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Kumkum Bhagya 2nd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya watch online

The Episode starts with Dadi laughing and telling Rachna that Abhi got afraid seeing them fighting and thought that we will pull each other hairs. Pragya asks Dadi not to make fun of Abhi. Rachna asks her to give divorce to Abhi as that is what he wanted. Dadi says look how she is looking at us. Purab and Ronnie comes there. Ronnie says you people are laughing. Purab asks Rachna to go and sit with Sarla. He tells Pragya that this is their last plan and they have to do everything carefully. Pragya says yes. Purab says we have to change our blackmailer. He says you can’t play blackmailer’s role and says you can do mistake. Dadi says I won’t let Pragya go alone this time. She says Tanu is thinking to kill the blackmailer. Purab says we have to make a back up plan, and says we should hire someone for blackmailing. Ronnie says he will do the blackmailer’s role. Pragya says no as she thinks his life will be in danger. Ronnie insists to set everything right in her life. Purab agrees and says lets start the work.

Abhi thinks what to do, and thinks Pragya will not give him divorce now. He thinks to talk to her nicely and convince her. Pragya comes down. Abhi says hmmm. Pragya asks him to apologize, and says it is written on your face. Abhi says I am apologizing on Dadi’s behalf. He says Dadi shouldn’t have talked to you rudely. Pragya says I forgot about it and have calm down. She says no burning, only chill, as explained by you. Abhi says great. He says he wants to talk to her. Pragya says later, I am busy now. Abhi says we will talk in the evening or whenever you are free. Pragya says okay and leaves. Abhi says he will think how to talk to her about divorce.

Pragya comes to Sarla’s room and says today I am going to take the last step, and if I don’t get success then I will tell him all the truth without the proofs, and if he don’t believe on me then you and I will leave from here. She asks for Sarla’s blessings. Sarla blesses her and says God should help you else my trust will be gone. Pragya says good thing will happen. She says I have to do this work which I don’t want to do to bring your truth. Tanu thinks she should get blackmailer’s call. She gets blackmailer’s call. Pragya as blackmailer asks her to give Abhi’s number, and says he seems to be tensed. She says I am thinking to deal with him, as he is marrying you for baby. Tanu says I will give you money. Pragya says I will not put my life in danger, and refuse to take money from her. Tanu asks him to tell the account number. Pragya refuses and asks her to send the money through her man within an hour else she will tell the secret to Abhi. Tanu says 1 hour is less. Pragya says next call will be an important call.

Tanu comes to Aaliya’s outhouse and knocks on her door asking her to open the door. Aaliya opens the door and asks her to say. Tanu says her breath is stopping. Aaliya asks her to tell straight what is the problem. Tanu says blackmailer asked for Abhi’s number, but I didn’t give. Aaliya asks why she is worrying as she has taken Abhi in confidence. Tanu says this is happening because of Nikhil. She calls Nikhil and asks him to die, and curses him. Nikhil asks her to shut up. Tanu asks him to come to outhouse. Nikhil wonders what happened to her. Pragya thinks about the possibilities, and thinks Tanu’s mind will be diverted and Sarla will be safe. Dadi asks Pragya, what happened? Pragya says I called, but said something else. Purab asks what? Pragya says I asked for Abhi’s number so that she gets tensed and take a wrong move. Dadi says she is pregnant. Pragya says nothing will happen to her baby. She says we will know if she is worried seeing her face. Dadi says okay, and asks Pragya to go.

Tanu asks nikhil what shall I do? She asks him to think about killing blackmailer. She says Aaliya doesn’t care about me. Aaliya says I have much work and says she will check her in the mental asylum. She asks Nikhil to handle Tanu and goes. Nikhil says she is right, and asks Tanu to have patience, and then only she will get good ideas. He asks her to go inside the house and access if there comes any call. He says he will also come. Tanu thinks to see them once she gets married. Nikhil wonders why blackmailer wants Abhi’s number from Tanu. Tai ji gets upset with Rachna as she couldn’t give her time because of Sarla. Dadi tells her that Rachna is taking care of Sarla and that’s why got busy. Dadi asks her to get ill and then she will take care of her. Taya ji says she can’t get ill else illness will run away from her.

Tanu comes home and thinks Pragya is not there, I should check with others. She tries to move the chair and is about to fall because of Ronnie. He asks her to sit. Pragya comes and sees her tensed. Tanu thinks with whom to ask. She sees Mitali checking her phone and saying it came. She tells it is lottery message. Tanu thinks if the blackmailer called Dadi. She asks Dadi if her phone is with her. Dadi says I have my phone. Pragya comes and sits to have food. Tanu gets irked. Tanu picks chilli to eat. Pragya says it should be avoided in pregnancy. Dadi asks why she is worried? Tanu says someone is trying to trouble her and asked about Abhi’s number. she says she have handled him, but Abhi will get tensed. Taya ji says Tai ji gets phone call from weight loss machine sellers. Dadi says I didn’t get such phone. Pragya says call will come now.

Pragya and Abhi argue over the fragnance. Pragya says she will be killed with his smell and not mosquitoes. Pragya tells Tanu that she got a call from someone who told that he has her secret, and wanted to do deal with her. Tanu gets shocked.

Written Update By H Hasan


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