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Mastaangi 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ria is confused and tries to answer Bhabi and says that I need to ask Anaita at least once. On the other hand Anaita gets angry on hearing this and says that Karana is only mine and he cant give importance to anyone else and says that I must do something. Bhabi and Trumpet take Ria to Karan and ask Karna to listen to what Ria has to say. Just as they are about to start Anaita comes on the stage with a bottle in her hand and says that I have an announcement to make.
Karan says that how many more surprises are there in this evening while Bhabi is not happy at all and says that what is this girl up to now? Anaita says that Karan I love you and he spills his drink. She comes down the stage and says that I maybe looking a little physco at the moment but says to Karan that I really love you. Ria prays in her heart that karan agrees with her as well. Karan says that give me two minutes and takes Anaita with her as well.
On the terrace he tells her that I am really confused as I don’t know what to say to you. Karana says that I really like you but I need some time to think about. Anaita says in her heart that at least he accepted something and soon I’ll make those feeling in love as well. He says that I didn’t knew what to say in front of all those people, Anaita says that take your time and I am going inside and I will respect the decision you make. Bhabi and Trumpet are listening to this conversation from a corner and say that If Karan says Yes then there plan will fail.
On the other hand Ria is sitting with Vandita, Jignest and Sohani and talking and Ria says that Bhabi called here so that she and Karan can become friends and explains how they were when they first met each other. Ria says that I hated him at first and says that now I think he worth the friendship. Vaditta says that these two were about to become friends when Anaita’s proposal came in the way. Ria says that love and Friendship don’t wait for anything and the big thing is that me and Karan came till friendship.
Anaita comes and Ria asks what karan has said to her and she replies saying that he will say yes but needs some time to think. On the other hand Karan is wondering how Anaita has fallen in love with her as he has just met a while ago. He wants to focus on Anaita as she has proposed him but keeps on thinking about Ria. All confused about his thoughts he says that you has to give an answer and goes inside.
As he comes inside He is confronted by Trumpet who says that I feel very scared for you and think about it once more before you say anything. He tells them that he has thought about it and will say the right thing. Jignesh, Sohani and Vandita also tell him to think about it once more. Karan says that I have decided about the answer to the proposal and goes and stands infront of Anaita, beside her is standing Ria. Everyone else stands worried and wishes that he says no to her.
Ria walks away and Karan says Yes and Anaita hugs him instantly. She then backs up and karan tells her to hold on. He says that I haven’t declared anything and I am saying that I am giving it a try because I don’t feel the same way you do right now. Anaita agrees with him and says that till you don’t agree with me are we boyfriend and girlfriend. Karan says that there should be no status on facebook about it, as he doesn’t wants this to affect their friendship in the future.
Karan says that Anaita I want to tell you something that this BFF of yours is afraid of you as when I asked her to become my friend she says that I have to ask Anaita first. He says that why don’t you ask her now as she is your BFF isn’t she. He says that you are GF and you can make your BFF my friend. Hesistantly Anaita asks Ria to become his friend.
Bhabi says that finally we can make them friends and so does everyone else. Karan brings his hand forward and the both of them shake hands and everyone is very happy except Anaita.

Precap: Anaita comes and says what are you two doing here. Karan says that there is only on washroom on this floor while Ria smiles. Later Anaita tells Karan to be alert of this Ria. Ria and Karan are taken to Singhani’s place who says that its time to end this game and play it out in the open. He asks what they want from him.

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