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Kumkum Bhagya 26th August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pragya telling Sarla that she tried to stop Abhi, but he didn’t listen. She says she was afraid thinking about his reaction on seeing her, but now as he didn’t react seeing her, her fear is gone. Now she can spend time with him and also talk. Tanu waits for Abhi and gets impatient. She asks Aaliya to think about her and says you don’t know as you are not in any relationship. Aaliya says enough and calls him, but Abhi doesn’t pick her call. Tanu says Abhi went far from me like he went far from Pragya. Beeji shares her plan with Pragya. Pragya says you can’t do this. Sarla refuses also. Beeji says I am not talking your permission and says I am elder than you in age and experience. She asks Pragya to get massage done by Janki. Janki says okay. Beeji says now see what
I will do. Abhi comes out and thanks them for nice meeting. He says can I go now? Beeji says no, you can’t go. Abhi asks why?

Beeji says guest come with their wish and go with our wish. Abhi says kidnapping. Beeji says this is love. She says our relation is old and invited him for lunch. She says I am your old fan. Abhi says I can’t stay as I have to go somewhere. Dadi emotionally blackmails him. Abhi says I respect fans like you and can’t refuse you as you are like Dadi. He says I will stop for 30 mins. Janki comes and massages Pragya’s feet. Beeji asks Abhi about his next album release. Abhi says very soon….Pragya says I will help mum and is about to go, feels pain and sits down. Sarla cooks food in kitchen. Abhi says if she needs Italian food. Beeji asks him to try desi food today. Abhi asks Beeji if Pragya is her real grand daughter. Beeji says yes. She asks him to visit them frequently. Abhi says okay. They talk about game and challenge each other.

Sarla brings food and asks him to eat. Abhi eats the food. Sanam Re plays while Pragya looks at him. Abhi looks on. Sarla asks if food is not good. Beeji says you must have added mirchi. Sarla says no, and says I didn’t add my spices. Abhi tastes food and says do you have tiffin centre. Sarla says no. Abhi says I feel like eating this food before also. Beeji says I will increase your taste and makes him eat. Sarla also makes him eat with her hand. Abhi says he have a wonderful food. Sarla hopes that Abhi shall remember them. Pragya thinks their happiness is short lived.

Tanu and Aaliya come back to her house. Tanu cries and says she is feeling rejected today as Abhi has broken her heart. Aaliya says Abhi didn’t know that she called him there to meet her. Tanu says she got emotional because of situation. Sarla brings ras malai for Abhi. Abhi eats it and says it is my favorite. He asks how did you know that it is my favorite. Beeji says everyone of us are your fan. Abhi says you seems to be like my family. Sarla asks him to come whenever he wants to eat made by her. Abhi says definitely. Beeji asks him to bring his cook next time as Sarla will teach him cooking. Abhi says you might teach him cooking, but mum’s taste will not come in his hands. He says he will practice game and come there. He asks Beeji to tell Pragya not to be stubborn.

Aaliya comes to the manager and asks why did you upload the pic on the networking site. Manager says Abhi have given me this pic. Aaliya doesn’t believe him and asks him to delete pic by now. Just then she gets Tanu’s call telling that her dream is fulfilled. She says she saw Abhi’s pic with Pragya. Aaliya says it is an old pic and says I came to office and got the pic deleted. She says I will ask Abhi, and then says it is a stupid mistake. She asks her to close fan page and sleep. Tanu says no, I will not sleep and will cry all night. She cries. Aaliya thinks something is happening behind my back. She thinks if pic is new, then it means he met Pragya.

Abhi tells Aaliya about his big fan and says even her family is my biggest fan. Aaliya asks about her name. Abhi says I don’t remember. Aaliya takes a random names and then Pragya’s name. Abhi says yes. Aaliya is shocked.

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