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Kumkum Bhagya 25th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya watch online

The Episode starts with Abhi telling the workers to take out the almari fast else he will cut their money. He comes back to room. Pragya asks from where this voice is coming and goes inside. She asks what they are doing? Abhi takes her to room and says he is throwing the old cupboard to make way to new. He says he is not talking about her as her expiry date is not near. Pragya thinks this act is to get that papers and asks if he asked someone before buying new furniture. She asks him not to touch her cupboard and says there is something important inside. Abhi says he has many important things inside, and asks her not to argue else he will make her expiry nearer. The workers tell that the work is done. Abhi gets the papers and is happy. Pragya thinks what to do as he got the papers. Abhi kisses on the papers. She says he got Alladin’s lamp and I have to do something before he makes use of it. Abhi comes back to room and thinks to hide the papers before Pragya returns. He hides the papers in the lamp and then hides beneath the blanket. Pragya peeps in the room. Abhi then makes a small hole inside bed and hides the papers. He thinks Pragya can’t find these papers. Pragya thinks she has to get the papers immediately. Aaliya does her make up and thinks she is looking perfect. Tanu asks if you are getting ready for their reception. Aaliya says yes and says she is not having any problem. Tanu says I can help you. Aaliya says I will do alone. Tanu says how you will fight with them all alone…Aaliya asks her to go.

Purab makes Bulbul wear the pearls necklace. Aaliya comes to their room. She gives a gift to them from her side. She says I pray to God for your happiness. Bulbul takes the gift. Aaliya thanks them and smirks before leaving.

Abhi sees Pragya doing her make up and asks if she will scare kids. Pragya says if you think yourself as a child. Abhi says he is talking about kids. He asks her to go from there till he comes back. Pragya thinks to steal the papers and tries removing the tape sealing the bed. Abhi comes just then and asks what she is doing? Pragya says she is searching her earring. Abhi sits on bed. Pragya asks what you are hiding? Abhi says when I can’t hide my feelings then what else can I hide? Pragya asks him to go and change his suit. Abhi says he will wear other suit in her farewell. He then tells that he will not make her leave if he gets back everything. He says who will clean this room, get torture by myself etc. Pragya says she will see him after reception. Abhi says he is going downstairs and asks her to come. Pragya then closes the door, gets the papers back from bed. She thinks to hide the papers. She replaces the papers and seals the bed.

Abhi and Pragya welcome the guest. Abhi says he has to think of a new name for her soon. He says your villian giri will be soon over, and says he hit the jackpot. He says your intelligence will be gone soon. Pragya says she will tell everything to Tanu. Abhi says this idea is of Tanu. Pragya says she is PhD in fooling people. Aaliya thinks how to make them move from the place so that she can allow Vijay to come inside. Abhi welcomes Sarla and Jhanki. Tanu asks Aaliya why you are standing alone. Aaliya says I was thinking about you, and says Abhi is spending time with Pragya. Tanu says I will go to Abhi now and will prove that he loves me. She asks Abhi to come as she needs to talk. Pragya asks Abhi not to go. Abhi says his to be wife is calling him, and asks who is she? Pragya gets sad. Aaliya thinks if Pragya goes from there, then she will call and asks Vijay to come. Survi comes and talks to Pragya. Pragya asks Ronnie and Payal not to let anyone enter the party without checking the invitation.

Just then Vijay comes indisguise of a sardar and says he is from catering dept. Ronnie calls Pragya and lets Vijay inside. Survi talks about Karthik and says she is shifting to other city. Abhi comes and asks pragya to welcome the guests. Pragya signs him to see Survi. Abhi asks her about Karthik. Pragya tells him that survi is leaving the city. Abhi asks Pragya to stop Survi till he comes back. He calls Karthik and asks how is he? Karthik says he is fine. Abhi asks if everything is fine between you and Survi. Abhi says she is here. Karthik thanks him and says he will come there. Pragya makes Survi understand about the real life partner and asks her not to make a sudden decision. Survi says your own partner start walking on wrong path if circumstances are wrong, and says who can know better than you. Pragya looks on.

Bulbul hears Vijay talking to someone and planning to kill Pragya. She gets shocked.

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