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Kumkum Bhagya 9th July 2015 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Aaliya pushing the chair when Bulbul is going to sit. Aaliya claims there was a nail to the chair and Bulbul’s garments might have tear. Aaliya asks Pragya to go and claims she will just take very good treatment of Bulbul. Pragya asks Bulbul to obey Aaliya rather than display any ego. Abhi talks to anyone and asks him to maintain them (Tanu’s mom and dad) active with court dates. Pragya comes and asks what you’re executing? Abhi suggests whatever he is accomplishing is for her, making sure that he gets time to invest with her. Pragya claims why did you express that. Abhi states he will experience negative when she leave your home. Kaisa Yeh Ishq hain plays……………..Pragya states you are going to experience bad After i go away. Abhi states who’ll entertain me, on whom I’ll choose anger, and so on…..He asks her to create listing of items in his space, claims he has ladies’ handkerchief with him. Pragya suggests I’ll depart once Bulbul marries.

Bulbul tells that she is finding married afterall. Aaliya states she continues to be expecting this day for long very long time. She asks her to Have a look, and says your make up is ruined with sweat. Aaliya claims I’ll do your contact up. She asks her to closes her eyes. Aaliya ruins her make up and blackens her face. Bulbul asks her to marry before long. Aaliya states she’ll marry on the exact same mandap. Bulbul opens the eyes and asks how dare you to spoil my make up. Aaliya suggests I realized you were being stupid. Bulbul says which means you was performing. Aaliya states she was bearing all this and expecting this day. She suggests Purab is mine. Bulbul says have you missing it. Bulbul suggests I did a miscalculation by trusting you and states she is going to notify the truth to Anyone. Aaliya assaults on her head that has a major iron rod. Bulbul gets unconscious. Aaliya acts madly and suggests Purab is just mine. I didn’t want this to carry out, and built preparations for Purab and my marriage. She claims these days I’ll marry Purab and no one can appear amongst us. She says fantastic bye Bulbul, and get ready Aaliya.

Dadi praises Aaliya for building every one of the arrangements. Sarla tells that she’ll talk to Pandit ji. Dadi says we gave everything to Pandit ji. She claims Purab is expecting his bride anxiously. Sarla asks them never to tease her damad. Dadi states he is our son also. Panditji tells about relevance of relationship and rituals. He asks to connect with the groom to the mandap. Abhi wishes that almost everything get back again to ordinary, and wishes to hold on his marital everyday living with Pragya. Pragya also needs the exact same. Aaliya wears bridal dresses and claims Purab is hers as he came in her lifestyle very first. She claims Pragya and Bulbul Have got a bad pattern to regulate other’s factors. She states Purab might be hers and she will turn out to be his wife. She says Purab will initially get offended, but then he will know his blunder. She states Abhi and Pragya are getting to be regular married couple, plus they were being like them. Aaliya appears to be like at Bulbul’s earrings and recollects Purab praising bulbul’s magnificence. She tells you can’t do everything when Purab praises my natural beauty. Sarla thinks her daughter will depart soon after she will get married. She suggests we will likely be left alone immediately after Bulbul leaves. Beeji claims we shall be satisfied that our daughters are pleased, and our responsibility finished using this relationship.

Dasi says Sarla ji started out crying prior to her daughter’s bidaai. Dadi explains to her a few mom’s feelings when her daughter is acquiring married. Abhi suggests why a woman goes to her sasural, when she will get married and why not a man goes to his sasural. Dasi asks Abhi to go to his sasural and set the instance for his followers. Dadi claims you are able to go whereever you wants to, but Pragya will not go as I can’t Dwell without her.

Abhi and Pragya get romantic. Abhi tells regarding the lengthy eternal relation. Aaliya with ghunghat on her face is seen sitting down beside Purab for his or her marriage. Abhi seems on.

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