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Mahabali Hanumaan 9th October 2015 Written Update

Anjana is on the way to Kuldevi Temple. How do I tell Maharaj? Someone or the other comes whenever I try to tell him something. The daasi’s are here now. A few soldiers are standing outside when an Asura attacks them. Anjana and Kesari are inside the temple. The Asura looks at Anjana. Such a beautiful woman like an apsara is with a vanar? It does not suit you. I followed you all the way here from the palace. I will take you with me now.

Gandmadan notices that Hanuman looks lost. Hanuman nods. I felt as if there is some problem. I will have to look around Sumeru to make sure everything is fine. Neel says everything will be fine around the temple as the soldiers are already there. We will look around the river first. They all go to check.

In the temple, Kesari thanks Devi Ma for protecting him, his state and its citizens always. May you always bless us. He asks Anjana to sing a bhajan. We will thank Ma thus. Anjana begins the prayers. The Asura is watching them from a distance. Anjana thinks of the first time when she had seen Kesari and what all happened since then. She thinks of her son and of Indra Dev’s words. She wipes her tears when Kesari is not looking at her. She turns to him. I want to tell you something before Devi Ma. He too feels that something is indeed bothering her. Please say. They hear the voice of the Asura. He tells Anjana to continue singing. Your voice is as beautiful as you are. It seems as if an apsara is singing. He appears before them. Daasi’s get scared.

Hanuman and his friends reach the riverside. Everything is normal there. They did not notice anything wrong anywhere. Hanuman thinks that it might be his illusion. They notice a lot many bats flying in the air all of a sudden. This surprises them all. No one has seen so many bats in Sumeru before. Hanuman says it seems another trouble is going to befall on Sumeru. Let us go. Gandmadan denies. Something is troubling you. I cannot leave you alone in this condition. Hanuman nods. Power lies in unity. We will have to follow those bats. Hanuman flies away while his friends trail him on foot.

The Asura tells Anjana that it does not suit him to stay with a vanar. Come with me. Kesari is appalled. The Asura holds Anjana’s hand and tries to pull her by force. Kesari holds his hand. Leave my wife’s hand or you will have to die. He makes him leave Anjana’s hand and pushes him. He beats the Asura. Kesari hits him using the temple bell which fell during their fight. You have insulted a woman! You should be killed. You held my wife’s hand and insulted not just her but a mother too. Such devils do not deserve to live on earth. Anjana looks on in shock as Kesari pulls off his hand and throws it away. The hand lies right in front of Hanuman’s feet. Whose hand it this? How come this hand holds my mother’s ornament? He picks up the bangle. Something wrong has happened. I will go to temple and check. He flies away. The Asura appears there. I was going to stop him. Surely he is mayavi. Maybe he has been cured of the poison too. I will have to alert everyone. They may be angry but I have to do it.

Kesari kills that Asura. No one can individual ANjana from me. I will address all Those people the very similar way who tries to individual me from you. This kind of individuals needs to be punished by doing this only who insult Ladies. Indra Dev appears there. He asks Anjana to have him to Swarg. Kesari asks him about it. Indra Dev tells him that Anjana is an apsara. Her time to stay in the world is about. Now she must return to Swarg with me. Kesari bluntly tells him to leave. She is my wife and not your apsara. Depart right away. Indra Dev suggests you’ll be punished for it. He summons his Vajra. ANjana apologises to him but Kesari repeats that no you can individual him from her until He’s alive. An angry Indra Dev attacks Kesari together with his Vajra. Anjana screams for her Swami as he falls. It turns out for being Anjana’s dream. He tells her that no person might take her from him. She hugs him. She thinks how to inform him the truth. All people will probably be completed if he gets into a fight with Indra Dev.

Anjana and Kesari are on their own way back again. Kesari remembers that Anjana was going to convey to him anything but she couldn’t finish it. She’s about to reply every time they hear someone laughing. Some much more Asuras encompass Anjana and Kesari. One particular Asura tells Kesari that he has killed his brother. Now I’ll destroy you and consider your spouse with me. We are keeping track of you since long. The other Asura (who was endeavoring to divert Hanuman’s consideration) tells them that the vanar kid flew away. I made an effort to stop him but in vain. He is coming In this particular way only. On the list of Asuras miracles who that child is. Anjana proudly smiles. Hanuman! My son Hanuman is in this article! All of them look up. Hanuman reaches there just then. Hanuman tells his father that he sensed a thing wrong. He returns his mom her bangle. Anjana smilingly will take it and wears it. Hanuman turns his attention to the Asuras.

Precap: Kesari remarks that it is time and energy to practise your classes. Kesari and Hanuman jointly handle many of the Asuras.

Written Update By Sahir


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