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Kumkum Bhagya 22nd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya watch online

The Episode starts with Pragya crying thinking about Abhi’s words asking her to distribute his property and money among his family member so that no one fight for money in future. She cries. Khamoshiyan song plays……………Abhi thinks about Pragya’s words that Tanu will break his dream of a happy family if he doesn’t have money. She feels helpless and thinks Abhi is going far from her. She asks God not to separate them. Abhi thinks Tanu is not after my money and I will prove this. Purab tells Dadi that Sarla will get happy knowing Pragya’s truth, and says it can lower her pain of losing Bulbul. Dadi says I am doubtful if this is right time or not. Dadi says Sarla’s hatred is seen on her face, and if she knows the truth then she will not be able to hide her love for her. She leaves the decision on Pragya. Pragya comes. Purab tells her that he told Dadi about Sarla, and she left the decision on her. Dadi says you have paid a heavy price, and asks her to take a decision. She asks her to expose Abhi’s enemies also. She asks her to think and take a decision.

Tanu is on bed and thinks she is feeling weak. She thinks she haven’t visited spa and skin quality is getting bad. She thinks once you gets married, then you will get luxury, name, fame, money and everything. She sees greeting card given by Nikhil and wonders from where it came on bed. Abhi comes to her room and sits on bed recalling Pragya’s words. He happens to see the greeting card. Tanu comes. Abhi asks who gave you this, hugs, kisses are written in it. Tanu says I wish that someone would have given me this, and says it was actually for Aaliya as someone proposed her. Abhi believes on her story and asks if she want to have lunch with her. Tanu agrees and goes to get ready. Rachna tells that she has made food for everyone. Taya ji says Rachna is so good and asks Tai ji to accept her. Tai ji says yes, she is good. She asks Mitali to learn from her. Mitali says I told her about everyone’s preferences, and taught her cooking. Rachna confirms.

Ronnie and Mitali talk silently. Ronnie says he has done all the arrangement to catch the third person. Abhi and Tanu comes down. Dadi asks Abhi to have lunch and says Rachna made good food. Abhi says he is going to have lunch outside. Dadi thinks if Pragya knows this. Purab comes and asks Dadi about Abhi. Dadi says he has gone on lunch with Tanu. Purab says he will spoil his date and will call him. Pragya asks him not to call him, and says Abhi is so good that he can’t differentiate between right and wrong. She says we have to bring Tanu’s secret infront of him. Purab says we shall have some idea. Pragya says we shall do same thing with Tanu. She says blackmail. She says Tanu should know that someone else knows her truth and she will get tensed. She says they should tell the truth to Sarla, but they have to catch enemies also. She says we will decide later. Abhi and Tanu gets down the auto. Tanu looks here and there. Abhi asks where we will have food? Abhi says we will have food at the stall. He says one thali for 50 Rs, I used to have food here in my childhood. Tanu says you took me here in auto and now insisting to have food here. Abhi recalls Pragya asking him to have tea on a road side stall. Tanu says we shall go to nearby restaurant and have food. I have some money. Abhi asks if she is interested to have food with him or want to have food in luxurious restaurant. He asks her to decide what she wants, money or him.

Abhi asks her to reply. Tanu says she was thinking about his reputation. Abhi says he doesn’t care about his reputation and asks her to tell someone that she doesn’t care about money. Tanu says I just love you. If I really cared about high profile life then I would not have left my career. She says she would have get her abortion and continue her career, but she thought about Dadi’s happiness and sacrificed her career. Abhi asks why she is refusing to have food at stall. Tanu says I have refused to have food here, as it is unhygienic and unsafe for our baby. She acts and traps him in her cunning words. She says I have understood that I have to proof my love every day. She asks him to come. Abhi says you don’t need to prove, but just have to tell this infront of someone.

Abhi asks Pragya not to create doubt in his heart and says Tanu is bearing his child and he will give his name to baby. Pragya looks on.

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