Mehak 23rd September 2016 Written Update

Mehak 23rd September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Mehak 23rd September 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Mahek says he unfriended me, he is weirs, she messages him again saying hi, are you there? Guy replies ” i dont talk to strangers, stop stalking me”, Mahek writes “you sent me friend request, not me”, he writes “i did mistake so get off my back, leave me, i didnt sleep for three night”. Mahek says i am not running behind him, let him rot, his name is right, Karela king. Mahek comes out of room. Chachu goes out of house stealthily at middle of night. Mahek feels someone going out but doesnt see Chachu. Chachu meets one man outside house and asks if he brought papers? Man shows him papers and asks him to sign papers, Chachu signs it and asks when work will be done? Man says today morning, congratulation to you, Chachu asks him to leave.
Its morning, Mahek is cooking in kitchen and says how much attitude that guy has? telling me to get off his back like i am sack of flour, and he cant breath because of me. She tastes her halwa says Mahek Sharma you are great cook. She sees Haldi and gets idea.
Mahek opens laptop. she posts picture of Haldi dhoodh(turmeric milk). Karela king sees it and reads caption which says that this is solution to get good sleep, it will make your mind relax. He thinks about it.
Mahek is mixing spices in dish, PD says what magic you have, you are making me remember my childhood, you know my mother used to make these kind of parathas and i used to eat prickle with it, God should keep magic in your hands. Mahek says you are most important to me, you know i have to go, its Sonal’s roka today, PD says i sympathize with the guy, Mahek says shh.. Sonal is good girl, Pd says she is like bullet of gun, Kanta comes and says we need to make prickle mahek. Pd asks Mahek to not tell her about Sonal, her mother has animosity with Kanta. Kanta gives money to Mahek and asks her to give it to Sonal, dont stay there till late, its just because they are neighbors, dont stay longer, Mahek nods.
Mahek comes to Sonal’s house, she gives money envelope to her and says Kanta Chachi sent it, she asks why she didnt come? i made special refreshment for her, Mahek smiles and goes to Sonal. sonal’s mother says to one guest that Kanta challenged me that she will make Mahek marry before Sonal and now she is hiding her face in her house, she must be irritated thinking about my Sonal.
Mahek comes to Sonal’s room and sees her dressed nicely, sonal asks if she is not looking amazing? Mahek says wow but there is time for wedding, this is just Roka, Sonal says Roka means Rok(stop), i will become babe infront of her that he will stop looking at other girls. They listen groom’s family coming. They see groom in house, sonal says he is hot, when you become friends with him then i will show you his six pack abs, Mahek says eww, you are crazy. Sonal says why they brought all relatives. Groom’s father says to Sonal’s father that i am sorry, we told relative its Vicky’s(Groom) roka so they all came. Father asks him to not worry and relax, he leaves. Sonal’s mother asks father why he is tensed? he says i will do arrangements. Sonal says to Mahek that we made food for 15people, what we will do now? its my Roka.
Sonal’s mother says to father that i told you to make food for more people. Father says i didnt know that they will bring so many people. Sonal and Mahek comes there, mother asks Sonal to not take tension and go to her room, Mahek asks her to go. Sonal’s brother Sonu comes there and asks what this witch’s roka is not happening? Father gives credit card to Sonu and asks him to bring food from restaurant, Sonu says i will take commission, Father scolds him.

Scene 2
Father calls Sonu and asks where is he? Sonu is still on road and says i am still stuck in traffic. Sonal looks at vicky and passes flying kiss, he is stunned. Sonal’s mother asks father if he bought food? father says he is stuck in traffic, handle guests, she nods, Mahek have listened all this.
Mahek comes in kitchen and looks around to find something to cook. She thinks about it.
Sonu calls father and says there are so many people in line, it will take time to bring food, he ends call. vicky’s father comes to Sonal’s father and says guests are hungry, can you arrange for lunch? father says just give me time, he nods and leaves. Father says we should bring refreshment, she says it must Kanta’s evil eye that must have done it. Mahek comes and asks can she help? mother says are you superman to bring food? Mahek says i can try to cook, mother says this is not about making pizza, Mahek says let me try for Sonal, father says go and do anything in kitchen.
Mahek comes in kitchen, mother says this is stale food, Mahek says i will mix it with fresh food, so it will be sufficient for all. Mahek tells her that she is making pumpkin’s dish, mother is stunned and starts helping her in cooking, Mahek says i will make kheer of peas, mother says what? peas are less too, Mahek says i will put wrapping of peas in it too, she asks if she is sure? Mahek says yes, you just go and see guests, mother nods helplessly and prays to God, she leaves.
Mother says to Sonal’s father that dont know if she can cook nice or not, father says i even asked Sonu to not bring food, let her do what she is doing.
Mahek is cooking kheer, she recalls how her mother told her that peas wrapper are not trash, they can be put in use too, God has made everything to be used by us and the one who is able to make use of everything in kitchen is queen.
Sonal and Vicky exchange rings, all clap for them.
Mahek is working in kitchen, she makes kebabs. She tastes kheer and says its exact same taste.
food is served to guests, Sonal’s parents are tensed. Mahek smiles at food. Guests starts eating food. vicky’s father eats it and asks Sonal’s father Ashok from where did order this food? this is delicious, vicky’s mother agrees, Mahek smiles that all are enjoying her food, Sonal makes vicky eat it, he likes food. Ashok calls Mahek and says she will tell how she cooked it, he introduces that she is Sonal’s best friend, Sonal’s mother says Sonal and she cooked it together, Sonal gave idea of these kebabs, Sonal always liked cooking, vicky asks Sonal if she cooked it? sonal sadly looks at Mahek, one guest asks Sonal how she cooked it? Ashok says Mahek cooked it, tell them Mahek, Mahek says these kebabs are of pumpkins, all guests start asking Mehak questions, how she cooked it, Mahek gets anxious.

PRECAP- Mahek sees Karela king has sent her turmeric milk recipe posted on his timeline. She gets angry and messages him that first you unfriend me and you have audacity to post my recipe and tagged me too? he messages her that her recipe did wonders, cheers. Mahek says what should i do? i sent him rude message.

Written Update by Atiba

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