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Kumkum Bhagya 25th June 2015 Written Episode Update

The episode starts off with Bulbul and Purab’s engagement preparations. Daadi happily discusses with Biji and Sarla about tonight’s lavish purpose and asks where by is Pragya and Bulbul.

Pragya provides Bubul down. Abhi sees Pragya and suggests beautiful. She will get content, but he claims Bulbul is hunting wonderful. Bulbul asks to halt flirting along with her till her relationship. Pragya gets shy and walks from there.

Tanu sees Nikhil roaming all over in engagement location, takes him towards the corner and asks what’s he accomplishing ehre, if Pragya sees him, she’ll realize their solution and when Abhi sees them alongside one another, he will kick him out. He claims he will likely not go away from her and guard their child and if a little something takes place to her/him, he will not likely hold tranquil. Pragya passes by and asks Exactly what are they doing below. Tanu states Nikhil wishes to signal her with Abhi for his ad, but she can’t convey to him The rationale to reject his supply. She asks Pragya to explain him. Pragya says Tanu can not work for some days and requires Nikhil from there.

Abhi jokes with Purab that marriage is a laddu which He’ll repent just after eating, so he is warning him and even if he would not pay attention to him, he has his Good friend’s shoulder to console.

Pragya tries to apply shagun mehandi to Bulbul when Aaliya will come there and stops her. She says no one ought to use bulbul mehandi apart from her. She applies shagun mehandi. Sarla says now artists can use. Aaliya asks artist to write down Purab’s name in this type of way that bulbul can’t uncover it. Bulbul say she will determine Purab’s name Despite closed eyes.

Daadi sees Tanu standing inside of a corner and asks her to for getting menhandi completed. She signals Nikhil. Pragya sees that and thinks There exists some link in between them..

Daadi requires whole loved ones to mandir and starts praying. Abhi sees Nikhil and asks if he observed shoes. He claims he asked another person to carry and joins Anyone in prayers. Pragya silently exchanges his shoes and realizes that he was in Tanu’s place and jumped from window. Tanu sees her doing this and receives tensed.

While praying, Purab attempts to get romantic with Bulbul. She silently leaves and replaces place with Nikhil. Purab attempts to kiss him. Nikhil wakes him up and asks to regulate himself. Purab commences providing Odd factors.

Right after pooja, Tanu signals Nikhil to not have on his sneakers. Pragya is about to confront Nikhil when Bulbul stops him and tries to notify how she pranked Purab. Pragya claims she’ll listen to her later and operates toward Nikhil. She asks him to have on footwear, but he refuses. Daadi calls her and asks to serve prasad to servants. She serves and rushes again to Nikhil. He states it is actually restricted. Servant brings his sneakers and he many thanks him and wears it. Pragya is shocked.

Tanu tensely walks in her space wondering Nikhil will destroy her plan. Nikhil enters and states there was candle in his sneakers, so he escaped. She asks him to acquire out from below prior to her strategy ruins. He suggests he will not go till she commences loving him and the moer she resists, he get attracted to her a lot more.

Precap: Pragya massages Abhi’s legs. He retains her hand to halt it when Tanu enters as sees that.

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