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Kumkum Bhagya 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya watch online

The Episode starts with Abhi telling Mitali that Tanu is taking revenge on him as he couldn’t give her time, and that’s why she haven’t come here. Mitali thinks Abhi will take Tanu’s class. Pragya and Purab in the car. Purab sees Abhi in his car and hides in the car. Pragya also hides, but Purab says you are in disguise of watchman and asks her not to hide. Pragya thinks Abhi will get to know about her truth. Abhi looks at watchman pragya and wonders why his eyes are looking like of Pragya. He misses her…..and recalls her in flashback. Hamari Adhuri plays………..Abhi asks God, why he couldn’t marry Tanu. Pragya says if you have married Tanu today then everything was finished. She says God wants us to be together. She thinks she will give immense love to him once they start their life.

Janki tells Dadi that Sarla will take tension until Pragya returns home. Dadi explains to Sarla that Pragya will come as a winner. Sarla says it is okay, but just now I lost Bulbul and can’t lose Pragya now. She says she heard that man conspiring against Pragya. She says my heart is shaking much and I can’t anything wrong. Janki asks her to trust on God and says I told God that I have no one except you and Pragya, and prayed for your safety. Dadi says our family is one, and you have sons like Abhi and Purab. Sarla says Abhi and Purab are her son in laws, but they are more than sons. Dadi says happiness will return and asks her not to worry.

Purab calls Ronnie. Ronnie looks at Pragya indisguise of a watchman and says where is Pragya. Pragya says I am here only. Ronnie says he couldn’t identify her. Pragya asks him to go home and says she can’t keep his life in danger. Ronnie says I regard you as my sister and will support you. Purab says okay, and says but your life will be in danger. Ronnie says I can do anything.

Abhi comes home and calls Tanu. Rachna says I have seen her going sometime back. Dasi and Tai ji say the same. Dadi comes and asks what happened? Abhi says only my loves ones betray me. He says I have convinced myself to marry Tanu, but now I will not marry her. She don’t care for me. I will not marry her. Dasi says she might be stuck in some problem. Dadi says we will think of something. She asks him to sit and talk. Abhi says I will not marry. Mitali asks Rachna about Raj. Rachna says he went out and asks not to disturb him. Mitali thinks what happened to her.

Tanu comes to the place and thinks it is strange place. Pragya calls her and asks her to come inside. Tanu refuses to come inside. Pragya blackmails her. Tanu wonders what to do as Nikhil instructed me not to go inside until he comes there. Abhi comes to room and thinks he can’t act infront of Pragya. He sees her nowhere and thinks it is good that she is not here. He wonders where is she? Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays………Purab tells Pragya why she is not coming inside. Pragya says don’t know. Purab says her boyfriend must have told her not to go inside until he comes.

Pragya gets Abhi’s call. She thinks Abhi is sad so she shall talk to him. She tells Purab that she will talk to him. Abhi thinks Pragya doesn’t care about him and that’s why didn’t pick his call. He looks at the wine and thinks only it is with him always.

He gets Pragya’s call and wonders what to talk. Pragya says you have answered the call and now not replying. Abhi says I haven’t called you. Pragya says you called me. Abhi says it is touch screen phone and call went just like that. Pragya says you are phone is smart to call me. Abhi says my phone is stupid else it would have blocked you like I blocked you. He asks her to stay there, as he don’t want to see her face. Pragya says I can understand your situation as you have no one to take out anger, to talk to someone and to love someone. Abhi asks her to say what to do? Pragya asks him to hear Santa Banta jokes in this condition. She tells him jokes. Abhi says it is not a joke and tells joke. Sarla thinks she can’t leave her daughter alone. Purab thinks Tanu is waiting for her boyfriend who is her baby’s father. Nikhil comes wearing burqa with goons. He asks her not to worry and says he will kill blackmailer and come out. Purab thinks they are going inside, and thinks to alert Pragya. Pragya is busy on call with Abhi. Nikhil takes out a knife to stab Pragya.

Pragya calls Tanu and asks her to come inside with her baby’s father. She asks her not to worry as she knows everything. Tanu gets tensed.

Written Update By H Hasan


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