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Kumkum Bhagya 9th October 2015 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya watch online

Abhi and Pragya arguing. Abhi asks Pragya, why did you bring Tanu to hospital. Pragya says she didn’t want to take leave if anything happens to Tanu. She asks him to make a new song and talks about her profit. Abhi is surprised. Bulbul tells Purab that Tanu’s boyfriend escaped from their eye. Purab tries to motivate her and says you need a hug. Bulbul thinks who will hug my sister. Abhi tells Pragya that his sister have not betrayed him and was just careless. Pragya tells she knows and tells about Tanu. Tanu says I am not cheating him. She shows social networking site and says Tanu’s accident news was posted on the site. She reads comments. Tanu tries to suffocate her. Pragya gets angry. Abhi says she is just reading people’s comments. Pragya says I will not spare her. Abhi asks them to stop fighting else he will do the accident. Dadi thinks why Pragya has not called her yet. Dasi comes and asks Dadi why she is waiting for them. Abhi, Pragya and Tanu comes home. Dadi says it is good that you came. Abhi says Tanu and her baby are fine. Dadi asks Tanu to take rest. Abhi goes to freshen up. Dadi signs Pragya asking her.

Aaliya asks Tanu, how she is feeling now? Tanu says better. Aaliya apologizes to her. Tanu says I am not blaming you. Aaliya asks did Nikhil came there? Tanu says Abhi saw me with him. Aaliya says Abhi will get to know about the truth. Abhi asks what she is hiding? He says if I get to know from outside then it will be bad. Tanu says I think I shall not hide this from you. She says Doctor said that I have a head injury and that’s why I gets hyper, upset, etc. Abhi says I didn’t come here to scold you. He says this baby is important to me. Tanu asks him to prove her. Abhi forwards his hand. Tanu happily hugs him.

Purab and Bulbul come home. Sarla asks Bulbul, what happened to Purab. Purab says she has beaten me? Bulbul says yes, I beat him. Purab says she has broken my hand for icecream. Sarla asks how did you come home? Purab says Bulbul drives the car and brought me here. Sarla asks her not to drive car and starts crying. Bulbul asks her not to cry. Purab says I forced her to drive car. Sarla asks him to stay there for tonight and says she will bring two glasses of turmeric milk.

Pragya recalls about her combat with Tanu in the vehicle. She thinks to insecure Tanu to such an extent that she do any slip-up. She thinks this could upset Abhi and thinks she will not do as such. Abhi comes and asks her not to the touch his stuff. Pragya states sorry to him and says it truly is your personal matter. I mustn’t have interfered. Abhi states you’ve learnt model and Frame of mind, but didn’t learn how to say sorry. He states sorry must be reported from coronary heart. Pragya claims sorry. Abhi asks why you need to do this kind of do the job for that you’ve to mention sorry. He claims just head over to hell, both you and your sorry. Pragya appears to be like on.

Abhi asks Ronnie, Are you aware of Rajasthani. Ronnie states no and claims He’s from south. Abhi asks Payal never to Permit him go. He provides moustache and beard, and asks him to stay on his face. Ronnie refuses, but Abhi asks him to dress in it. Ronnie runs from there and tells Pragya that Abhi is forcing him to stick moustache and beard. Pragya asks Abhi, what he is hiding? Abhi says it’s of Chanchan/Payal. He asks Payal to have on it and thinks she seems like…….Pragya understands that Abhi is serious about Bulbul in Sardar’s attire. She asks Ronnie to come back plus they leave. Abhi wonders in which did he see it before.

Abhi attempts beard and moustache on his face, and asks Pragya, how is he looking? Pragya says you are looking pretty Frightening and asks him to eliminate from his experience. They argue. Abhi asks her to try it on her facial area. Pragya refuses and is also stunned.

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