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Kumkum Bhagya 27th October 2015 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya watch online

Abhi telling Sarla that he is waiting for the day when he hates Pragya fully, then she will know that when a lover turns into a hater, the world will know. Abhi asks Sarla to forget all this, please come with me. Dadi hears and decides to do something, she thinks I will never let him hate Pragya.

Raj searching for Vijay. Vijay sitting on top of a tent/hut somewhere, he tells Raj, she is still alive, some time more. Raj tells Vijay don’t do anything, where is Pragya. Vijay says I will tell you after the work is complete.

Dadi screaming at Ronie as to where pragya is,Ronnie decides to go search for Pragya.

Abhi Tanu precap scene (bow and arrow scene), Abhi says you did do wrong and expected me to sorry. Tanu says I do mistakes intentionally, whoever wants tells me anything, noone understand my condition. I live with the hope of getting married to you, my parents stopped talking to me, Aaliyah is not here but you instead of hoping, you keep shouting at me.

Abhi says Tanu dont say this, we need to support each other during this time, I know we have MUs, if you still want to sulk, I can’t help it. Tanu hugs Abhi, he does not hug her back.

Tayaji calling Tayiji football and if she wants to become a stadium (Tayiji wants to eat something looking at Mitali eating). Mitali tells her she is eyeing her food.

ID can’t find Pragya, Dadi tells ID she sent Ronnie. Ronnie comes back and says he can’t find her anywhere. Purab reaches there too, Dadi, ID, Purab all go in search of her. Raj worried now that everyone’s attention is on her. He then realizes theese three are supposed to be her enemies, why are they worried about her?

Vijay asking Pragya why she didnt sleep, there continues to be time for her Loss of life. Her mouth and physique is tied. He’s detailing many of the bombs close to her and also one particular bomb on her head that should explode her head like a coconut.

Raj seeking Vijay, Tanu will come and asks him what he is accomplishing by itself. Raj thinking shaitaan ko yaad kiya, aa gayi shaitaan ki nani.

Raj screams at Aaliyah, tells her this is all on account of you and Aaliyah, told you not to hire this mad man. Raj tells her He’ll eliminate Pragya. Tanu very satisfied at this information. Raj claims he is leaving with blame on us, and if she doesnt die then we will see, don’t get way too excited.

Abhi asking yourself why taking so extended is burning Raavan, thinks occasion will begin only following the burning. Purab asks Tayaji if he has found Pragya, he says no. Purab then goes to check with Abhi. Mitali now curous why Purab is asking about Pragya.

Abhi saying she has really gone, today is double celebration. Purab says the organizers will put fraud case, Abhi says he doesnt care, its not his company, his name is already spoilt, along with Raavan, Lady Mogambo will also burn.

Pragya is in the Raavan effigy.


The next part begins with Vijay looking at terrified Pragya saying everyone will face death, enjoy your last moments. Vijay also tells her, you will be so happy to hear this news, that after you die, your well wishers will come after me, they might kill me. He tells her that is not a possibility, someone else will kill you, the one and only Abhi the rockstar will shoot the arrow. Everyone will say Abhi burnt the Raavan, now you understand, you will die by your ex husband, you will go straight to heaven since you’re dying married (didnt get this part).

Pragya struggling while Vijay leaves.

Dadi asking Purab to call Pragya phone, Purab trying but Pragya is not lifting phone. Dadi asks Purab and ROnnie to go ask all the guests. They all start asking everyone around.

Dadi praying to God to take care of Pragya.

Taya, Tayi, Mitali funny scene about Tayiji Raavan size. Mitali suggests they go inside the Raavan to examine how much Pragya spent on this Raavan effigy. Tayaji warns them about getting hurt by crackers, Mitali Tayiji go to check the effigy. They go to the effigy, they see a door and argue about who is going to enter first. Tayiji goes to the door, Vijay comes out. Vijay asks what they are doing here, Mitali asks them to open the door, she threatens Vijay saying I will complain to Abhi. Mitali puts Tayiji front and says try and stop us.

Raj comes and asks what is going on. Vijay says I have put firecrackers inside, if something happens, dont hold me responsible. Raj tells Mitali Tayiji not to be here, pragya has kept Vijay here.


The last part begins with Purab taking Abhi aside, Purab saying he is going mad trying to search for Pragya. Abhi says you changed parties, Pragya bribed you with BB and you changed? Purab trying to explain to ABhi that he will be in big trouble if they cant find Pragya. Abhi asking why he should save his biggest problem.

Purab says fine dont tell me later. Abhi says no I will be more bored, let sgo chill. Purab says if we leave, lets all leave together, then when we all get insulted then you explain. Abhi says ok lets go find her.

Abhi says once I find her, then I will burn her with Raavan.

Tomorrow: Vijay takes Tanu to see where Pragya is. He shows her, she is smiling and happy. Pragya looks like she is sleeping or fainted cos her eyes are closed. She is tied hanging is the area inside the effigy.

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