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Kumkum Bhagya 5th November 2015 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya watch online

Purab and Bulbul romantic argument. Purab tries to get romantic. Bulbul says she is fasting. Purab says he is not fasting though. Bulbul says she was just joking? Purab says you will be punished? Bulbul says I have kept fast for you and haven’t drink even water. He asks her to close eyes and makes her wear bangles. Bulbul asks him to make her wear fast as she is very hungry. Purab asks how did you know that I brought gift for you. Bulbul says whenever you are romantic, you brings gift for me or………….She closes her eyes. Purab is about to kiss her, but Bulbul goes from there.

Tai ji and Mitali look for the moon. Mitali asks her not to have much food. Pragya sees Nikhil following Tanu. Abhi asks Tanu, where was you? Tanu says I was searching you. Pragya thinks Tanu might have met Nikhil. Dadi asks Dasi, when will the moon appear? Dasi says it will come in a few mins. Dasi says she called some ladies to talk about karvachauth story. Pragya acts to get busy on phone. Abhi thinks she is avoiding him and thinks he don’t want to see her. Bulbul asks Pragya, did you think about the idea to break the fast? Pragya nods no. Bulbul asks will you let Tanu break fast? One lady calls all the women. Mitali asks Tai ji to break her fast by looking at her husband’s photo. Dasi asks Tanu to cover her head. Tanu says her dupatta is pinned. Dasi brings chunari and covers her head. Tanu is irked. Pragya stares Abhi. Abhi asks why you are staring? Pragya says she is looking at the arrangements. Tanu takes her selfie. Pragya wears her saree pallu and says weather is very cold. All the ladies looks at the moon and then their respective husband. Pragya stops Tanu from seeing Abhi, and says your dupatta can be torn. She sees Abhi through Tanu’s dupatta. Purab smiles. Pragya says this material gets burnt. Pragya takes Tanu’s plate and says she will show her aarti. She does Abhi’s aarti on the pretext of teaching her. Tanu says I understood. Dadi smiles. Abhi is about to make Tanu eat sweets. Pragya tastes it and says it is not good. Abhi asks her to taste it and makes her eat with his hand. Pragya eats sweets. She then starts coughing. Abhi asks Mitali to give water. Abhi says it is Tanu’s water. Bulbul asks him to make Pragya drink water else she will sue him. Purab asks him to make her drink. Abhi makes her drink water.. Allah Wariyan plays………..They have an eye lock.

The lady asks about Pragya. Dasi says she is Abhi’s ex wife. Abhi says she has kept fast after eating full stomach. The lady tells that she has broken the fast. Tanu looks for the moon, but it disappear. The lady tells that even moon doesn’t want to break your fast. Tanu tells Abhi that she has kept fast for him, but got insulted. She says I will never forget this insult. Dasi comes to Tanu and asks her not to worry. Tanu says I was hungry for him and she did all the rituals with Pragya. Dadi says Pragya was coughing and that’s why Abhi made her drink water. Tanu says it was not all sudden, and says it was Pragya’s conspiracy. Dasi says Pragya doesn’t care about Abhi and have broken relation with him. Tanu says Pragya wants to create differences between them and says her delivery date will come, but not marriage date. Dasi says Tanu is right. Dadi says what we can do?

Abhi involves Tanu’s home and says he can make her take in meals along with his fingers. Tanu asks him to produce Pragya take in, and asks didn’t he hear about that lady’s words and phrases. Abhi states he don’t consider within the rituals and suggests he desired to choose her out. Tanu suggests at times I feel that you need only this infant rather than me. Abhi asks her to take in foods. Tanu agrees and asks him to punish Pragya. Abhi states ok and says it’s going to raise her hunger. Bulbul and Purab praises Pragya for breaking fast with Abhi’s hand. Pragya gets nervous and thinks Abhi will take out his anger on her, and says she will be able to’t bear it.

Abhi relates to Pragya and retains her hand stating he has promised Tanu that He’ll punish her. Pragya tells him that Tanu has currently damaged her speedy and asks him to check.

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