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Maharana Pratap 26th October 2015 Written Update

Chundavat ji cannot see the soldiers guarding one side of the palace. Where are they? Chundavat ji notices the footsteps of FK and his men. Who is there? He begins to follow it when FK stabs him from behind. FK tells his men not to leave anyone alive. Whoever sees us should die. One of the guys share that Pratap is not in the stable. FK thinks that maybe he is heading back inside.

DB is confused to see Chetak all quiet. Did Pratap leave from there before FK could reach him?

Amar cannot sleep. He wants to be with his parents. A daasi tells him that they will be in their room. FK and his men follow him. Pratap finds Amar walking in the corridor. Amar could not sleep. I was going to Ma. She tells me fables. He offers to tell him one tonight. Let Ajabde rest. Amar gets happy.

The daasi dies by FK’s hand. He tastes the blood. He has lost track of Pratap.

Ajabde wonders if Pratap got really angry this time. Rani Ma too told me the same thing. He knows my condition. Why should he behave with me like this? Or did he accept what I said to him? Did he get to Phool’s room? Ajabde comes to Phool’s room. Is Rana ji here? Phool nods. How do you know he is here? She shows Ajabde the latest sketch of Pratap that she has made. Ajabde is confused. Phool clears it to her that she is making this particular sketch from Amar. Ajabde apologizes for coming in her room all of a sudden. Phool asks her to stop trying. Right now I am thinking more about the baby which is due. I don’t want to think of anything else. I know you do it for my good. Ajabde agrees that it was her last attempt. It will happen when it is bound to happen. Phool gets happy. She teases her friend.

Pratap tells Amar Ajabde’s story.

Ajabde says people have known you for your outside appearance till date. But the day they find out about your beautiful heart, they will go mad. Phool nods. Who all will Rana ji handle if they know about the same? They share a hug. Phool is tearful once Ajabde leaves.

Amar has fallen asleep. Pratap goes out after tucking him in. A daasi comes to tell him that Ajabde is looking for him. FK and his men notice him. Db stops FK from attacking on Amar. Everyone will become alert if you do something to Amar before Pratap.

Chundavat ji opens his eyes. FK and his men continue to kill the soldiers. FK walks inside one room where Pratap’s sketch is kept. Chundavat ji gets up with great difficulty. FK stabs someone. It turns out to be Ajabde. Pratap is headed to her room when he hears her voice calling out for him. He runs to her room. FK laughs seeing Ajabde in pain. Your soft body must be very tasty. But sadly, I cannot enjoy it today. Ajabde keeps calling out for Rana ji. FK leaves from there. Pratap reaches there just then. He is stunned to see Ajabde thus.

Chundavat ji manages to reach Chandrasen’s room. We have been attacked! The attackers came in that elephant.

Pratap asks Ajabde how it happened. She falls. He calls out for help. Someone call Vaid ji. She keeps her hand over his lips. I love you a lot. He says I love you to her as well. I wont let anything happen to you. One of FK’s men enters inside the room. Pratap kills him with his dagger. He picks up Ajabde in his arms.

Acharya, Chandrasen, Doda ji and Chundavat ji are fighting with FK’s men. They all look on in shock as Pratap walks out holding Ajabde in his arms. Acharya orders someone to call all the soldiers to inside asap.

Precap: Ajabde breathes her last. Amar is shattered. Pratap steps back in disbelief!

Written Update By Pooja


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