Mehak 21st October 2016 Written Update

Mehak 21st October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Mehak 21st October 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Shaurya holds Mahek’s hand and cuts veggies. Shaurya says you cut veggies like this and its called Julian, Mahek says if you had spend childhood in India then you would know how to cut veggies slickly, you cut veggies with open eye but we girls from age 16 cut them with eyes closed, cutting veggies is basic thing we learn from our mothers. Rajiv claps for her, Shaurya sees other contestants clapping for her too, he glares at her angrily. Shaurya moves knife and mistakenly wounds Mahek’s finger, she winces in pain, Shaurya sees her finger bleeding, he holds her hand, looks at finger then looks at her, Shaurya says you should be careful when you are in kitchen and heat is over edge/. Host says we will take break for 10 minutes. Shaurya wipes Mahek’s finger with his hankie. One volunteer takes Mahek from there, Mahek turns and glares at Shaurya. Mahek is brought doctor, Mahek says do it fast, i want to go and cook again. host says your cut is deep, i dont think you can go and cook again, forget it. One woman arrives at venue and comes out of car. Mahek says i will manage, let me go. Doctor says you cant go, there is cut on your hand. Woman comes there and ask what happened? host says Mahek has wound but she is forcing to allow her to go and cook. Woman asks them to leave, she asks Mahek what happened? Mahek says that cruel Kumar wants me to lose, woman asks who is cruel Kumar? Mahek says Shaurya Khanna, he is so cruel, woman says you are right, he is very cruel, Mahek says atleast someone agrees with me, all think he is angel sent from heaven, woman asks why she is standing there? go and cook, Mahek says i want to inside, i ranaway yesterday but cameback to fight him, woman says so go and prove him wrong then he wont look like cruel but cartoon to you, do things for you, not for others, for family or for anyone else, but become strong and do things for yourself, fight for your honor and happiness, the one who becomes example for themselves will become guidance for whole world, Mahek says yes, i will do everything for my family but also for myself, i will cook for myself and i will prove myself, woman says now why you are waiting here? go and serve your taste to everyone, Mahek hugs her and leaves.
Shaurya says to Rajiv that i was starting to enjoy but Mahek had to cut her finger, Rajiv says are being unfair with her, you are making her nervous deliberately, Shaurya says my work is torture in this bronze bull competition, the one who doesnt get burnt here has no place here. Host says only 15minutes are remaining in competition. Mahek comes there, all look at her. Mahek moves her hair lock over her shoulder with attitude, she walks and stand on her work station, Shaurya says interesting. Host says there comes twist, Mahek has comeback in competition but only 13.5minutes are remaining. Rajiv comes to Mahek and says dont compete forcefully, host Ankita told me that your wound is deep, Mahek says sir i am fine, i will manage, he says okay best of luck. Rajiv comes to shaurya and says girl has strength. Mahek is busy in cooking. shaurya comes other contestant Miss Chawla, he asks what you are making me eat today? she says i have prepared my special recipe for you. shaurya comes to Mahek and says you still have strength remaining? nice to see that but only 12minutes are remaining, what will you do in those minutes? he smirks at her, Mahek scoffs at him but takes deep breath and close her eyes. Shaurya goes and sit on his chair. Host says Mahek needs medicine and prayers in today’s competition. Mahek recalls how woman outside told her to participate for her happiness and her honor. Mahek close her eyes and starts singing, all are confused. Shaurya asks if this is some kitchen prayer? She says no Sir, i am gaining strength which my mother has transferred into me. Mahek runs to get rice from stall but other contestant gets it, Shaurya says oh cat fight. Mahek has pain in her wounded finger but still cooking. Rajiv says you have only 1minutes to cook for bronze bull competition. Shaurya starts countdown 5.4..3..2..1, he asks everyone to stop cooking, all stop. Mahek is tensed.
Jeevan calls Kanta and says make me talk to Mahek when she comes out. He ends call and says Mahek is still in competition. Balwan says all have left work for Mahek as if she will get medal. Jeevan says atleast she will get respect after this competition, Balwant says what respect you people will get? you all can call her innocent but i cant forget her deeds, i cant forget that because of Mahek, i lost my son and daughter in law, Jeevan says Mahek was just 12years old that time, it was an acccident, Balwant says yes and because of that, we lost elder son of this house, he went away from all of us. PD asks Balwant come and bow down to her. Balwant bows to her, Pd throws cold water on his head, he asks what did you do? PD says its to doze off fire inside you, calm down and doze off this fire before it burns down our whole house, she leaves.

Scene 2
Rajiv asks contestants to bring their dishes to judges. First Ashmit comes, he says this dish is in our family for three generations, my grand mother invented it, Shaurya says lets see if this dish will survive one more generation. shaurya, Rajiv and other judge taste it, Ashmit asks if he liked it? Rajiv says you will know result later. Chawla comes and says to Shaurya that i have made my favorite dish for you Shaurya Sir. Rajiv, Shaurya and other judge taste her dish. They tast dishes of all contestants. Mahek is waiting for her turn. Mahek turns come. Rajiv asks her to present her dish. Mahek comes and presents her dish. She glares Shaurya, Rajiv asks what she has prepared? Mahek says this is made from technique my mom taught. when my hand got cut, some garlic got burnt in cooker but my mom taught me how we can reuse burnt food to make some other dish. Mahek says this bon garlic rice, its kind of indian-chinese side-dish. Shaurya says than you for sharing your kitchen trick, he asks should he taste it? She nods, he tastes it, Mahek looks on.

PRECAP- Rajiv says to Mahek and other contestant that your dishes had good taste but there was something missing in both your dishes so one from you both will go home today, the one whose dish had more heart and soul in it was.. all look on tensed as he is about to announce results.

Written Update by Atiba

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