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Kumkum Bhagya 30th October 2015 Written Update

Abhi asking Pragya, what she was doing with the calender, and asks if she was planning to flee with his money as her life is in danger. Pragya says she don’t want to explain anything to him. She applies ointment on her feet, and asks Abhi to turn his face when she was applying ointment on her back. She tries to apply, but her finger can’t reach her back. Abhi offers to apply ointment on her back and asks if she was not ashamed to hug him. They argue. Pragya takes ointment and says she will apply. Abhi thinks what has happened to him, and why he want to help her. Pragya refuses. Abhi gives her idea and asks her to put ointment on the wall and then rubs her back against the wall. Abhi takes an ointment in his hand and asks her to wear his fuggi specs. He makes her wear specs and applies ointment on her back. Allah Wariyan plays…………………….He asks shall I change your saree. Pragya is shocked. Abhi asks her not to think that and asks her to rest. Pragya smiles.

Pragya comes to the restaurant to meet Dadi, Purab and Bulbul. She tells she asked Ronnie to keep an eye on Abhi. Bulbul asks if she saw the kidnapper’s face. Pragya says she saw, and says he was not important, but the person is important who hired him. Purab asks who was he? Pragya tells he was the same decorator. Purab says Payal’s doubt was right. Pragya says she came for some work, and says she needs a day leave from acting. Bulbul asks her to take 2 days leave. Dadi says we will send Abhi also. Pragya says I don’t want to go out, and says she wants to stay at home like old Pragya. Dadi asks what you are saying? Pragya tells she wants to keep fast for Abhi on Karwachauth day. Dadi agrees. Bulbul says she is wrong and asks how will she break the fast. She says Abhi will get to know that they are acting and their plan will fail. She says we can’t give you leave. Pragya says you are doing wrong and gets up. She says Karwachauth is important for her and asks why they are stopping her. She says he might hate me, but whenever I needed him, he stands by my side. She asks can she be his wife secretly. Bulbul tries to reason with her. Pragya says I am not asking you, but informing you. She says it is my turn to fulfill my duties as a wife, and it is my right to keep the karwachauth fast, even my husband can’t snatch this right from me. She leaves.

Tanu talks to Aaliya on phone and tells that Abhi jumped in fire and saved Pragya like always. She thinks someone coming and disconnects the call. She thinks it is Abhi and turns to look at Nikhil. Nikhil says I went to get the money and says I thought your mood will be good. He gives her money and asks about the gift she wants on Karwachauth fast. He asks her to keep fast for him and says I will break your fast. Tanu says you can’t roam around me on that day. Nikhil says you are everything to me, and I will break your fast being ideal husband. He asks her to wait for the special gift. Tanu curses the night which she spent with him, and calls Aaliya, but her phone is out of reach.

Abhi asks Dasi about Dadi. Dasi tells that Dadi is hiding a little something from her and says she will’t be Improper about her. Payal tells Abhi that Ronnie is hearing him silently. Abhi asks why He’s spying on him. Ronnie functions to cry and states he was discovering ring which his dadi gave to him ahead of dying. Abhi receives emotional and claims we will find the ring. They struggle seeking ring. Ronnie places ring in Payal’s purse, and tells Abhi that he contains a question on Payal. Dasi asks about his ring. Ronnie states it truly is golden. Abhi asks Payal to let him Look at. Payal suggests he is looking me thief. She puts the stuff within the desk and finds the ring. Abhi appears on.

Ronnie tells it’s my ring and thanks Abhi. He acts to become psychological and asks his Dadi not to receive offended with him. Abhi asks When your Dadi wears gents ring. Ronnie states it is my ring, but offered by Dadi. Abhi asks Payal why did she steal ring. Payal claims she didn’t steal.

Bulbul tells Purab that it’s challenging to hide from everyone’s eye when she’s fasting. He asks her to connect with Pragya. Dadi phone calls Pragya and asks her not to Permit any person find out about her preserving the fast. Pragya claims how can this come about, and claims Abhi will break her quick. Dadi says This really is my buy. Pragya miracles what to do to help make Abhi crack her fast devoid of knowing everything.

Abhi wakes up in the night and falls from bed. He calls fuggi.

Written Update By H Hasan


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