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Manmarziyan 22nd May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Arjun looking at Sam. Radhika says halwa and Aloo puri are ready. Neil says not bad, I did not expect this from you. Radhika says mum says sweets should be eaten before starting new work, then work will be done well. Arjun asks those who don’t eat, their work is not done good? Radhika says work will be done well, but those people are not good. Everyone look on. Arjun says you know a lot about people. Sam says leabve it, its okay. He signs her. Radhika says no, but I know by their habits. Arjun says really, what did you know about me. She says that there is something that is stopping you from holding happiness. He says for not eating sweets. She says for always being angry. Everyone laugh. Radhika says my Dada ji says when anger comes, then heart gets restless and why to talk such stuff, swollen nose does not look good on anyone, have some sweets, sweet is not that bad as you think. Neil laughs.

Radhika says she keeps her life without darkness. He says when she faces darkness, every happiness will leave her. She says when will I be alone, You will be with me, I will teach you to smile and we will eat darkness together, as for now, eat the halwa, it will get cold. Sam smiles. Arjun starts leaving and tells Sam that he hates sweetness. Sam says she was joking. Arjun leaves. Neil asks Sam to leave Arjun, he is very hot and angry. He teases Radhika and laughs. Sam asks really? Will you teach him to smile, why did Lord send her in my life?

Neil says Lord has sent her in your life by some special reason, and I m your idiot, I will not leave you. Piyali calls Neil and asks where is the staff. Neil says Sam shifted so… Piyali says I want everyone in office at 8am, is it late, come at 7am, if you all can go to Sam’s home, I m sure you all can come to office in morning. Sam asks why did you not tell mum we are working here. Neil says it will be an argument, its not first time, lets leave. They all leave. Sam gets teary eyed and goes to her room.

Radhika looks on. Sam smiles seeing Neil and Samrat’s pic. She fixes her family’s pic and recalls Piyali. She says I m sorry Jai and cries recalling his accident. Radhika comes to her and sees the pics. Radhika asks does her board have place for her pics and smiles. She fixes her family pics and says pics have our life in it, we always remember those moments. Sam asks will she talk all night, she has to wake up early. Radhika says she can talk and work.

Sam shows her brother Jai. Radhika says he looks young, is he younger than you. Sam says 4 years elder. Radhika tells about Ankush and asks her about Jai. Sam says he taught me to drive car and cries. Radhika says I also have to learn, I will learn from my brother, Ankush is studying to become pilot, what does your brother do. Sam says don’t know. Radhika asks is he in Mumbai. Sam says he is very far, where no one can reach. Radhika asks how. Sam says I killed him and hugs Radhika crying.

Radhika asks her not to hide her pain in heart and tell her. Sam tells about the accident and his death, then how Piyali holds her responsible and hates her. Sam and Radhika talk till morning. Sam says everything was perfect, tyre bursted and the car met with an accident. She says it changed her life and her family shattered. She says mum hates me, her love is lost, I can’t go to her. Radhika says my mum says anything is lost till mum does not find it, don’t move back and try to win her love.

The all come office and meet Piyali. Piyali asks Neil and everyone about the work. Neil says Sam and Radhika… She asks him to keep personal and professional lives apart. Sam and Radhika look on. Piyali scolds Sam and Radhika. She asks them to take their salaries and leave. Sam holds Radhika’s hand and says mum don’t fire them, I will take responsibility of my mistake. Piyali taunts her on her old mistake and leaves.

Sam asks her not to mix personal and professional. Piyali says get out of my room. Sam says she wants to talk to her. Piyali says I don’t want to. Sam says everything should be clear between us, what you said with dad on party day, we should talk about it. Piyali recalls Jai’s death and looks at her.

Piyali asks Sam to get out of her life. Sam cries and everyone see her shattered. Piyali asks the staff to make the presentation. Radhika says she has an idea to relieve Sam’s pain. Arjun says I will not let the pain reliever reach Sam.


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