Mehak 27th October 2016 Written Update

Mehak 27th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Mehak 27th October 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Mahek covers herself with dupatta, Shaurya is watching her closely, Mahek flicks her hair and water falls on Shaurya’s face, he snaps out and says what the hell?
Kanta says to Sonal that why did you leave her alone? Sheetal asks her to speak up, Mansi asks where you left her last time? Sonal says i dont know where she went, Mahek called but we couldnt talk. Jeevan asks Nehal to call again, he asks Kanta not to worry, we will wait for 15minutes then we will go to find her.
Shaurya is eating energy bar, Mahek stares him, he asks if she wants it? she denies but is hungry, she sees him checking bottle of water, Mahek says its water only, my friend left it, Shaurya says i dont know, you can make drink kerosene, Mahek says then dont drink, shaurya drinks water and asks if she wants it? she gets up to get bottle from him but feels dizzy, Shaurya says dont do drama here, there are no cameras here, Mahek says i didnt eat or drink anything since morning, Shaurya says i was asking you to eat energy bar but you didnt, now doing drama, Mahek says i have fast, Shaurya says i knew you were married, you do all antics like married woman, Mahek says i am single, unmarried girls fast too for good husband, shaurya says you girls are confusing, one side you want to be equal with men and talk about feminism otherside you fast for husbands like they are your God, even if they beat you and treat you like crap, you women are emotional fools that just want to remain at slippers of men, he leaves and goes to balcony. He recalls his argument with his father this morning and kicks bucket. Mahek listens noise and tries to go to balcony but she faints. Shaurya comes in room and says bl**dy hell, TRP queen fainted due to hunger. Shaurya asks Mahek to eat energy bar, she says i will not eat before seeing moon and stars, he says you are fainting due to hunger, eat it, she says not without seeing moon. Shaurya carefully makes her lie on floor and goes to balcony to see moon, he finds moon and comes back and says moon has come out, now eat, she says i dont trust you, i want to see myself, Shaurya says get lost then. He lifts Mahek in his arms bridal style and brings her to balcony, he says see moon, he makes her sit down and says now eat something, Mahek sees moon and smiles, Shaurya makes her eat energy bar, Mahek holds his eat while eating, Shaurya stares her intently while she is eating bar, he makes her drink water while holding her neck to support her, music plays.
Jeevan asks where is key of car? Ravi brings it, he asks Mohit to start car, Mohit goes. Mansi gives lemonade to PD as her BP is low, Balwant says this is all your fault PD, you gave freedom to Mahek, Pd says dont know where my Mahek is, Balwant says care for yourself, dont think about Mahek. Jeevan says dont worry PD, we will bring Mahek, Ravi and he leaves. Kanta is crying, Mansi asks her to not worry.
Shaurya asks Mahek to eat little more, Mahek pushes his hand away and moves away from him, she says what were you doing? Shaurya says you fainted so i was making you eat sweets so you remain alive, Mahek says i didnt ask you for food, how dare you touch me? Shaurya says i dont like to keep you on lap and make you eat sweets, we are stuck here for more than three hours, your family worries about you or they think you are mad too?

Jeevan and Ravi comes to flats and ask guard about Mahek? he says they all left. Jeevan, Ravi and Mohit are asking people on streets about Mahek. They dont find any clue.
Shaurya is pacing around in room thinking. He takes of bulb and puts it on holder near Mahek, she asks what are you doing? he says to trying to get rid of you, Mahek murmurs that dont know what he id going. Shaurya switches off all lights, Mahek gets up and says why did you switch off lights? Shaurya comes closer to her, he takes off bulb holder and gives it to Mahek, he asks her to take this bulb and go to staircase, Mahek takes it from him and tries to stand, Shaurya says i know you have pain in foot but if you want to get rid of me then you have to walk and go to stairs, Mahek limps but goes to stairs with bulb.
Shaurya is trying to get electricity for bulb, he switches on and off bulb while Mahek is holding it near staircase, shaurya and Mahek shares eyelock. Guard from downstairs see bulb light flickering on and off. He comes to flat and opens door, he finds Shaurya and Mahek there and says you both got locked here? Shaurya taunts no we wanted to spend night here before buying it. Shaurya is about to leave, he says to Mahek that the speed with which you are walking, you will reach house till diwali. Mahek tries to walk but winces in pain, she says i cant walk more, Shaurya stares but comes to her and lifts her bridal style, he takes her downstairs.
Shaurya and Mahek are in car. Romantic song is playing on radio. Shaurya turns up volume, Mahek angrily stares him and turns off radio, he glares her. Car stops, Mahek says i stay here, he asks you live here? Mahek says no i live in area where car cant go, this is market where you get all antique and heritage things, Shaurya taunts yes like you. Mahek huffs and comes out of car. Shaurya comes out of car and comes to Mahek’s side, he is about to lift her again but she says this is my neighborhood, people will talk if you lift me here, this is not your hi-fi society, Shaurya says dog’s tail will remain curved, he lifts her in his arms and takes her to her area. Mahek says all are seeing me, please put me down, Shaurya doesnt listen her and keep walking with her in his arms, Mahek says please put me down, all are watching us, he asks where is your house? she says there, he takes her.
Kanta calls Jeevan and asks why he is in hospital? what happened? She sees shaurya bringing Mahek to their house in his arms, she says to Jeevan that Mahek has comeback, all look on shocked seeing them like that. Neighbors have gathered outside their house to see Mahek in shaurya’s arms. Kanta angrily looks at them.

PRECAP- Kanta says to Mahek that what is going on? dont let me think that i did mistake by sending you to competition, Mahek says dont you trust me? Kanta says i trust you but these rich people are not trustworthy, they have this kind of lifestyle where they have two, three wives, one person enters one room but leaves from other room, they like these kind of relations, Shaurya has listened everything, he close his fists and gets angry.

Written Update by Atiba

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