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Mastaangi 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update


Ria shouts Annu’s name as she fell into the pool. Euro and friends also run by pool side. Ria jumps in pool to look for Annu. Karan comes to his friends on pool side and says he had asked her already, she knows how to swim. Ria wakes Anaita up by pool side, Anaita wakes up finally. Ria hugs her, and asks if she is fine. Anaita nods. Karan goes towards her, Ria comes to him and asks why he did so with her. Karan says her friend told him she knows swimming. Ria says she is an acrophobic, if he gets it. She pushes him away saying he loves teasing and bullying others. Karan feels something in his heart. Ria pushes him again asking if he even knows how it hurts other, she was about to push again when Karan twists her all around and says he told her he didn’t know she doesn’t know swimming. Karan’s friends wonder what has happened to him. Karan looks around and leaves Ria. Ria says he is an insensitive person, he calls himself friend and puts his friends in problem. If he doesn’t believe in love why spoil others live. Ria says they will continue in the same college, she dares him do it again. She takes Anaita inside with her, passing Karan. Karan has a flashback from the past. Ria gets admission cards from college.
Ria’s father tells his wife that Ria and Anaita have joined Stephens.
Karan washes his face, thinking about Ria.
Anaita sat lost when Ria comes with their cards. Anaita says she doesn’t understand why she is afraid of heights. Ria says this is exactly like her nightmare, for no reason. Anaita asks what nightmares. Ria says since her eighteenth birthday she has dreams that she is shooting someone, then she has some unusual feelings. There Karan told Trumpet that there is a birth mark on his chest, today when Ria pushed him he had an odd pain on that mark.
Ria and Anaita come to college, Sohani and her friend tell them that they are invited to fresher’s party tomorrow. they come towards the car when Euro stops their way. He apologizes Ria from Karan’s side and asks her to be friends with him. he starts to hug Ria, Anaita pushes him away from Ria and splashes water from her water over him. Anaita says she better know what he and his friends are trying to do, they must stay away else it won’t be good for them. She deters him badly. Euro was enraged saying it will cost her much.
Karna tapped the ball on ground, Jignesh asks him to chill as these are just two girls. Trumpet says they are really cunning. Euro comes there and says they have a reputation in college, they have to set an example. Ria insulted Karan for throwing Annu in water only. Euro says they will attack them in college part. He brings drugs, and says they will attack Ria through drugs, mix it in her drink and will make a case of her. Karan throws the ball at him now, he says there is a difference between doing a prank and be a bastard. He takes the drugs off his hand and tears the pack to throw them on floor. Karan says he won’t ever do this to his enemy ever, throws water over the drug on floor and leaves Euro. Euro says it was an inspiring lecture, but he is Euro and does what he has to. Anaita is going to have fun.
Ria tells Anaita that she only saw the face of the guy in the café, and her heartbeat got regular. Anaita says she will see the face as well. She shows Ria a dress as surprise, it was the costume for their fresher’s party. Ria says she loves it and hugs Anaita.
Karan was coming to the party, a girl comes to him but he ignores him. Jignesh comes with a bouquet. Trumpet comes to the party, Jignesh says she looks nice. Trumpet takes the bouquet, Jignesh says it is for Sohani. Karan takes Jig’s bouquet and gives it to trumpet. Karan asks if he has forgotten his friends for love. He says Jignesh will never understand that love and loser are both from same letter. He asks about Euro, Jig says he must be with some girl in a corner. Karan asks them to find a corner for themselves as well.
Karan comes to Euro and asks what he is doing when the party is inside. Euro says he is waiting for someone. Karna asks Ria or Anaita? Euro laughs. Karan asks him to take care of one thing, he must not do what makes them ashamed in front of everyone. Karan and friends go inside, Euro says he isnt like Jignesh and Trumpet, he will do what he has to.

PRECAP: In the party, Karan and Ria dance together though masked. Euro sends drink for Ria and Anaita with drugs mixed.

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