Another drama sequence is on its way which just one will trigger loads of commotion!

In the future episodes of Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki, loads of drama will probably be observed while in the life of Rishi, Tanuja and Malika! Rishi and Rano happen to be treating Tanuja very terribly. It really is like she is worthless to them. That they had a perception that Tanuja is good for nothing and can spoil Rishi’s lifestyle. Biji was the one particular who realised Tanuja’s great importance and was generally by her aspect.

A short while ago, we noticed Tanuja receiving hit by Malika’s vehicle. She then filed a circumstance versus Tanuja for knocking her down. Soon The problem became A significant just one following media got involved. Tanuja decides that it is pointless to squander time with this type of case and usually takes it back! Malika realises that Tanuja is an effective particular person and will get to understand her actual identification from Rishi. Tanuja then leaves the Bedi residence.

Malika will now confront Rishi about why he was hiding this from her given that these quite a long time. Will probably be exciting to observe how Rishi breaks the reality to Malika!


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