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Kumkum Bhagya 8th October 2015 Written Update

Abhi asking Tanu to tell if Pragya is responsible for her condition. Tanu recalls Ronnie threatening her with knife, and warning her not to take Pragya’s name. She tells Abhi that Pragya is not responsible, but she is the one who brought her to hospital. Abhi tells Bulbul and Pragya that he needs to talk to them and asks to come out. Abhi asks Bulbul to tell the truth. Bulbul says I didn’t come with her jiju. Abhi asks her not to call him jiju and says he has no relation with Pragya. She says she has no relation with Pragya as she has insulted him. She says I came here with Purab. Abhi says if Purab is not found here……………..Purab comes there and says he has pain in her hand. Abhi says Bulbul said that you have pain in your head. Bulbul says it is medical pain, and it starts with hand. Purab says he is in extreme pain and can’t stand. Bulbul says we will sit. Nikhil comes and sees them busy taking. He thinks it is a good chance to meet Tanu. Tanu thinks when she will lead a normal life with Abhi, and hears someone coming inside. Nikhil comes and keeps hand on her tummy? Tanu with her eyes closed asks him to be with her always. Nikhil says I want to be with you always, but you……………..She opens eyes and is shocked to see him there. She asks if anyone sees you here then….Nikhil says let them see us together. I came running here after hearing about your accident. He says I don’t have anyone in my life rather than you and my child. He asks her not to play games when she is carrying his baby.

Sarla misses Pragya, Bulbul and Purvi and tells Jhanki that her house has become silent. Jhanki says girls have to go to their homes. Sarla asks where is Bulbul? Jhanki says she went with Purab. Sarla says she would have meet him here? Abhi asks when we can take Tanu home? Doctor says she is still unconscious and you can take her home when she is fine. Abhi says lets go and see her. Tanu asks Nikhil to go. Nikhil says I am not going anywhere, and my baby needs me. Abhi enters the room and sees Tanu sitting on bed. Tanu asks him to take her home. Abhi says let Doctor check you first. Pragya looks on.

Mitali and Tai ji think Dadi didn’t go to hospital to see Tanu. They laugh. Raj comes and asks her to serve the food. Mitali says I was thinking to go on candle light dinner with you. Raj says it means you didn’t make food even today. He asks her to get ready and asks his mum to get ready as well. Mitali thinks Tai ji is bone in the meat. Tai ji asks her not to eat bone and laughs. Mitali thinks she has heard my heart talk.

Bulbul thinks why Tanu’s boyfriend didn’t come till now. She looks at the shoes behind the curtains, and tells Pragya that he is hiding behind the curtains. She asks her not to look at him else he will leave. Bulbul says she is suffocating and says she will open the curtains. Tanu says no. Nikhil wears doctor’s apron. Tanu says she is having problem in keeping eyes wide open in light. Doctor tells abhi that he can take Tanu home. Nikhil comes out and stands with doctors. Pragya checks and says no one was there. Bulbul collides with Nikhil and looks at his shoes. She tells Pragya that he is the one.

They occur out and stops other man. Bulbul apologizes to Pragya and claims guy eloped from there. Nikhil will come away from medical center and collides with Abhi. Abhi asks what you’re carrying out in this article? Nikhil says any one can come listed here? Abhi suggests you was not in city? Nikhil states he wasn’t below, but arrived on a brief notice to check out unborn baby. Abhi asks when did you marry? Nikhil claims no, and claims any time you can become father with out marriage, why can’t I? He suggests he arrived to determine Buddy’s toddler. He asks Abhi why did he occur? Abhi says Tanu slipped and fell down. Nikhil asks how can you be so careless and acts worried. Tanu feigns agony. Abhi retains her. Nikhil asks did you marry her? Abhi states not nonetheless. Nikhil says I’ll attend your relationship.

Abhi asks Purab and Bulbul to take his car. Pragya asks how I will go? Abhi says I don’t know her. Bulbul states we are able to’t just take her else she will commence ordering us. Abhi states she’s my manager, and should have income. She’s going to go where ever she wants to. Pragya sits in vehicle and says auto and driver is hers. She asks him to make your mind up how He’ll go? Tanu asks Abhi to return. Abhi sits in car or truck and drives off. Pragya thinks a great opportunity remaining from their arms.

Abhi suggests you learnt fantastic Mind-set, actions etc, but didn’t figure out how to say sorry. He states you should not be sorry until eventually you’re feeling it from coronary heart.

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