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Mahabali Hanumaan 4th October 2015 Written Update

Shri Krishna says Panchfann had created a web for Hanuman. But because of this incident, Hanuman’s Nag Mekhla avatar.

Hanuman cannot see clearly inside the cave as it is too dark. Panchfann comes there. He compliments Atibal for bringing Hanuman here. Your (Hanuman’s) story will end now. He laughs evilly. Hanuman looks at Atibal. Panchfann clears it that Atibal is on his side. Hanuman denies. I already knew it that Atibal is with you. Hanuman recalls the last time when Atibal had brought him face to face with Panchfann. He was intrigued to know that Atibal knows too much about Panchfann. You are mistaken Panchfann. Atibal dint bring me here. I came here by my wish. Atibal looks shocked. Hanuman attacks Panchfann using his mace. Panchfann falls on the ground. Hanuman keeps hitting Panchfann. The commander and the rest of the people of Sumeru come there as well. Panchfann stops them from attacking Hanuman. Not you all but my one special obedient slave will kill him! He calls out for Kesari. Kesari walks up to there under the effect of the poison. Hanuman is taken aback. Kesari repeats every word that Panchfann says. Panchfann points out that Kesari is now his obedient slave. You too will become one now. Poison dint affect your body but what if the poison goes inside the body? The lava affected you when it when inside your system. Atibal confirms the fact. Panchfann says you will now drink this decades old poison of mine from your father’s hand. Kesari holds out the cup for Hanuman. Drink it son. Hanuman is sad to see his father in this condition.

Panchfann states you (Atibal) were being telling me that Hanuman is really an obedient son but he isn’t Hearing his father. Hanuman thinks of his personal words that he experienced as soon as said to his father. I will abide by your every would like / order. He agrees to try and do no matter what his father suggests. Panchfann smiles. The father will now feed poison to his son with his have palms. Kesari repeats right after him. Hanuman beverages poison from Kesari’s fingers. Hanuman’s physique turns blue. He phone calls out for his Ma.

Anjana can hear Hanuman’s voice. She feels fearful. She has lit two diyas and is Keeping them equally in Every single hand. You should preserve the citizens of Sumeru.

Hanuman’s sits down on the ground. His body becomes normal once again. Panchfann asks Kesari to step back. Your work is done. Kesari obliges. Panchfann remarks that now Hanuman wont be able to do anything. Sumeru and everything will be destroyed now. He orders his slaves to do so. Hanuman gets up again but his vision isn’t blurred. I wont let Panchfann do this. He closes his eyes and tries to attack Panchfann but fails. Panchfann laughs evilly. You will die here while my slaves will kill your mother and grandmother. No one will be spared. You defeated me once but the last victory will be mine.

A daasi comes to inform Anjana that the citizens are heading towards the palace. Anjana tells her to close all the doors and windows. Anjana prays that Hanuman succeeds. My husband and everyone too returns healthy.

Panchfann asks Hanuman to think of his parents once as his time is over. Hanuman closes his eyes. He thinks of all the happy moments that he has spent with his parents. Panchfann picks him up in his tail. Hanuman hits him.

Inside the palace, Anjana’s mother and Hanuman’s friends try to break open the door. The daasi is worried as the situation is only worsening.

Hanuman calls out for Panchfann. Don’t hide. Face me. Panchfann appears in human form. I have gained immense power. I will fight with you in this form only. He asks the citizens to attack Hanuman. Hanuman thinks that he cannot hurt them. I will have to stop somehow. He brings a long branch and ties all of them. They wont be able to move forward now. Panchfann looks on in confusion.

Anjana asks the daasi’s to hide. She stands there in the temple only. Her mother and Hanuman’s friends step out of the room.

Hanuman apologizes to all the people he has tied. Panchfann returns to his original form. Hanuman gets angry when he attacks Hanuman from behind. He scolds him for the same. He disappears suddenly. Hanuman vows to find him from any corner. He notices the trail that Panchfann has left behind. He follows it. Atibal frees the citizens.

