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Kya Hai Iss Zindagi ki Daastan Episode 1 – 2nd October 2015 Written Update

This story starts with three friends and shows how their lifes moulded in future.Leads are Nikitha(who is simple and intelligent),Ashwini(brave and modern and can do anything for friends),Nirvaan(cool dude and flirts girls as time pass)..

The episode starts with a girl helping an old lady in climbing the steps of temple.Her face is covered by her hair. Pandit calls her as Nikitha and asks her to come fast. She goes fast and there she gets collide with a girl.The flowers from the hands of girl falls on her.Her face is shown.She goes and takes aashirwad of pandit. She prays that everybody should be fine and her should also be happy all the time.A voice is heard from back saying “bhagwan se kuch apne liye bhi maango”.Nikitha gets shocked seeing her.

The girls smile is shown and then her eyes and her face is shown.Nikitha calls her ashwini and goes and hugs her. Nikitha asks her when did you come and why didn’t u inform us.Ashwini says its a surprise for them.They both leave from temple. Ashwini asks Nikki where is tht “nautanki”.She says I don’t know.They call someone.A room is shown where someone is sleeping.His face is not shown.A woman comes there and shouts”Nirvaan get up” by removing his blanket.He hides his face saying mom please don’t wake me up.She removes the curtains of window and goes.Sunlight falls on him and his face is shown.He wakes up but he is still dizzy.He gets a call from an unknown girl.She flirts with him and asks him to come to some place.He says he is coming..

Nirvaan gets ready and goes on his bike.He reaches a garden and goes to the place where she asked him to come.He sees someone and says you two.Nikki and ashu are shown.They tease him and run while nirvaan goes to beat them.He catches them and they all laugh.Nirvaan hugs ashu and says welcome back.They share some light moments…Yaaron Dosti Badi hi Haseen Hai plays…..

PRECAP: Nirvaan gets a call and says what shockingly

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