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Mahabali Hanumaan 21 October 2015 Written Update

Guru Shukracharya asks Ravan if he wants to change his planetary positions. Ravan vows to destroy everything. I will destroy this world. That Nar Roopi Narayan and vanar will die as well. Guru Shukracharya understands that Ravan wants to save himself from Kaal by destroying the world. Ravan nods. You and all the other planets will have to change positions for the same. Shukracharya says we will do it but what about the other planets. Rahu and Ketu add that those planets listen to Gods. They wont listen to you. Ravan angrily says that they wont be able to stand before my anger. I will go and shift them Guru Shukracharya says you are responsible for your suraksha kavach. Such things cannot be made daily. Ravan tells him to do what he has asked them to do. Don’t worry about that.

Atibal questions Marjarika what she is doing. We have to kill Hanuman. You want to make him Mahabali? She explains that she is putting the seed of strength in Hanuman. I have to put all the evil thoughts in him one by one. He will never get out of them once he falls for them. I will do the same with Kesari. Lankesh’s mission will be accomplished then.

Shukra, Rahu and Ketu change their positions. They decide to stop the way of other planets. All the Gods of other planets are confused to see those 3 planets stopping their way. Surya Dev looks at the planetary positions. Why are they at different place than usual? Maybe it indicates towards something wrong.

The effect of the same is shown on earth. People cannot bear the extreme heat and wonder what’s happening.

Hanuman practises before the mirror by keeping Anjana / Marjarika’s words in his mind. He is sweating profusely. I have just started practising. Has the temperature increased? He goes to look out of the window. He notices the plight of his citizens. I was right. Everyone is facing a problem because of this heat. He blows cool wind for everyone. Everyone is relieved.

Marjarika too is surprised at the change in temperature. Seems like Lankesh began his work! I too have started my bit. Now I have to work on Kesari. She looks out of the window. Kesari comes there looking for Anjana so Marjarika changes her form. He is boggled at the weather change as well. Is there going to be some problem on Sumeru? She replies that it has become a normal thing for Sumeru. Servants bring jewellery. Kesari says these are a gift for Hanuman’s mother, that’s you. She steps away. He says I got them specially made for you. You gave Sumeru an extraordinary Yuvraj like Hanuman. Dint you like them? She says they are good but. He has been thinking of gifting her since a long. The son that you have given me is Sankatmochan. He saves everyone. She nods. He saved me too. You killed one Asura but when lots of Asuras surrounded you then he only saved me. I wonder what would have happened if he hadn’t come. Kesari reasons that Hanuman will do so as after all he is our son. She says Hanuman deserves these gifts. He saved you from Panchfann. What would have happened if Hanuman wasn’t there? The vermilion in my forehead is of your name but Hanuman is protecting it. Kesari looks at her stunned. She keeps instigating him against Hanuman. Kesari agrees that Hanuman has done everything. We should be proud of him for the same but. She says she is concerned for him and Sumeru. Problems keep popping here. What if Hanuman isn’t there? You wont be able to save us. What if an Asura defeats you? He is speechless. Winning and losing is a part of war. He stops her from talking further. He calls out for a servant to bring his mace for him. Marjarika smiles. Kesari walks out of the room all angry as he holds his mace.

Marjarika will come back to her primary sort. She smirks thinking it is very uncomplicated to harm a person by hurting his Moi. Now Kesari will turn out to be jealous of his have son. Negativity kills persons. There is not any overcome for it. Individuals ruin themselves in doing this.

Jealousy maligns coronary heart. These types of negativity can not be cleaned very easily. Even a great deal quite a few Gods way too have appear underneath its influence. Same is with Ravan as well.

Marjarika / Anjana asks Hanuman to practise outside the house. He replies that none of his pals know anything about war. Anjana asks Hanuman who is the best in Sumeru. He takes Kesari’s title. She tells him to consider himself as the best a person. Why do you want someone else’s support to find out fighting Whenever your father is there? She deliberately reminds him of what she had instructed him earlier. We must always often have a look at our opponents as our enemy.

Marjarika laughs. Now the father and son will struggle. We’ll see who wins! She loudly claims Jai Lankesh!

Precap: Every one of the Gods approach Mahadev and Ma Parvati as Ravan is troubling them beyond their boundaries. They ask for Mahadev to complete some thing.

Written Update By Sahir


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