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Kumkum Bhagya 22nd October 2015 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya watch online

Everyone getting shocked seeing Tanu dancing under a veil in the dandiya competition. Dasi tells Dadi that this girl is Tanu. Raj thinks she is gone. Abhi asks what you were doing here and says I told you that this baby is important for me. He says I sacrificed my marriage and love for you and for this baby. He asks why did you put your life at risked. Tanu says I have done this because of you. She says you are helpless and thought to earn money for you. She says I thought you can fight case against Pragya with this money and you are calling me selfish. Abhi asks how can you put baby on risked. Tanu cries and says she needs money for some test. She says I have been doing this for my baby. Abhi says I would have arrange or beg money from someone. Pragya thinks she is lying. Tanu says Pragya is at mistake and goes.

Abhi looks angrily and comes to room. He pushes Pragya on bed and asks if she is at peace now by spoiling his relation with Tanu. He says you have proved today that you can do anything. Pragya says I didn’t force her to dance. Abhi says she used to earn lakhs of rupees from modelling and blames her. Pragya says she would have asked money from me if she really wants and says I paid her hospital bill also. Abhi says you are very greedy and have crossed all limits today. He says you have put the baby in danger for whom, I have promised my fuggi. Pragya gets teary eyes. Abhi says you can’t spoil my relation with her as she is standing with me when no one is with me. I will never leave her. Pragya cries and thinks she can’t bear his hatredness.

Purab comes to Abhi and asks what happened? Abhi asks about Bulbul. Purab says I asked Bulbul to rest as her legs were swollen. Abhi says I am getting bored. Pragya comes and asks him to give speech at the start of Ram Leela. Abhi says I am not interested and says he will not get any profit. Purab asks him to give speech else his name will be spoiled. Abhi says she didn’t ask me before committing to sponsors. Pragya says you said that you will give speech. Dadi comes and asks what happened? Pragya tells her that Abhi has refused to give speech. Abhi asks her not to take Pragya’s side. Dadi tries to convince him and says you are not like others, and praises him. Abhi melts down seeing Dadi asking him. Abhi says yes, I will give speech which will make everyone speechless.
Vijay tells Raj that his work is done, and asks him to bring Pragya during last scene when Ram and Ravan will be fighting. Raj agrees. Vijay says it is my plan to end Pragya’s story.

Nikhil is still waiting for Tanu in Aaliya’s room and thinks to wait. He then thinks she might lied to me, to keep me away from her and dandiya. He says I will not leave her and she is taking advantage of the space which I have given her. I will not bear anymore.

Taiji and Mitali see Ram Leela. Mitali asks her to see her favorite character Suparnakha. Abhi says everything is boring without a rock performance. Pragya says it will come in end when Ravan is lighted with fire. He asks about the time of Ram Leela. Pragya says it will go on for 2 more hours. Abhi says I will sleep till then. Nikhil comes and wonders what happened here? He asks about Tanu. Payal informs him that Abhi scolded Tanu when she was playing dandiya. Nikhil goes and searches her everywhere. He wonders where is she? Abhi takes a quick nap. Pragya goes to get her phone. Pragya tells Payal that her boss is falling. Payal holds him and thinks he is strange. She thinks what he is hearing and wear ear plug. She hears Abhi listening to rock music and transfers bhajan in his phone. Abhi wakes up hearing bhajan and asks Payal. Payal tells God punishes us if we listen rock music during Ram Leela.

Nikhil places Tanu sitting down in one of the area. Tanu wipes her tears. Nikhil states I have been looking ahead to you in that Incorrect home and you ended up taking part in dandiya happily. He asks her to think about his infant and phone calls her egocentric. Tanu suggests she is going to dance and claims nobody asked why I am doing this? Nikhil asks her to share her coronary heart talk. Tanu claims you may’t assist me. Nikhil insists. Tanu tells that she needs 5 lakhs rupees. Nikhil asks why you Are you interested in? Tanu states you can’t manage my needs and need me to marry you. Nikhil claims you enjoys income and states I provides you with five Lakhs rupees. He asks will you return to me. Tanu states she’s marrying Abhi for revenue and his 50 percent of the money is going to be hers when she marries him. She states I will then come back to you personally. She says we should end Pragya for that, and suggests she demands funds to offer for the killer. Nikhil is shocked. Tanu asks him to come to a decision.

Pragya is coming to that area. Nikhil agrees to give money for his or her relation. Tanu hugs him and thanks him. Nikhil asks her to not mislead him. Tanu claims and thinks she don’t choose to see his deal with, leave marriage apart. Pragya comes just then. Nikhil asks Tanu to halt crying and provides her tissue. He asks her to smile. Tanu receives stunned seeing Pragya.

Tanu tells Pragya that you can’t separate me and Abhi, and says Abhi is mine and will always be mine. Pragya looks on angrily.

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