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Kumkum Bhagya 22nd May 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts off with Sarla seeing Pragya in OB-GYN lab and asks what is she performing listed here. Pragya claims she is experience dizzy and asks why is she here. Sarla says she arrived to gather Bulbul’s experiences. Abhi enters telling Pragya that her Mother is here. He sees Sarla there and panics. Sarla asks what is he executing in this article. He stammers. Pragya states his manager’s wife is really a doc here Sarla receives joyful thinking Pragya is pregnant and so feeling dizzy. Pragya gets nervous and says she is not. A significant of confusions and jokes go on.

Tanu emanates from screening lab. Pragya turns Sarla to stop her see Tanu. Doc comes out and asks Pragya to return for examination. Pragya states she is not going to do it now as her mom has appear. Doc says she needed it just 5 min ago. Abhi states she isn’t going to it now and is particularly afraid of drawing blood from hand, etc. Doc receives confused and claims she can get her exam initial. Sarla asks whose examination. Abhi and Praga continue their confusion spree. Sarla claims if she stays below, she will have to get her BP exam finished. Abhi suggests he was telling her identical and suggests He’s taking care of her 1 daughter and Purab second, but considering that Purab is out of town, she must handle Bulbul. Sarla tells Pragya that she might be dizzy due to summer warmth and murmurs in her ears that she wants her to get Expecting shortly and kisses her. Abhi listens for their conversation. Sarla leaves.

Pragya and Abhi’s romantic times start. They explore each other’s eyes…when cleaning soap bubbles slide on them… A number of times move.. Sayyara o sayyara…music.. performs within the track record…Pragya will get acutely aware and says a thing was there on his face. He asks her to open up her eyes and examine him. She closes eyes. Bubbles quit and little one from upstairs says his mom that bubble liquid concluded and leaves along with her. Peon informs Abhi and Pragya that doc is asking them.

Doc tells Tanu that she’s Expecting and when she would like she can inform her spouse. She suggests she doesn’t have spouse. Abhi and Pragya enter and doc tells them that Tanu is Expecting. Abhi asks how can it’s and asks if she’s lying. Tanu asks doc if she asked her to lie? Doc states she is a specialist. Abhi asks her to show the sonography report. Doc displays video clip with toddler going (1.5 months’ pregnant, but sonography of six months’ pregnancy….).. Abhi states this can not be. Dumb Pragya pampers Tanu.

Aaliya joins her Close friend in reunion bash plus they all explore about Purab…and their university times.

Abhi and Pragya hug each other and cry.

Precap: Pragya tells Abhi that he should accept his mistake and accept Tanu and her child.


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