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Mere Angne Mein 1st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere A ngne Mein watch online

The Episode starts with Riya asking for some money to get fruits. Kaushalya asks money for buying saree for Mohit’s mum. Shanti gets angry and scolds Riya and Kaushalya. Raghav says I m thinking to go by auto, and asks Shivam to get fruits and sweets. He says we have to do arrangements and goes. Preeti looks on. Nandu comes and Shanti asks where is he going. He says I m going to Mohit’s home. Shanti asks why will you go there, how are you related to us. Nandu says yes, I will stay at home. She asks him to go for his work.

He says I miss my mum and getting tears. She says don’t miss mum, remember job, if job goes, Raghav can’t get another one. He goes. Sharmili waits for Mama. Mama thinks he can’t say he went after Sarla. He says he missed to see Pari. Sharmili slaps him. Pari and Sujeev come home. Sharmili asks her where did she take her son. Sujeev says I went with Amit. Pari asks him to take her out. He says yes, we will go for shopping. Pari gets glad. Sharmili holds Pari and money falls. Pari gets tensed.

Riya brings curd and water. Shanti comes in between. It falls down and Shanti scolds Riya for this abshagun. Raghav asks them to hurry up and leave about abshagun. Shanti fumes. Sharmili asks Pari how did she get money. Pari says my mummys gave it for Vyom’s marriage. Sharmili asks her to lie which she can digest. Pari takes money and runs. Sharmili asks her to stop. Pari slips and falls in Vyom’s arms. They smile. Sharmili comes and they run seeing her. Sharmili gets angry.

Sarla meets Mohit’s parents and starts acting. She speaks bad about Preeti, who ruined their respect. She says you have to get your son married to Preeti. Sarla says I m Sarla, Preeti’s Bua. She says Preeti is a spoiled girl, but her parents are such, who gave her freedom. She provokes them against Preeti. She tells bad about the family. He asks is she saying true, they did not the family is such. Sarla says yes, I m ashamed of my family, what can we do, I can’t lie, I have to tell truth, so I have come to tell this to you, its your wish, thanks for agreeing for marriage. She stares at them. Mohit’s mum gets angry and says ask Mohit to reach there, and call them too. Shanti, Raghav and everyone are leaving. Raghav gets Mohit’s dad Srikant’s call. Srikant asks them not to come, they will come there and meet Preeti also. Raghav says fine, come. Raghav tells this to everyone. Shanti gets angry. They all go inside home. Shanti asks Preeti to see how her inlaws are making them dance. Raghav asks her to listen, they will buy a ring for the guy. Shanti says fine, I will get money. Everyone smile.

Mohit is at his work and starts his radio show. He says its special day for me and plays song. Preeti and Nimmi dance. Preeti calls him. He says I m also coming with my parents. She says Raghav went to buy engagement ring, and talks to him. He asks her to wear blue color suit. Preeti asks Riya for a blue saree. Riya asks her to answer Mohit’s family confidently. Nimmi asks Preeti not to talk to Riya. Kaushalya asks Preeti to look down and answer them in slow voice. Riya brings the saree. Kaushalya says no, Preeti will wear new suit, and asks Riya not to talk to groom’s family.

Sarla calls Rajendra and asks him to do her work. She asks him and Bansi to complete the work. Shanti and Raghav come home. Raghav shows the ring and gives it to Kaushalya. Riya tells them that Mohit’s family has come. Shanti welcomes Mohit’s parents. Sarla comes there and hides. She hears them.

Raghav says I m Raghav, I spoke to you on phone. Srikant says we have less time, call the girl. Preeti comes and greets them. Srikant says we heard a lot about you from Mohit, and asks her about her education. She says 12th. His mum asks just 12th. Shanti says she was not sharp in studies, she had typhoid and I made her rest at home. His mum asks where did she study love lessons. Riya asks what are you saying. His mum says what will Preeti teach her children, we have Post graduates in our home, the girl whose name is spoiled, what will she do, how will she become anyone’s bahu. Sarla smiles.

His mum asks Shanti to understand, don’t be after Mohit. She asks them to leave Mohit. Sarla takes video. His mum asks Preeti to trap any guy, but not her son. They all get shocked. His mum says we heard about your bahu too, she used to roam with her husband’s brother. Then she married another one in mandap. Raghav shouts shut up. He scolds her for defaming his daughter and bahu. He asks them to get out. He says we felt Mohit and Preeti love each other, we did not test you and Mohit. Srikant argues and scolds them.

Shanti holds Preeti. Raghav and Srikant argue. Raghav scolds them for bad behavior and says I m not interested in making Mohit out son in law. Riya asks them to leave. Shanti says your son was staying here by lying to us, and scolds them. Mohit’s parents leave. Preeti and everyone cry. Sarla takes video and says this will be of use to me.

Prabha asks Rani where did Sarla go. Rani says don’t know, why did you call me. Prabha says I heard Mohit’s parents are coming to see Preeti, so Sarla went there. Rani says fine, I will call Sarla and ask. Rani calls Sarla. Sarla asks her to get few things at Shanti Sadan. Rani asks her is she dying. She gets thinking what is Sarla doing, she will not die, is she doing drama outside Shanti Sadan. Rani calls Amit and says I feel Sarla has died. Amit asks what. Rani says Sarla called and asked for few things. He says what nonsense and ends call.

Kaushalya scolds Preeti. Nimmi defends Preeti. Shanti scolds Nimmi hearing her downstairs. Preeti cries and says I can’t live without Mohit. Mohit calls her. She throws the phone. Nimmi pacifies Preeti. Preeti says its my mistake and asks her to leave her alone. Preeti apologizes to Kaushalya. They cry.

Sarla shouts Amma and comes at Shanti Sadan. Shanti scolds her and says she does not need her shoulder, she is not dying, she makes other go on shoulders. Sarla says fine and asks her to give her shoulder instead. She starts her drama and says I will keep my Arthi here and will die here, till you call me inside. She says I want your love Amma.

Sarla sets the sheets on the woods and lies down on the arthi. Sarla does drama and everyone see it from balcony. The neighbors see this and gossip. Shanti comes out and scolds Sarla. Rani comes and asks Sarla why is she doing this, think about Amit and Sonal. Sarla says nothing will happen to you, did you get the items. Rani says yes, and puts flowers on Sarla. Raghav sees this and rushes downstairs. Shanti asks him not to go. Raghav asks Sarla not to make any issue. Sarla says I just lied to save my son, and you all kicked me out. She does emotional blackmail and cries. Neighbors laugh on this acting drama and are fed up of this family.

The lady tells Shanti that Riya is unlucky for them, as these things are happening after she came here. Rani asks Sarla why are you playing these games. Sarla asks her to help her. Shanti asks Raghav to come. She says we can’t see anyone here. Sarla says everyone can see I m lying on my arthi, I will lie here till you get me inside home. The ladies take selfie with Sarla and laughs. Shanti scolds them and makes neighbors leave. Shanti scolds Sarla and says our relation ended. She shuts the door. Sarla cries and does drama. Shanti holds her head.

Sarla calls Srikant and says I heard many people know you got insulted, someone has made video, everyone is laughing.

Written Update By Amena


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