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Kumkum Bhagya 27th August 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins with Pragya undertaking her make up while Abhi seems at her. He pretends to sleep, The instant Pragya turns to him. Pragya asks him to wake up and achieve Business office. Abhi thinks I is not going to obey your order. Pragya switches to the TV and tells your faltu music is actively playing. Abhi refuses to get up. Pragya asks him to get up else……She will get h2o jug and threatens to toss it on him. Abhi thinks It’s going to be his failure, if he wakes up. Pragya begins the rely down, Abhi wakes up plus the drinking water jug falls on them. He asks why did she toss water on him. Pragya suggests this means you was awake. She says I am not your wife, but manager asking him to get ready for Business. Abhi thinks why he wouldn’t be capable to remedy her. Pragya thinks she was so near to Abhi……and then thinks to check Everybody.

She thinks All people didn’t awaken till 9 am, and phone calls Robin. She thinks to be demanding and says now they may get up. Aaliya will come and phone calls Robin, who shut their AC. Robin states Pragya asked her. Taiji and Mitali have their gyser and electrical power dilemma.

Robin suggests Pragya requested to cut the electric power in the morning. Abhi calls Robin and comes out of rest room with soap all over his facial area. Pragya involves room and asks him to take a seat. She suggests she’ll do anything and asks him to become statue. Abhi sits although she wipes his confront wih her saree pallu. Ho Allah Wariya plays……….Abhi opens his eyes and asks why I did feel that you still cared for me. You may have wiped by experience along with your pallu. Pragya says she wiped his face with tissue and claims she took treatment of him as she’s his asset. She asks him to clean his confront, rather than connect with Robin. Abhi goes to rest room again.

Pragya phone calls Robin and asks why did he Slash the water relationship. Robin suggests Aaliya and Abhi’s room have exact connection. Pragya asks him to switch it on. Robin suggests they can get angry. Pragya states she is going to see. Aaliya is a great deal indignant. Pragya arrives down and asks her to sit down to hear her converse. She suggests everyone seems to be towards me and my principles. Raj hears her from considerably.

Pragya claims she’ll notify her rules just once, and whoever has the routine to forget about shall Notice it down on paper. Aaliya asks what do you signify? Pragya states she’s going to explain to the rules. She claims rule no. one and asks them to awaken at six:fifty five am in the morning and says bathing and dressing time is included. Tanu says I am Expecting, how can I awaken early. Pragya claims you shall awaken at seven am sharp, it is nice to get up early from the pregnancy. She says rule no. two, there will be preset time for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She says rule no. 3, everyone can get selected amount of pocket funds and have to spend within that Restrict. Tai ji says she ordered jewellery for Abhi’s relationship. Pragya asks her to terminate the buy. She states rule no. 4, asks them to depart your house if they’ve got any challenge with her or with any of her guidelines.


Abhi comes to room and thinks to find out the proofs behind Pragya’s drama. He checks her luggage and gets nothing. He calls Purab and tells Pragya is ordering him like she is an army officer. Purab asks why did you call me? Abhi says he needs his help, and asks to find out the person supporting Pragya, also to find out how did she snatched his property. Aaliya asks Pragya to think about humanity. Pragya asks her not to lecture her, as she is sucking blood of close ones. She asks Tanu not to lecture her else she will give her lecture on shamelessness. She says I am doing favor on you, and letting you stay here. She asks Mitali to make breakfast for her. She says she will tell their duties tomorrow. Abhi comes. Tanu asks Abhi to take her from there.

Aaliya tells that Pragya has been torturing them and tells everything. Abhi goes angrily to talk to her. Abhi goes angrily to talk to her. Pragya is seen praying in the inhouse temple. Abhi asks what do you think about yourself? You are thinking yourself as God after snatching my property. He says he can’t let his family in trouble. Pragya says she is not hurting them and making them do house work. Abhi says he earns lakhs in a day. Pragya says whatever you earn shall give it to me. Abhi says you are crossing your limits. Pragya asks her to think about his limit and says it starts with house and ends with office. He says you can just say and can’t do anything.

Tanu says they are planning for mehendi and marriage again. Pragya says there will be no wedding. Tanu is shocked.

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