there, and Nandu comes in between. Nandu does not let them see Mohit. Preeti and Nimmi leave. Nandu asks Bindu and Prabha to leave, and not waste their time. Nandu tells Mohit not to insult Preeti doing this. Mohit asks why are you feeling bad for Preeti. He leaves. Preeti and Nimmi come home. Preeti cries. Nimmi says don’t worry, I m with you. Kaushalya asks Preeti what happened. Preeti says I cheated you all, I did big mistake. Kaushalya asks what did you do.

Preeti says you all love me so much, even then something wrong came in my mind. Shanti asks what. Preeti says Mohit met when we were coming back home. Shanti asks why did you meet him, we got so much insulted. Preeti says no, I did not meet him, I wanted to meet him, but I stopped, I respect you all, I promise I will never meet him, I m angry thinking how did I think wrong of meeting him. Shanti says it happens, its good you did not meet him, go to room and rest. Kaushalya cries.

Shanti says Preeti is going through sensitive phase, if Mohit and his parents were good, I would have no problem, Mohit cheated us, its good Preeti managed herself. Kaushalya says get Preeti married, then she will be happy. Shanti thinks she forgot to call Sarla. She goes to call Sarla and Amit. They both does not answer. Nandu comes home after getting treated from doctor. He asks did power not come. Shanti says bill is just paid, power will come. He asks did Preeti and Nimmi come home. She looks at him.

Kaushalya calls Shivam. Madhu takes the call and starts talking. Shivam asks her to give the phone, its his mum’s call. He tells Kaushalya that he is coming in some time. Nimmi consoles Preeti. Nandu comes to them. Preeti asks why did he come. He says I have to say something to you, I did mistake, I spoke to Mohit in high tone. Preeti scolds him and says I love Mohit, I can’t bear anyone insulting him. He says I told all that to Mohit as I have some duty towards this house, loving someone is one thing and keeping love is another. He goes.

Nimmi asks what happened to him. Preeti says nothing, he is counting himself in our family, I will get him kicked out. Mohit tries calling Preeti and thinks how to tell her how much he loves her. He sees some kid with kites. Madhu holds Shivam and says don’t feel bad, route is not close. He says we are reaching soon. He worries.

Rajendra is the taxi driver. Riya asks how did the car stopped. Amit asks him to check the car. Rajendra says it will take time. Riya says I will inform at home. Kaushalya waits for Riya. Riya calls Kaushalya and says car broke down on the way, mechanic is not available, it can be morning too to reach there, Amit is with me, don’t worry. Kaushalya says fine, take care, have some food. Shivam comes home. Riya ends call. Kaushalya tells him about car breaking down on the way.

Shivam says I will go. Shanti stops him and says Amit is with her, he is responsible. Amit switches off his phone, when Riya asks for his phone. She says her battery got dead. Amit says my phone battery exhausted too. He says Riya, we will leave, its not good to stand here.

Mohit says I will meet Preeti at her home. Shivam is worried. Nimmi asks what happened. He says Riya’s car broke down, Amit is with her, I don’t trust her. Nimmi says Riya is smart, why are you overreacting. He says you talk like Riya, when you get married, then you will know. She says I will never marry. He says we will see. Bansi comes out of the car dicky. Mohit climbs to Preeti’s balcony. People shout thief and Mohit runs away. Shanti asks them to beat the thief. She asks Preeti and Mohit to go to their rooms. Riya says I think car got repaired, sound is coming. She asks where did the car go. Amit makes her slip and holds her. Bansi and Rajendra take their pics.

Sarla calls Bansi and asks did they get any pic or not. Bansi says I got A1 pic. She asks them to do work well and come. Shanti calls Sarla. Sarla asks Shanti not to worry. Shanti says if Riya’s memory goes, drop her to Anupam’s home, don’t leave her anywhere on road. Amit and Riya sit near bonfire. Amit apologizes to her and says I realized my mistake. I loved you, but I m mature, I forgot all that, you should have valued my emotions, I m not a bad man. Bansi and Rajendra take their pics. Riya says its all past, forget all that, I don’t have any complains. Amit holds her hand and says this is your greatness. Bansi clicks the pics. Riya asks him to take care of his wife Rani. He says right. He screams saying something flew in my eye. She checks his eye and blows air.

Its morning, Sarla gets Bansi’s call. He says your work is done. She says great. She says I have to inform this to Amma. Sarla comes home and tells Shanti that she has done the work. Prabha comes to eat food from the stall and passes taunts to Nirmala. She says your saree looks great. Nirmala says Ashok gave me the saree. Bindu did not do favor on me giving me this job, I give her money too. Prabha says you and Ashok look good friends. She takes more snacks and goes.

The laundry woman comes to Shanti Sadan and says your family is modern Amma ji, Riya is having fun with Amit. Shanti asks what nonsense, they went for work, how did you know they went out together. The lady says we will know when such things happens. She shows the photos. Shanti, Kaushalya and everyone get shocked seeing Riya and Amit’s pics. Sarla smiles. Shanti asks lady to leave. Sarla tells Shanti that this way Riya will leave the house. Shanti scolds her and says I did not tell you to do all this. Sarla asks what did I do, Riya did all this.

Shivam comes and asks whats happening. The lady asks him to see what his wife is doing with his brother. He asks what nonsense, get lost. Preeti gives the pics to him. He gets shocked. Sarla tells Shanti that now Riya has to leave from Shanti Sadan.

Riya comes home and Shanti stops her at the door. Sarla asks does work happen like this in office, Amti was right, you are bad character girl, you are married and even after Amit, why is she doing this. Riya asks what happened. Nimmi shows pics to her. Riya gets shocked. She throws it and asks who took these pics. Sarla says you care who clicked pics, and not what you did. Riya says Bua ji, you clicked these pics to trouble me. Sarla says so you blame me now.

Sarla asks Shanti to do justice. Riya did mistake, why is she in this house, kick her out, tell her to prove herself innocent and give Agnipariksha. They all get shocked. Riya asks Agnipariksha? Shanti says you have to give Agnipariksha. Kaushalya says no. Riya says why shall I give, I did not do anything wrong. Sarla says we are blind right, everyone can see whats in pic. Kaushalya says we have many enemies, anyone can take pics. Sarla says fine, but my Amit lost his name because of Riya, see you all did my Visarjan when I did mistake, now Riya did mistake, ask her to prove she is innocent. Riya asks why are you all doubting me. Shanti says you have to give Agnipariksha, if you want to come inside Shanti Sadan, we have to shut people’s mouths. Riya says fine, Bua ji wants me to give Agnipariksha, I will do it. Sarla smiles.

Riya says Sarla kept her aarti to come inside home, today I will walk on this burning coal to come inside the house. Shivam shouts Riya.

Written Update By Amena


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