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Kumkum Bhagya 21st October 2015 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya watch online

Tanu thinking she will win in the dance competition. just then she see Nikhil standing and is shocked.Vijay acts during the rehearsals. Raj says you are really wonderful, and asks about his preparation. Vijay says he is ready to attack. Raj asks him to complete the work and not leave proof. Vijay cuts the apple with a sword. Raj asks why did he take up Ravan’s role. Vijay says he will end Sita in kalyug. Raj thinks to arrange money. Tanu asks Nikhil not to meet her in house. Nikhil compliments her beauty and says your dress is suiting you. He asks do you plan to dance in dandiya competition. Tanu asks are you mad? Nikhil says I don’t want my baby and his mother to have any complications. Tanu says I didn’t spend good time with you from long and asks him to meet her in Aaliya’s room. Nikhil asks if she is joking? Tanu tells that she will meet him and asks to wait in her room. Nikhil says i love you. Tanu thinks I will play dandiya when you will wait for me in her room. Nikhil happily says that he will wait for her and kisses her. Tanu takes a sigh of relief when she sees Nikhil going. Dadi and Dasi get scared with Ram Leela’s rakshas. Mitali teaches dandiya to Taya ji. Taya ji says it is very confusing. Taiji comes and says her leg has sprained. Mitali taunts her. She asks her to think about 10 lakhs rupees.

Tanu comes and shows her dress. Tanu says you are looking beautiful. Dasi says you are looking ok.

Dadi asks Sarla if she is ready to do dhamaal at dandiya dance. . Sarla says kids will do dhamaal. Dadi asks about Bulbul. Bulbul falls down and her leg gets hurt. Purab asks Jhanki to take Bulbul home. Bulbul asks him to keep her informed about the dhamaal. Abhi asks Pragya to back off. Pragya says she will make dandiya as her sword and dance. They play dandiya and fight while dancing. Dhol baaje plays……………………..Pragya recalls previous year celebrations. Abhi looks at her. Pragya gets uncomfortable and stops dancing. Someone compliments Pragya on her dancing.

Announcement is produced to the dandiya Levels of competition. Vijay collides with Dasi and he or she scolds him. Raj attempts to prevent him. Vijay suggests He’s playing ravan. Dasi asks him to practise. Raj thinks this guy is ridiculous And that i shall look after him. Tanu thinks the best way to dance and decides to mail Nikhil to place. She indicators him to go. Mitali sees and thinks Tanu is signing Dasi.

Mitali tells Raj to Perform dandiya with her. Raj seems uninterested. Pragya and everyone are busy looking at dandiya dance. Abhi concerns Pragya and pats on her shoulder. Pragya asks what? abhi states i arrived to inform you that you’re so by itself. Pragya suggests men and women will be absent on heights. Pragya thinks she is helplessly executing this for him. she states it truly is her choice to stand alone instead of helplessness. She asks Ronnie to bring foodstuff for her. Ronnie brings it. Abhi states people today care for wealthy persons, but only relations stand no matter the position. He excuses himself. Dadi and Dasi consider the ladies who were dancing. Abhi asks about Tanu, and satisfies Vijay. He asks if he noticed honest Woman here. Vijay says no and provides him prasad. He asks regarding the crackers. Vijay says it is actually for the festival. Vijay thinks his eyes are on Pragya.

He thinks he has to search out Another method to eliminate Pragya. An individual compliments Tanu and asks why she’s carrying ghunghat and dancing. Tanu claims she don’t wish to be distracted. Pragya tells Dadi that her mood is off and Abhi talked to her. Abhi arrives back again and thinks where is Tanu. She sees a Woman dancing and thinks she is likely to be Tanu. He then ignores his doubt. Abhi will come on phase to dance. Ronnie thinks this dancer is dancing superior And that i should see her confront. He picks up her veil shocking Every person.

Abhi asks how can she put their youngster life in peril and claims we’re marrying for this kid. Tanu states she is helpless to carry out and the reason is him.

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