Hanuman reaches the inside of the cave where 5 gems are kept. Something is inside either of these. It is helping him. His 5 different kinds of poisons and these gems look identical. This means they are associated with each of his heads. What if I destroy them? Panchfann comes there. I will punish you. He orders his slaves to kill Kesari. They all surround Kesari. Hanuman gets concerned. Panchfann asks him to end him first before reaching his father. I will have to do something asap. He hits Panchfann on his head. Panchfann turns into his serpent form once again. Hanuman thinks of checking out the gems.

Anjana looks on worriedly as her mother and Hanuman’s friend’s progress toward her. She holds out her hands towards them. They step back upon seeing fire. She asks them to step back.

Hanuman breaks one gem. One head of Panchfann goes missing. Hanuman realises that these gems are only Panchfann’s source of strength. His life is also in these gems only. He breaks another. Now Panchfann is only left with 3 heads. Hanuman breaks the other two gems as well. Just then, a lady appears there. Hanuman stops as she calls out for him.

Anjana’s mother and the kids have stopped in time.

The lady is Panchfann’s mother. She requests him to spare Panchfann’s life. I promise you. He wont trouble anyone now. He will leave Asuras. He will die if you break this last gem. No mother can see her son dying before her. Punish me if you want to but leave him. Hanuman thinks of his mother. Hanuman keeps his mace on his shoulder. He takes his giant form. Panchfann circles himself around Hanuman’s neck. Panchfann’s mother folds her hands before him. She is grateful to him for forgiving Panchfann and also for making Panchfann one of his ornaments. Ma Parvati says Rudra-ansh has got snake around his neck just like you.

Panchfann’s mother too tells Hanuman that this avatar will be called Nag Mekhla avatar. Whoever thinks of your this avatar will never face any snake problem ever in life. Atibal overhears the convo. Panchfann comes in his human form. Hanuman tells him that his mother’s love has saved him. You will have to give over your evil thoughts to live by her vow. You will have to take a just path. Panchfann’s mother remarks that her son has changed with his touch only. This mother thanks you with all her heart. Panchfann too folds his hands before Hanuman. Hanuman says my father, whose wish I had fulfilled by drinking poison, had also taught me a lesson. Evil can be won with good only. You behave nice with good people but if you behave nicely with the bad people then they too become good.

All the people cheer for Hanuman. Hanuman thinks that everyone has become well along with his father. Kesari has a fainting spell. Hanuman rushes to his side. All the people have a fainting spell one by one. Hanuman is puzzled. What is happening? They all looked healthy. What happened all of a sudden? Panchfann’s mother says you are thinking right. It is the effect of poison. I had warned my son of its consequences. I had asked him to use it only for saving his own life but he dint pay heed. Everyone’s life is in trouble now. Panchfann accepts his mistake. Sadly, I cannot free them from this poison. They wont be able to affect anyone else but this poison will slowly kill them. They wont live for too long.

In the palace, Anjana’s mother and the kids lie unconscious. Anjana fears the worst. Who should I get them treated from?

Hanuman asks for a solution. Panchfann shares that Asura Expert Shukracharya can help them. He can address this poison by his expertise. His mother understands that he wont assist Hanuman as he is Asuras’ Expert. There should be A few other way. Hanuman wonders how will he fulfil his Yuvraj dharma then by saving everyone. Hey Bhole Baba, there should be some way. Devguru Brihaspati seems there. Absolutely everyone greets him. Devguru Brihaspati suggests one particular Answer – Prawaldweep. Panchfann factors out that it is nearly impossible to return from there.

Precap: Hanuman reaches Prawaldweep but he is puzzled which one particular is the ideal a person. A man asks Hanuman about his father. Hanuman replies that his father’s affliction just isn’t great. I have to take toxic Karni flower so his along with other citizens’ lives is usually saved. The person guides Hanuman. It seems to be an Asura in disguise.

Written Update By Sahir


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