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Kumkum Bhagya 4th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Nikhil blaming Pragya for calling him to trap him. Pragya says she has informed him as she really cared for baby and called him as he is his father. She says she feels pity for baby as her mother and father don’t care about him and have only used him. Nikhil says very soon you will be at Tanu’s place. He says Tanu will get Abhi’s sympathy and will stay in his house. Abhi will get emotional about the baby which is mine. Pragya says your baby is fighting with life and you are thinking about using him. She says I feel disgusted to talk to you, and goes. Abhi is with Tanu in the ward. Nurse tells Tanu that you are very brave and have fought with life to save the baby. Abhi feels guilty and tells Tanu that he and his family are with her. Tanu thinks I want to see Pragya’s face now, and thinks she has won. Pragya thinks Tanu has won and I have lost. Sarla comes. Pragya tells her that Abhi is feeling guilty and blaming himself for the accident. Dadi says yes, and says I would have told him not to bring her home. Sarla says her destiny is good. Dadi says Abhi will not look at her and asks Pragya to have patience.

Mitali asks Dasi to have coffee etc. They go. Abhi apologizes to Sarla and asks her to punish and slap him. Sarla says I can’t. Abhi says you can raise hand on your son naa. Sarla keeps her hand on his head and says I wish all mums get son like you. They get emotional. Mitali comes back to tai ji and she has locked Dasi in bathroom. She laughs and asks her to bet with her. Tai ji asks who will win? Tai ji asks her to think? Mitali thinks I will take Pragya’s side. He says I have full confidence that Pragya will not let Tanu come home. Tai ji says Tanu will come home and will trouble Pragya. They bet. Tai ji asks her to open the lock.

Tanu is acting and thinks it is tiring to sit on the bed. She acts thinking Abhi came. Nikhil comes to her room and says he was eagerly waiting to see her. Tanu says you didn’t come in the morning. She asks why did you come here and refuses to take his help. She says I have done accident acting to help myself. Nikhil says what did you say? He laughs and asks how did you act? Tanu says I was worried and an idea struck to my mind. A fb is shown, Tanu thinks she shall fall down the stairs and get sympathy. Just then she sees Abhi coming and falls down. Nikhil asks what you have done? He says if anything had happened to this baby then I would not have become CEO. He then praises her for handling the situation well and says you are suitable to become my baby’s mum. Tanu says but you are not suitable to become my baby’s dad.

Abhi and Pragya have vada pav…Pragya looks at Abhi. They make each other have it. Kaisa yeh ishq hai plays…Pragya gets hiccups. Abhi asks do you want wine, then says juice or water. He goes to bring water for her. Pragya drinks it. She says vada pav was so spicy, why did you make me eat knowing I don’t eat spicy things. Abhi says you brought it. You should thanked me for sharing vada pav with you. He asks where to sleep. Pragya asks him to sleep on her shoulder. Abhi rests on her shoulder. Kaisa yeh ishq hai plays again.

Abhi gets up and says he has to give medicine to Tanu. Pragya asks him to sleep and says she will give medicine to her. Abhi says but how I will sleep? Pragya gives him pillow. Nikhil and Tanu laugh on Pragya and Abhi. Nikhil says Pragya gave lecture to him. Tanu says Pragya will be shock if she comes to know that I have acted. Pragya hears their voice, comes inside and claps.

Nikhil asks Pragya to take care of his sweetheart and her sautan. Tanu smiles evilly. Pragya looks stunned.

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