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Mahabali Hanumaan 2nd October 2015 Written Update

Hanuman flies away to a tree. Everyone looks at him. Hanuman thinks of stopping them so they don’t succeed in affecting others too. He makes a rope using the branch of the tree. Next, he ties all the people together. Hanuman apologizes to all of them for tying them. Forgive me but I had no option. Other people would have got infected by this poison too. I will make arrangements to make you all back to normal. He observes their eyes that have changed. The same had happened with my friends. I sent them to the palace. He realises his folly. He flies away towards the palace. Meanwhile, a villager (another slave) frees all the citizens.

Hanuman’s grandmother finds something wrong with the kids. They look different. Maybe they are still scared of that serpent. She notices that they look differently. What happened to all of you?

Panchfann’s poison has created a spell on all the soldiers that were with Kesari. He hits them as they try to hurt them. Panchfann holds his feet in his tail. The mace falls from Kesari’s hand. He too falls under Panchfann’s spell.

Anjana’s mother and Hanuman’s friends are in Anjana’s room. The poison has started showing its effect on Anjana’s mother too. Anjana thinks that maybe Hanuman’s friends have been under the spell of the poison. Maybe mother has also become a prey. She tries to free herself and falls on the floor. I will have to do something asap or they wont spare me. She looks around and then gets up. She pulls a curtain over the kids. Her mother walks towards Anjana. Anjana does not want to hurt her mother so she steps back. Hanuamn steps in between to stop his Nani. You are under the spell of the poison. Don’t walk towards Ma. He takes his mother with him and closes the door of the room from outside.

Everyone is gathered in Panchfann’s cave including Kesari. Your son too will be here too. I will kill both you and your son. Atibal must be reaching here anytime. After your end my slaves will take care of Sumeru. This is my ultimate motive.

Anjana is worried thinking about her mother. What if something happens to her? Hanuman assures her that Raj Vaid ji will make everyone well. Anjana is really touched by his concern for everyone. It seems that you have grown up now. He calls it the result of her upbringing. If you are with me then I can get anything in the world. Please don’t leave me ever. It’s all happening because of Panchfann. Don’t know why he wants to destroy Sumeru. Anjana reasons that their state is very prosperous which is why everyone is envious of it. Hanuman says I am the Yuvraj of Sumeru. It is my duty to protect everyone. He shares everything that had happened in the jungle. She asks about Kesari.

Atibal comes running there just then. He tells Atibal that Panchfann has taken Maharaj. He too has got infected by his poison. Anjana gets worried. Hanuman tells her that he will bring father back safely. Anjana gives him the special mace. Only you can help us all now. Go and end that Panchfann. She blesses him. Hanuman leaves with Atibal.

Anjana’s mom keeps asking for drinking water. Anjana can not see her In this particular situation. She asks the daasi’s to provide water. She holds a pot of drinking water down for her mother. She usually takes it. She tries to hurt Anjana but fails. Hanuman’s mates combat in excess of drinking water. A daasi details out that nowadays is Purnima. In the event you supply h2o with each your fingers following lighting up diya then almost everything can get high-quality. Anjana is stunned to realise that she needs to return right now. It can be Alright if This really is your desire God. I only pray that my partner gets wonderful and so does all another citizens. I will bear this ache but protect my Yuvraj.

Hanuman relates to Panchfann’s cave. It can be all dark there thanks to which He’s struggling to see way too clearly. He can hear hissing sounds. Panchfann comes there.

Precap for Sunday: Panchfann states you (Atibal) have been telling me that Hanuman is an obedient son but he isn’t Hearing his father. Hanuman agrees to do what ever his father states. Panchfann smiles. The father will now feed poison to his son along with his possess fingers. Hanuman drinks poison.

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