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Mahabali Hanumaan 24th September 2015 Written Update

Hanuman kneels down before them to seek their blessings. I bow down before my Gods! All the Gods from above bless them. Anjana hugs her beloved son. Her mother understands that Anjana has told him Ganpati ji’s story. Kesari too feels blessed to have a son like him. May you always win. Anjana too is very proud of him. She blesses him. Hanuman’s Nani prays that this family’s happiness remains intact. No one should be able to cast an evil eye on them. Kesari takes Hanuman with him as his training will begin from today onwards.

Indra Dev talks to his most dependable helper, Matri. I’m providing you with the responsibility of bringing back Punjisthala. Matri is anxious that he wont be capable to stand in front of Hanuman’s powers. Indra Dev is bound by policies so Matri agrees.

Anjana is going for walks while in the corridor when she hears the noise of ghungroos / nupur. It’s coming from my space? Is Hanuman up to another prank once more? She goes in to examine. It is in fact Urvashi. Flashback is shown where by Matri suggests sending someone who should be able to control Hanuman. Urvashi vouches to head over to convey Punjisthala back again. Flashback finishes. Anjana is astonished to see her in her place. Urvashi states its very good that you just acknowledged me. I believed you had neglected me. Anjana in fact are not able to don’t forget anything at all that Urvashi is hinting at. Urvashi holds out the nupur. Does one don’t forget them Punjisthala? Anjana cannot realize why Urvashi is addressing her as Punjisthala. Urvashi says you might be Punjisthala. These are your nupur only. Touch them after. You will recall all the things. She can make her contact the nupur. Anjana methods again in shock because the past flashes in advance of her eyes. Anjana refuses to just accept it. Urvashi steps right before her. She is glad that her memory is back again now. She also shares Devraj Indra’s get along with her. The time of your curse is earlier. You will need to return to Swarg Loka now! Anjana replies that her child is quite youthful. I am his mom. I must help him. How can I go away him? Urvashi explanations that the curse was meant to last until you give delivery to Hanuman. Now it’s finished. You have to return to Swarg now. No you can break The principles of Swarg Loka. This (nupur) is your dharma. Don this and come with me. Swarg awaits your return.

ANjana seems for the nupur in shock. She can not halt considering her small son and her small joyful household. A tear rolls down her cheek. She takes the nupur from Urvashi. Contentment of Swarg Loka?
Regardless of whether I get happiness equal to the many three lokas then also I will pick Hanuman. My son Hanuman is my greatest joy. These nupur are of Punjisthala, not of Hanuman’s mom Anjana! They will never ever be tied all-around Anjana’s ft. Urvashi calls it Incorrect. It’s essential to abide by The principles of Swarg Loka. Anjana asks her to apologise to Devraj on her behalf. Gods have provided Particular powers to Hanuman in this youthful age. He needs my upbringing and lessons to know it all. She keeps the nupur back in Urvashi’s palms. I will give them to him obviously. Tell Devraj that I am a mom. Not nupur but anklet satisfies a mother’s ft! Urvashi normally takes it for a obstacle. We’ll see who wins – the dharma of the mom or of the apsara. She leaves.

Anjana understands how stubborn Devraj Indra is In relation to guidelines. He can perform something. She paces worriedly in her area. What’s going to materialize to Hanuman if I have to go? Should I explain to Maharaj about this or not? If Hanuman will get to recognize that I should go then! She breaks a necklace by mistake. Will I stop working like these pearls also? What about the upbringing which i want to provide my son? No, I can break but I wont let that come about!

Anjana is walking from the corridor. She hears Hanuman laughing Fortunately. He asks his father to tell him what took place future. She is mesmerised by her son’s laughter. I can provide up many of the luxuries of all of the three lokas for this. What really should I tell them? Hanuman notices her coming there. He rushes to offer her a hug. He will make her sit close to his father. Where by did you go? I am hungry given that so lengthy. I had been pondering when my sweet mother is likely to make me take in food from her individual palms. She suggests I used to be coming to You merely. I assumed you will be getting coaching out of your father. Kesari shares that he introduced Hanuman here as he was hungry. She feels poor for not comprehension it that her son is hungry. She asks the daasi’s to convey foodstuff for Hanuman. Kesari notices it that she’s lost somewhere. Is there anything? She responses in Sure. She is about to talk further more when Hanuman interrupts her. Feed me you should. Kesari also asks Anjana to try this first. Anjana sits down beside him. Hanuman relishes the moments together with her. She thinks that her son are unable to distinguish in between suitable and Mistaken at this time of time. I cannot leave him now.

A number of individuals attain a cave where by gold is held. A serpent as big as Sheshnaag resides there.

Present: Ravan sends a message to Panchdhaatu (the same serpent I think) ordering him to kill the vanar kid in Sumeru. Panchdhaatu agrees to finish this task.

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