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Mastaangi 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Euro is shocked to see Ria instead of Anaita, then says he will get his plan accomplished be it Ria or Anaita.
Anaita asks Karan where is Ria, she dares them all and says Ria isn’t anywhere in the party. Karan asks Anaita was she the one in the winning couple, then he had been dancing with her. Anaita says Ria was dancing in the winning couple. Karan at once realizes that Euro was about to take revenge from Anaita, he could also be dodged with Ria or Anaita. He tells his friends that they need to find Euro, they all look into the campus. Jignesh and Trumpet go to look for Ria, Anaita goes behind Karan.
There Euro made a video of Ria, he asks if she remembers what Anaita had done to him. Ria murmurs at him to let her go. He throws water at her face and asks if she now remembers.
Anaita and Karan look for Ria in the campus.
There Ria was being pushed and harassed by Euro. Karan makes a call to Euro’s phone, Euro asks who this is? Karan comes to the hall finally where they were in. He had already thrown his coat. Karan asks Euro to stop it, Euro holds Ria back and says they both were going over smart, he did this all for Karan only. Karan says he had already asked Euro not to fell down to his limits. Euro shows him the video. Anaita stops Euro, Karan asks him to leave Ria but he doesn’t. Instead, his men attack Karan whom he fights back.
Anaita comes to Ria, Ria gets flashback from her past fights. She cries to stop it please. So does Anaita. The guys still wrestled. Ria cries at them to stop it. Kabir was beating Euro, punching his face. Ria shouts Stop it Kabir. Karan was shocked to hear this and actually stops. He turns to look at Ria who stood shocked. Anaita thinks this is strange, why is she calling him Kabir and he is also responding.
Euro was leaving with his men, Trumpet and Jignesh come and try to stop Euro who deters them against Karan and leaves. Karan stands in shock still staring Ria. Anaita takes Ria. Jignesh tells to Karan that they will now have a pack up from college. Karan walks slowly, lost in the echoes of Ria’s voice.
There Ria sat lost on bed. Her parents were concerned. Anaita says some guys mixed something in her drink. Her father says it is his mistake, he had sent her to college. Anaita tells him that she is there to take care of Ria. Both Ria and Anaita appreciate Kabir. Ria stops her dad, tells him to relax and says she will make good friends there. Anaita smiles saying she thinks so.
There Kabir stood in the balcony, thinking about Ria. His brother comes to him then, he asks if he knows some Kabir? His brother laughs and says no, if he has drunk a lot? He tells Karan to take rest, and not think rubbish. Karan wonders why he feels he knows Kabir or his name is Kabir.
Ria Anaita sat smiling thinking about Karan. Ria thinking about Karan’s eyes. Anaita says to Ria that Karan isn’t bad a guy, he fought to find her. Ria says hmm only. Anaita says behind his rough body is a beautiful heart as well. She asks Ria where she is lost. Ria says she can’t figure out why she called him Kabir as well. She says to Anaita that she dreams about eyes like him as well. Anaita says she liked his attitude, and says she has thought something for him. Ria asks what. Anaita smiles and tells her to wait and watch. Both girls sat back to back thinking about Karan.
There Karan still stood in his balcony.

PRECAP: Jignesh says to Karan that Euro was the biggest loser and always showed his powers off. Euro’s dad comes to college, he was Zubair from past life.

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