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Maharana Pratap 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update

The Mughals go over the way to enter inside the fort. Our 60k soldiers will enter through the very same spot. The Rajputs are confined in variety. Close to 20k troopers can die. We now have 60k soldiers. We’ll earn.

Pratap far too is speaking about the specific situation along with his group. We wont have the ability to get if Akbar enters inside with him whole drive. We aren’t so massive in numbers. We wont have the capacity to struggle with them. He’ll concentration only on this damaged wall. Our variety of soldiers change. We will have to transform our technique. Our earn depends upon our troopers’ way of thinking, courage and strength only! Jaimal ji assures him that each Rajput soldier will eliminate 20 Mughal troopers atleast. Our troopers are this courageous. All of them say Jai Ekling ji.

HK suggests our troopers are scared to combat with Pratap. He has IK way too on his side now. Among the list of commanders elevate a question that they’ve not been capable to do anything at all to Pratap all this whilst. How will we do it now? Akbar is certain it is going to materialize this time. We have now 60k soldiers. This time We’re going to enter Within the fort. We’re going to increase our flag on that fort!

The Mughal soldiers explore about standing in the back. They worry Dying from the fingers of Rajputs. Akbar overhears their convo. He will make Everybody stand within a line. We’re 60k in selection although the Rajputs are extremely significantly less. The fort’s wall is broken. We are going to enter within from that gap only and positively gain. A commander attempts to cheer for Akbar although the soldiers are all tranquil. Akbar addresses them. My late father had a dream when he came to India. He needed Mughals to rule this land. We’ve succeeded much too. We have only to earn about Mewar. We will do it. We are incredibly near to our ancestral desire. Today is usually the golden day Once your names could be written while in the history for forever. Upcoming generations will bear in mind you for life that you fought on your ancestors! Make a decision that you’ll get it done and surely you might earn. The soldiers cheer in his name.

IK watches them. Akbar is mad to believe that the broken wall is the best portion to get In the fort. He doesn’t recognize that we Pathans are right here. His soldiers cheer for his or her victory. Pratap joins them. He talks about practicality. We will likely be unable to stop the Mughals should they assault on us together. Kall suggests retaining wooden logs in that place. Rawat ji has held them for Jauhar. IK will take the accountability of that spot. We are going to guard that place. Retain them for Jauhar. If we drop regretably then I don’t want those Mughals to even touch my sisters. Allow them to be. Pratap and everybody is impressed by his thoughts. I am so proud of you. Pratap and IK share a hug. They notices Mughal soldiers heading toward Pratap.

HK is atop the audio mountain. IK decides to initial damage that individual cannon where by HK is. Jaimal ji addresses the soldiers. Swear that not even one among you can sit peacefully till Just about every of you get rid of atleast ten Mughal troopers. The troopers assure him. Ajabde and a few other ladies come to wherever Pratap and all Adult males are. She offers aarti to Pratap and her brother IK. I am so lucky to possess a brother such as you. She ties a rakhi on his hand. He doesn’t have a present to present to her. I may continue to be alive or not but I wont Permit any hurt befall your partner. None of my Rajputs sister might be underneath any risk I guarantee. She is certain practically nothing will happen to her brother also. All the opposite ladies tie rakhi to the remainder of the Pathan soldiers. IK affirms that nothing will occur to her brother. Pratap tells Ajabde to make preps for just a grand feast. We’re going to assault on food as soon as we’re completed combating with Mughals. IK nods. You will find a cannon blast near the fort. Ajabde as well as ladies return In the palace as which was the start from the war! There is yet another blast future.

Akbar tells his commanders to continue shooting cannons. We’ll soon enter inside the fort. IK far too assaults on Akbar’s camp base. He appears to be at the rakhi in his fingers. IK wont Permit you to arrive at our home. HK and IK go on with their assaults.

Ajabde tells the daasi’s to bring all the females together. A great deal A lot of people are hurt. We will have to do some thing.

IK is successful in attacking the cannon atop the sand mountain. Akbar is angry. It’s the time for you to assault! Pratap tells the soldiers the time has come. We have to toss Those people Mughals from our motherland. Jai Ekling ji. All of them are close to the identical wall from the place the Mughals experienced entered Beforehand. A cannon lands close to them. Pratap retains them tranquil. We now have to stop mughals from moving into inside our palace at any Value. IK also retains motivating his troopers. No Mughal should really get inside the fort until we’re alive. Akbar’s Military is on its way. IK tells Pratap that he will tackle the Mughals first. He shoots a cannon in the approaching troops. A lot several soldiers die. Akbar seems in the affect. Pratap applauds IK. Your cannon has cost dearly to Mughals.

Akbar is interested in who this man or woman is who helps Pratap. His commander updates him about IK. Akbar tells him to kill anyone up coming time, who refuses to abide by their insurance policies. The Mughal soldiers nevertheless go on to march in the direction of Chittor fort. Pratap will get All set for action.

Precap: Akbar shoots a cannon. IK is wounded. He tells Pratap to watch out. There’s a blast. All people is worried for Pratap.

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