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Mahabali Hanumaan 23rd September 2015 Written Update

Hanuman thinks that all the Gods left first but still Ganesha ji came first. How? Anjana clears that the competition wasn’t of a race but of mind. This is the secret that the Gods couldn’t understand. Hanuman too is confused. Anjana resumes the story. The race was on.

Kartikeya and Indra Dev are in a tricky competition with each other. They also are certainly assured that they’ll acquire in excess of A different.

Lord Ganesha remains to be in Kailash.

Hanuman calls it not possible as Ganesha ji bought caught at Kailash only. Anjana suggests him to listen to your entire story initially.

Nandi feels terrible for Ganesh. If only he would’ve listened to me! Ganesh concerns where his mother and father are sitting down. Ma Parvati asks The key reason why for his returning to Kailash without finishing the Level of competition. Lord Ganesha greets his parents and seeks their blessings. Nandi is curious concerning how will he get the Competitors now as Everybody is way in advance of him. Lord Ganesh starts to have a spherical close to his mom and dad when sitting down on his carriage (Mouse). Nandi is bewildered. Why is Ganesh bhaiya getting a spherical all around you and never the whole world?

The opposite Gods proceed competing with one another in House.

Lord Ganesha completes his round. Kartikeya reaches Kailash initially. I won as I came back again initial! Devraj Indra is next. An fired up Kartikeya touches his moms and dads’ toes.

Hanuman factors out that Kartikeya ji came to start with. Why will you be stating that Ganesh ji won? Anjana replies that only is definitely the know-how which the whole environment should recognize.

Nandi announces that Shiv-putr received. Lord Shiva nods. This can be truth of the matter that my son only won in this Competitors. Indra Dev accepts his defeat to Kartikeya. Kartikeya tells Ganesha that he gave a fitting reply to Devraj. He was teasing you some time ago about your carriage. Ganesha says I did contend. Kartikeya will take it as being a joke. You arrived back right before me? Lord Shiva affirms. It can be true that Shiv-putr only has gained but it is Ganesha that has received. Kartikeya miracles how it can be. He was not there while in the race! Lord Shiva shares that Ganesha took 3 rounds. He has proved it that whoever makes use of their brains constantly wins. Kartikeya nonetheless are unable to have an understanding of the link of Mind with this particular competition. Lord Shiva says I had informed that one should acquire spherical of the world. If you had used your Mind You then would’ve understood The key behind my words. You evaluate toughness if the supply and men and women are equivalent to each other in all elements. Ganesha understood my level and took 3 rounds all-around us. Ma Parvati adds that a kid’s entire world is his mothers and fathers. This really is the final word truth of the matter. Whoever respects his dad and mom deserves to have respect in return. That only may be the Pratham-Pujya. Lord Shiva presents the correct of Pratham-Pujya to Lord Ganesha. Kartikeya realises the that means of his mothers and fathers’ phrases and appreciates Ganesha. Ma Parvati remarks that Ganesha is going to be prayed to to start with before executing something auspicious.

It truly is legitimate that oldsters are the earth of A child. No you can arrive at earth without having their moms and dads. Ganesha proved it. A single should really usually serve their mothers and fathers and not misbehave with them. It can be their utmost duty. Absolutely nothing may be bigger than that. This entire world is often a karma-bhumi. Whoever comes in the world must do their karmas much too. A person can’t only provide Other people and overlook all about their karmas. The one particular who balances both of those the points nicely deserves for being revered and beloved.

Anjana asks Hanuman if he learnt some thing within the story. Hanuman nods. Mind is bigger than energy. Mother and father certainly are a child’s planet. Gods too bless All those kids who treat their parents with regard and serve them. They bless this kind of Young children way too. He receives an concept. He can take her with him then tends to make her sit next to his father.

Hanuman takes a spherical close to his parents. His Nani asks him about this. He replies that he is strolling close to my earth, my God, my almost everything – my dad and mom. This is often why I am getting a spherical all around them. Anjana and Kesari are touched by this gesture. He kneels down prior to them to hunt their blessings. I bow down ahead of my Gods! Every one of the Gods from higher than bless them.

Precap: Anjana are not able to understand why Urvashi is addressing her as Punjisthala. Urvashi would make her touch her anklets / Ghungroos. Anjana remembers every little thing. She techniques again in shock. Urvashi shares Devraj Indra’s buy with her. You will have to return to Swarg Loka now! Anjana looks at the anklet in shock.

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