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Mahabali Hanumaan 13th October 2015 Written Update

Hanuman turns restlessly in his bed. He gets up. What should I do Sakha? I feel restless. Let us go to mother. Sakha nods.

Anjana looks at the moon. The time for me to leave is coming near. Here are my last greetings for you. Hanuman calls out for her. She is surprised to see him. He asks her what she is doing here. Anjana thinks if he saw her writing the letter. If he reads this letter then! He has started to learn how to read. Hanuman could not sleep. I was getting restless to be with you. You dint sleep yet? She too feels that she felt restless so she came here. He says God is the only option when you feel restless. You are my God so I came to you. She gets emotional and hugs him. why were you feeling uneasy? She replies that she is worried for Maharaj. Give me strength Mahadev so I don’t cry before my son. She smiles for Hanuman. You have grown up now. You will have to take care of yourself. Who will you go to if I have to go somewhere one day? He says I will follow you wherever you go. She tells him that in case he cannot come where she is, he must do everything that he has been always doing. He reasons that she wont be able to go anywhere leaving him as he is her son. He hugs her again. I wont let you go anywhere. Anjana thinks of Indra Dev’s words. Go and sleep now. He wants to be with her. I don’t want to leave you. She pretends to be sleepy. He asks her to sing him a lullaby first. In his room, Anjana sings the lullaby for Hanuman. He falls asleep in no time. She looks at him emotionally. She holds his crown in her hands; his toys bring back memories too. Hanuman wakes up. He goes near her. Why did you stop singing? Anjana once again sings it. Hanuman holds her hand as he falls asleep. She thinks of the time when he was an infant and he had held onto her fingers the same way. How would I be able to leave your tender fingers son? She kisses her hand where he had touched her. Please forgive me son. She covers him with the duvet and leaves.

A tragic tune plays as Anjana looks for the courtroom. She stands in the balcony up coming. She many thanks God for providing her energy so she did not cry prior to Hanuman. Everything else is on destiny now. I will settle for it. Anjana is all teary eyed as she appears at every single corner in the palace. The many past Recollections flash in advance of her eyes. She misses Kesari as she appears at his clothing and jewellery. She cries taking a look at her mangalsutra. Later, she helps make laddoos for Hanuman. She holds Hanuman’s mace Regrettably. I am leaving my son and relatives as part of your refuge now, Mahadev. Continue to keep them from all the troubles. Anjana is while in the balcony. She notices the chariot coming for her. Tears are not able to halt rolling down her cheeks. She seems to be at Hanuman another time.

Ravan is happy to understand that Urvashi’s jealousy separated that vanar from his mom.

Anjana sits within the chariot. She looks tearfully with the palace as she stands in the chariot. She bids adieu to your palace. The chariot will take her away. Epi ends on the break up display of Anjana and Hanuman.

Precap: Urvashi tells Indra Dev that Punjisthala is bent upon insulting you and Swarg. Does she haven’t any regard for The foundations of Swarg loka? Indra Dev says it cant be so. Devguru Brihaspati reasons that everybody provides a appropriate to live their life their way. Don’t fail to remember that Punjisthala’s spouse and children could be in problem because she is below.

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