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Kumkum Bhagya 7th October 2015 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya watch online

Abhi coming to hospital to meet Tanu, and is being informed about two Tanu’s in the hospital. He tells her full name, but couldn’t get her info. He thinks to check in general ward. Bulbul tells Purab and Pragya that they have to hide under the bed. Purab tries searching the place. Bulbul asks Pragya to keep an eye on the door and informs them if anyone comes. Dasi asks Dadi if she was talking about Aaliya, when she said something big is going to happen. Dadi says she didn’t know anything and said just like that. She wears her specs and says I have some work with Mitali. Dasi thinks Didi is hiding something from me, and she is not tensed as Tanu is in hospital. She thinks to find out about the truth. Abhi checks Tanu in the general ward and says I thought you are Tanu. The patient Tanu identifies him to be rockstar and insists to take selfie with him. Abhi asks them to let her go. Nikhil tries to enquire about Tanu in the hospital and sees Abhi standing. He hides and thinks to follow Abhi. He sees Abhi coming towards him and wears mask and carries apron in his hand. Abhi asks him about Tanu’s room. Nikhil stays silent and thinks to search her before Abhi.

Bulbul and Purab are hiding behind the curtains, waiting for Tanu’s boyfriend to come. Bulbul goes somewhere, and Purab thinks to see her. Tanu wakes up and wonders where is she? She thinks she is in hospital and says she has reached here because of Aaliya. She checks her phone and sees her misscalls. Aaliya thinks it seems Tanu is still unconscious now. Tanu calls her and blames for her condition. Aaliya says I am your friend and that’s why I want to inform that Nikhil is coming there. Tanu says let him come. Aaliya says Abhi is also there and says if truth comes out then Abhi will not forgive her. She asks her to run from hospital or acts to faint again. Tanu asks her to come to her, and says she is feeling alone. Aaliya says okay.

Mitali thinks to watch TV for Tanu’s accident news. Raj asks her to give breakfast as he is going to office. Mitali says I thought you will not go today. Raj asks if Tanu will get well if I stay at home. Mitali says she didn’t make breakfast. Raj asks her to make food in dinner and says he will eat even if anything happens to Tanu. Mitali asks him to skip lunch and have dinner at home. Pragya sees Abhi coming and wonders why he is here. Abhi asks what you are doing here? Pragya jokes and says shopping. She says I brought her here. Abhi says are you responsible for her condition. He asks why you didn’t call me. They argue. Bulbul thinks Pragya is talking to whom. Pragya thinks what to do as Bulbul and Purab are hiding inside. She tells Tanu is still unconscious. Abhi thinks to check the room. Bulbul comes out of room. Abhi asks did you come with her? Bulbul says why I will come with her? She says I came with Purab to meet Neurologist. Abhi says I will meet Purab first and then Tanu. Bulbul sees Abhi looking at them and tells Pragya that she hates her. Abhi says well done.

Aaliya comes to Dadi and apologizes to her continuously. Dadi claims okay, I forgive you. Aaliya states you happen to be the very best Dadi. Aaliya asks her to speak to Abhi, and asks him to just take her back again in Business office. Dadi claims I produced Abhi forgave you over and over, but can’t get it done yet again. Aaliya claims if she stays in your own home, then Pragya is likely to make her do dwelling function. Dadi states I will likely not check with Abhi, but you have A technique. She asks her to fold palms infront of Pragya. Aaliya says no way, and says It appears you happen to be un perfectly that’s why providing undesirable recommendations. Tanu thinks tips on how to operate from in this article, and thinks she will’t even wander. She hears a person sleeping and acts to faint. Abhi comes and tries to wake her up. Pragya claims she’s unconscious. Abhi asks where by is Purab? Pragya tells Bulbul that she noticed him outdoors. Abhi appears to be like for Purab and claims he isn’t there.

Abhi asks them to tell what is going on listed here silently else…..Bulbul states I used to be here and was asking medical professional why he retained female affected person with male affected individual. She says Physician justified for it. She says don’t know where did Purab go? Tanu wakes up and acts. She phone calls Abhi’s name. Abhi asks her if Girl mogambo is answerable for her situation. Tanu thinks it is a superb chance to teach her an excellent lesson. She thinks to get Pragya’s title and thinks Abhi will not likely spare Pragya.

Tanu asks Nikhil to go from there. Nikhil syas he will not likely leave her and his toddler During this ailment. Just the they listen to Abhi bringing Doctor there, and get shocked.

Written Update By Sahir


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