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Kumkum Bhagya 3rd July 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode commences with Tanu coming to Abhi and Pragya and suggests her parents want to talk to Pragya. Abhi asks her to just take them to area and they’re going to come. Aaliya announces Sarla and Beeji’s general performance. They accomplish around the music VIP……Absolutely everyone applaud for his or her dance act. Abhi and Pragya check out Tanu’s space to speak to her mothers and fathers. Tanu’s mother and father ask Abhi and Pragya to tell the reality. She asks Abhi to tell her dad and mom that Abhi hopes to marry her, and Pragya is helping her get area in Abhi’s lifetime and home. She asks Pragya to inform that she will not arrive in between them. Abhi and Pragya are silent. Tanu asks them to say the reality. Tanu’s mum asks Abhi to convey it. Abhi says Tanu is indicating appropriate. Tanu’s dad asks How are you going to do that, you need to be shameful to generate my daughter pregnant. Tanu’s mum suggests you have spoiled her existence and we won’t ever forgive you. Tanu’s father states we will notify his loved ones. Pragya suggests equally of them are equally responsible and Abhi is trying to offer her rights. Tanu’s father asks what’s the evidence that Abhi will marry my daughter. He asks Abhi to obtain engage to Tanu.

Nikhil fumes and thinks whatever they are carrying out? Tanu’s dada says This can be the only strategy to proper your miscalculation. If Abhi hopes to marry you then what on earth is the condition. Tanu states Dad is true, we shall get engaged. If we get engaged then my dad and mom might be unburdened. Tanu’s dad claims we are just inquiring you to create Tanu wear the ring, and we might be assured that you will marry her. Nikhil thinks how to proceed as his approach back again fired. Abhi is silent. Tanu’s dad asks shall we predict your silence as your agreement. Dasi will come there and tells Dadi is calling them. She asks what you’re carrying out right here. Pragya suggests she came to receive pregnancy ideas from Tanu. Dasi says Tanu isn’t married, so why you are using suggestions from her. Pragya suggests she was finding recommendations from Tanu’s mum. Abhi states he advised Pragya that He’ll give her security pin. Dasi asks them to come back. Nikhil wonders what to do. Aaliya invitations Purab and Bulbul on the phase to execute. Purab and Bulbul dance on the song Bol Halke Halke…………….

Abhi and Pragya examine their intimate dance and appears at each other with helplessness. Anyone claps for his or her efficiency. Nikhil asks Tanu, How will you make this happen? Tanu asks him to understand her helplessness. Nikhil states I like you and you will marry Abhi, why? He suggests I named your moms and dads here contemplating they will provide you with a piece of head, However they didn’t do that. He threatens her and asks her to inform All people the toddler is his, else her dream to marry Abhi will remain as being a aspiration only. Bulbul tells All people that their dance was the most beneficial and tells Sarla’s dance was unexciting. Beeji praises Dadi and Dasi’s dance. Mitali begins coughing. Dadi asks her to prevent coughing and claims You furthermore may danced well. Mitali many thanks them. Tanu’s mum asks Tanu to come back Within the area as they are watching for her. Tanu nods. She thinks Nikhil is pursuing her and miracles how to proceed? Nikhil arrives and holds her hand stopping her.

Tanu asks him to go away her hand. Nikhil says your mother and father are forcing Abhi to try and do the engagement at the moment. I received’t Permit this happen. I have suitable on you and our family. He threatens to inform her solution to All people as DNA consequence will probably appear soon. He claims once I show that the child is mine, it won’t get time to have relation with me. Pragya arrives and hears them. Nikhil and Tanu are stunned.

Tanu’s mum asks Abhi to help make Tanu use the ring. Pragya stops him and tells this engagement can’t transpire.

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